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Forcing history to repeat itself

Ever since I first heard about it, I've instinctively agreed with Godwin's Law and the implications thereof -- that pretty much any comparison of anything to Nazism is a shallow, vile act that cheapens the true evil of the Nazis, and usually just demonstrates the inability of the arguer to put forth a real, cogent argument.

But every now and then, someone will actually find a valid comparison and draw an accurate parallel. The inestimable Wretchard of The Belmont Club has done so -- and done it twice.

I sincerely hope that Wretchard is wrong. More than I can possibly say. I find myself hoping and wishing that the Israeli pullout from Gaza will, in the end, be seen as a step towards peace.

But Wretchard -- damn him -- provides a compelling argument that if history is any sort of guide, it will eventually be seen as one of the catalysts of a future cataclysm.

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I do not see the Israeli pu... (Below threshold)

I do not see the Israeli pullout in the same way as Wretchard. I have thought all along that the only way that Israel could close off it's borders to the terrorists is to shorten it's borders by either giving up some settlements kicking the Palestinians out of Gaza/West Bank. To me, this is just falling back to a more easily defended position.

I also think that without the Israelis around as a convienent whipping boy for the terrorists, the Palestinians will have to face the fact that they are still without jobs, electricity, running water, etc. and it's not Israel's fault. They wanted their own country, they have their own country. Within a year, I predict that without the Israelis to fight, the Palestinians will start fighting amoungst themselves.

The problem w/ that hope is... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

The problem w/ that hope is that the existing Arab nations blame Israel for their problems as well.

Why is there no democracy? The Zionists! Why are there no jobs? The Zionists! Why does Syria occupy Lebanon? To fight the Zionists!

To remove Israel as a whipping boy (especially when you can blame Israeli policies for the past 40-60 years of being in refugee camps rather than assimilating, a decision by Arafat & Co.), you'd have to remove Israel. Period.

Since that isn't going to happen, the whipping boy will always be there, as a ready excuse for every misery and every malfeasance and every incompetent act on the part of the Palestinian governing authority.

Sad, but most likely true.

Genuine comparisons to Nazi... (Below threshold)

Genuine comparisons to Nazi history and policies are perfectly valid. Using the term 'Nazi' as a simple-minded perjorative, well, that's about as valuable as any simple-minded perjorative, Naziism being no exception.

One of the topics that is so often overlooked and misunderstood is the history of Nazi economic policy. The genocide, militarism and expansionist occupations have naturally overshadowed Nazi domestic policy. (Plus, in domestic policy matters, things like the secret police typically take center stage.)

The close affinity between Mussolini's corporatism and Nazi economic policy is unmistakable.

As well as the close affinity between Nazi and Fascist economic policy and, say, the New Deal.

These comparisons should not be considered off-limits.

I agree with the first comm... (Below threshold)

I agree with the first comments and add these points.....

pulling out of Gaza may also trigger the inevitable civil war that is going to have to happen amongst the Palestinians before there is any kind of real change, IMO

if sensible moderates win, great, if Hamas wins, then there is no argument that peace is not the goal

and once you finally grant some sort of statehood to the Palestinians, if they continue to attack Israel, then finally the rest of the world will have to admit this isn't about statehood but about the destruction of Israel for the Palestinians and Israel doesn't have to tip toe around the issue anymore

any state sponsored act of terrorism vs Israel is an act of war and they can respond in kind.......

cancon, you mean the previo... (Below threshold)

cancon, you mean the previous wars of all the Arab nations attacking Israel weren't about destruction of Israel? come on






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