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Illegals Dropping Like Flies In The Desert

USA Today - With about six weeks remaining in the Border Patrol's fiscal year - and more Border Patrol agents patrolling than ever - 201 men, women and children have succumbed to the elements in Arizona.

In Pima County, which includes Tohono O'odham and Tucson, so many corpses are waiting to be identified, autopsied and returned to Mexico that the coroner is storing 60 of them in a refrigerator truck.

Arizona has emerged as ground zero in the nation's debate over illegal immigration. Minutemen Project volunteers launched patrols this spring to stop border crossers, while humanitarian groups set up water stations and gave medical help to immigrants.

"Each of these individuals has dignity, and we need to recognize that," says Beth Sanders of No More Deaths, a coalition of volunteers who cruise the back roads offering water and medical care. Another group, Humane Borders, posts maps on the Mexican side showing where deaths have occurred and warning in Spanish, "Don't go. It's not worth the suffering."

But the incursion is relentless. Since Oct. 1, Border Patrol agents have caught more than 500,000 "undocumented aliens" in the agency's Tucson and Yuma sectors, which include all of Arizona and a 16-mile stretch of California's border. No one knows how many got through.

In the last week, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declared an emergency in their states' border counties, freeing up money for more law enforcement to combat crime and violence linked to illegal immigration.

My response to this so-called crisis? Who cares?

Feeling sorry for people who consciously place themselves in a perilous position while committing a crime don't deserve our sympathy any more than drunk drivers who crash their vehicles and die deserve our sympathy.

Do I like that these people are dying in the desert? Of course not. But then again, I sure wish they'd all stop trying to force their way into this country too.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (21)

We should have a courteous ... (Below threshold)

We should have a courteous greeter at the border just like Wal-Mart. Handing out ice cold water and arresting the illegals before they are in the country long enough to get thirsty. Acme makes a nice catapult we could used to repatriate them, I saw Wyle Coyote use it several times.

"Who cares?"These ... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

"Who cares?"

These are people's mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. We feel sorry for a cat or dog that gets run over on the side of the road, even though it was the dogs own fault.

As soon as we take a "who cares" attitude about the loss of human life, even if the people die in the process of committing what to us is a crime, we basically say that we can turn a blind eye to the unfair situations in their own countries, the political corruption, lack of jobs, and lack of hope that causes them to come her in the first place.

It is my firm belief that God created all of us on this earth and no one of us is any more or any less than any other being ever here. It happens that 5% of the humans God created live in the United States and enjoy the life we do. To say who cares that you live in poverty and died committing what we consider a crime is to ignore the fact that these people were simply created into their impoverished state over something as cruel and arbitrary as who their parents were and where they were from.

I live in Arizona and hate illegal immigration, but I also hate the stentch of corpses in the desert and hate the fact that some of my friend's parents were illegals. I eat in their homes and what you are basically saying is that if these people who I consider my equals and my friends died needlessly in the desert, their lives have no value or meaning to us folks who live in the suburbs and drive SUV's. These may just be the people that make the beds in the hotel, pick your fruits and vegetables, or cut the grass, but they are people.


Who cares about Tsunami vic... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Who cares about Tsunami victims either. They were stupid enough to build close to the ocean and build crappy huts. Or who cares about the folks in Darfur getting gunned down.

Do you realize that you just devalued the lives of people of another culture and nation simply because they are breaking the laws of our society--by trying to better their lives. Their lives are of less value than ours because they are breaking our laws.

Foreigners or non-Muslims have less value in the Arab states too. Who cares if a US kid named Nick Berg gets his head cut off. He was breaking Allah's laws. He got what he deserved by trying to come into our land and make money off of the Crusaders invasion. Maybe Nick Berg getting his head cut off is a little bit of a stretch, but damn, all these people did is try to get into the greatest country on earth where the people live like kings and the entire world envies.

Comparing tsunami and terro... (Below threshold)

Comparing tsunami and terror victims to illegal aliens is absurd.

The government could easily... (Below threshold)

The government could easily stop all this madness but they wont , my brother in law is protecting the border of south korea while ours is wide open, what idiots,there are criminal's, drugs, diseases,and terorists flooding in here, princess die wouldn't like it but they could solve all this with two words (LAND MINES)

The United States does not ... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

The United States does not have a responsibility to welcome every person in the world. Just because those in Mexico can get here without getting in a boat unlike the poor folks in Bangladesh should not give them special privilidges. Justin, drive on down, bring them all back. but don't ask me to pay for them. They're your responsibility.

I think they should rise up like the French and throw off their overlords. But that's their problem, not mine. I can't solve every political problem in the world. God knows the Democrats are enough.

The US can't be the world's... (Below threshold)

The US can't be the world's lifeboat.

Instead Mexico needs to be fixed.

No guts no glory. It's risk... (Below threshold)

No guts no glory. It's risk reward. You win you get freedom in the best country in the world. You lose, well, nice try.

I live in So Cal and I've had it seeing hard working stiffs get a bad roll of the dice and suffering from a disease like cancer and not being able to afford health insurance and then having to file for bankruptcy because they can't pay their hospital bills.

But then an illegal alien can go to the hospital, get the same care and not pay a penny and suffer no consequences.

Enough is enough. Seal the damn borders.

If we don't get a handle on... (Below threshold)

If we don't get a handle on this problem and soon, we are going to be overrun. There was a survey published today that said that over 40% of Mexicans surveyed would want to come to the U.S. People, that is almost HALF their population! Can we afford this, since most of these people are illegal and don't pay taxes, yet consume resources? I'm sorry they are dying in the desert while trying to illegally cross the border, but am I the only one who sees the real problem is the illegal crossings?

It is hypocritical to claim... (Below threshold)

It is hypocritical to claim to support for a culture of life with regards to abortion while at the same time belittling these peoples' needless deaths.

Apples to oranges, Mars. D... (Below threshold)

Apples to oranges, Mars. Did you even read the comments? Did you even notice the whole logical progression and flow of the discussion before you plowed through with your abortion show-stopper?

I'm sick of you Leftist Little Brains who can't even debate without drooling on yourselves. What happened to the LIbEralS of the 90s? What happened to you Clinton-ites? Those were political adversaries... you guys nowadays? Deep down, we feel sorry for you.

You guys used to keep me on my toes. Lately I've been shying away from you, lest I step in you and trail you onto my Ikea rug.

Well, Jihad Jimmy it's nice... (Below threshold)

Well, Jihad Jimmy it's nice to the see that you are crazy.

I noticed the logical progression of the discussion. My point is still valid. It is not apples and oranges. Just because someone idiot said that earlier on doesn't make it true and it might mean that the point needs to be restated so he or she can understand it correctly.

These are people's lives you are talking about. Just because they were born in a different county does not make it right to shit on their suffering and belittle their deaths. They come here looking for a better life for themselves and their families than the squalor they were born into. Many have no more choice in their aim to come to this country than a pennyless beggar has in his choice to steal food to eat. You are blaming them for being poor and needy and you are saying that their lives mean nothing and that says a lot about you.

The next time you sit down to a full meal or lie comfortably in your bed or enjoying your free time to do whatever it is you like to do then, remember that those simple things are what that millions of people would chance death in crossing a desert to enjoy as well.

Yes it is apples to oranges... (Below threshold)

Yes it is apples to oranges.

Unborn babies are helpless and innocent. They haven't broken any laws, and have no say over their lives.

Illegal aliens knowingly break the law, knowing full well what the consequences might be. They have chosen not to do it the legal safe way.

I have little sympathy for them. I am very supportive of legal immigration for people from all over the world. I am not supportive or sympathetic toward people who have chosen to break the law.

What you're saying is that ... (Below threshold)

What you're saying is that anyone who breaks the immigration laws in the U.S. deserves to die. That is ludacris. Maybe if you kill or rape someone, but if you try to illegally cross the border?

Also, my point was not make to compare unborn babies and illegal immigrants it was made to express the point, that President Bush has repeatedly stressed, that "all life is sacred and worthy of protection".

If you knowingly put your l... (Below threshold)

If you knowingly put your life at risk, you have to deal with the consequences. In this case, these people know they stand a chance of dying in the desert, and try it anyway. Too damn bad.

I'm sick of being told it's 'our fault' when someone breaking our laws(in multiple ways; remember that many illegals also smuggle weapons and drugs) fall down in the desert.

And I really wish Fox would shut the hell up about how Mexicans have a 'right' to cross the border any damn time they feel like it, and worry about actually fixing Mexico.

No Mars, he didn't say they... (Below threshold)

No Mars, he didn't say they deserved to die, but rather when you do something stupid, illegal or both, you reap the consequence.

And while Bush is right when he says "all life is sacred and worthy of protection", he didn't say that they should be protected from themselves.

Mars & Justin B:Your... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Mars & Justin B:
Your commentary and sense of logic,if it wasn't for its lack of depth,would be hillarious. Both of you must be acne faced or suffer from the onset of senility! Either way,your bleeding heart
thought process will not be assuaged,much less altered by my comments. You're all wet,wet behind the ears and understand little or nothing (probably about anything).
Does it ever occur to either of you lightweights that the American courts of jurisprudence require an aggrieved party to come to court with "clean Hands". If you think the illegals' rights match this requirement,then you are guilty as charged.
I would expect that people like you would have a snappy retort in denial.
The American taxpayer has no responsibility to protect those who break our laws,regardless of the criminals needs,wants or justification. Should you have a problem with that rationale,then I suggest you provide your names and addresses to the Border Police so they can send a couple of these criminals to you. Why not put your money where your mouths are,and rescue some of your fellow cry babies?
It would be so tempting to regale you with info,but I don't think it would make any difference...the two of you are simply narrow minded,angry simpatico's who were probably not picked when the other kids were choosing sides for games!
Suffice it to say,if nothing else,do you sense any responsibility that the Mexican Gov't.might have? Are you aware of their stated views regarding the illegals?
Wake up and smell the roses,'cause if you don't change your thought processes you just might get chosen to work with your buddies at the UN!

I have some seriously mixed... (Below threshold)

I have some seriously mixed feelings here about this one. Illegal immigration is a touchy subject. On one hand it is very important that we keep these people out to protect our society as a whole - and no I don't believe they damage our work force. The truth is though that they are extremely destructive to other parts of society. First off these people have to live somewhere which create large low income housing areas that inevitably lead to decreased property values and an increase in all forms of crime. They generally are unable to speak English and so they are more likely to suffer an accident in our society as all warnings are predictably in English. Health standards in the USA are very high which is not necessarily true where they came from (note that I don't make the foolish assumption to state that all illegal immigrants come from Mexico) which presents a real danger of spreading infectious disease. If you base your decision solely on that then obviously you couldn't care less about nameless immigrants dying in a desert. They were attempting to sneak into the USA which is not at all helpful to society here so them dying out in the desert from this view is actually a good thing.

The problem is that this isn't the whole story. The truth is that the USA prides itself on being the beacon of light and hope in a dark world and this is well known to others around the world too. This isn't some misconception that they have, this is the image that we as Americans give the world willingly. After all what is it we have written on the Statue of Liberty?

The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus

Not Like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Just reading that magnificent poem fills me with the image that the USA welcomes all with open arms. We pride ourselves on embracing others and accepting all no matter what background that person comes from. This idea is further supported by our Constitution and general mentality. Yeah, we don't get it perfect (we're human after all) but we try our best and slowly but surely our society is advancing into something more and more positive. I have no doubts that eventually base problems such as poverty and starvation will be eliminated from our society and then eventually the entire world. The USA isn't perfect by any means but we try hard and slowly improve. Who would have dreamed that those 13 colonies could have eventually become a coherent nation stretching from from the Atlantic to the Pacific? If I were one of the framers I certainly wouldn't.

The point is that we have told the world quite literally "Come to us and be happy and free! Be prosperous and safe here!" To deny that is to refute all of the wonderful history we have built ourselves on. It would be very cruel and deceitful of us now to suddenly attach a "No vacancy" sign to the Statue of Liberty. Even if these people are illegal immigrants - they're still immigrants trying to escape their oppressive existence (note that oppressive here is all encompassing including both human rights and economic status) wherever they're from and we told them that we are the people to come to for a better life. Like it or not, they are still our responsibility now and we should not shirk our obligations to these people. We don't need to automatically let them in - far from it in fact. What we do need to do is take care of these people with all the dignity and compassion that we would expect in return. It's good that volunteer groups have been doing something to help reduce these unfortunate and wasteful deaths. I'm glad that the border patrol is respectful and treats these unfortunate people with the utmost care and respect. To be frank, I doubt much more can be done here in the USA. We can try to close the border more, increasing the size and scope of the border patrol but as history shows desperate people will do desperate things in order to make it. The real solution to this problem is to actually uplift the current condition of the average Mexican citizen. Yeah, this is no easy task - but the real solution to many of our modern issues are never simple. Just as with crime the real issue here is humans being in a state of poverty. I've linked to them before but I'll do it again. Please visit this site, and fight the real issue of poverty. Maybe I'm being silly, but I would like to take pride in being a member of the "Great Generation" to end poverty as Nelson Mandela put it in a recent speech.


Please take the time - and sign the petition. Poverty causes unimaginable suffering in the world. I know that you guys are by and large sheltered form it. Sure you have had to have seen pictures of it on TV but none of you have actually seen it first hand. Maybe I have a unique insight on it from my trips around the world or maybe my upbringing in a Catholic private school makes me feel more obligated than most to do something about it, but I do feel strongly that this is something that needs to be done. There is no reason in our modern world to have any poverty at all, it is only our lack of action that allows it to continue.

Someday I hope you all actu... (Below threshold)

Someday I hope you all actually go out and meet someone who illegally came to this country, and that the experience creates in you the nuance to realize that one can be staunchly against illegal immigration (as I am) and at the same time possess compassion for these least of our brothers.

The hatred and arrogance underlying this post and its comments quite literally sickens me (and I myself am a pretty hateful, arrogant dude). Do you think there's anything even remotely funny about dying of dehydration? Do you really think that people who suffocate inside cargo containers get what they deserve, because, hell, they're breaking our laws? Can you even fathom what painful ends those must be? I can't.

But what I can appreciate is that these people, cognizant of the dangers involved, are still willing to risk their lives to come to our country; that they'll seal themselves in oversized coffins just for a small chance of attaining what most of us here have taken for granted since, and by, birth.

Should we do everything in our power to make it that the only people who come to America are those who do it through legal, proper channels? Absolutely. But blaming illegal immigration on illegal immigrants is blindingly stupid. (And if any of you quotes that sentence and tries to point it out as an example of doublespeak, I really will hunt you down and punch you in the balls.) Illegal immigrants want better lives for themselves--lives that, tragically, they aren't given the opportunities for in their own countries. Do these people deserve our scorn because they're too poor to afford the prohibitively expensive application process?

Let's blame the people we can all agree to hate: politicians. Politicians are the only people who can justifiably be blamed for illegal immigration--the immigrants themselves are just trying to make better lives for themselves, and the business who hire them are simply trying to get the cheapest labor possible. Politicians could easily put a stop to all of this, if they grew the spines for it. But they don't. If we're going to belittle anyone, let it be them, not the people whose biggest crime was to be born too poor and on the wrong side of the border.

Our politicians care more a... (Below threshold)

Our politicians care more about political correctness than the interests of the American people.

I've posted on how a majority of the American public is against illegal immigration. Not only that, but a good number of the native born Hispanics are against it too. Very interesting.

It's hard for me to believe... (Below threshold)

It's hard for me to believe, in spite of what's happening to America, there exist's this lame position in support of illegals. This kind of mindset is consistent, with liberals who served in Washington throughout the years. A time bomb was created, instead of taking action decades ago. This give away the store, liberal way of thinking, is always out of phase, with what's truly best for America. The fact that the majority, are opposed to being soft on illegals, means nothing, with Bush in control.






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