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Anti-War Lunacy

Did you know that back in June of this year a "world tribunal" was held to put the United States and its allies in Iraq on trial for their actions in that country? Its true. They held it in Istanbul.

You know what one of their findings were? That the terrorist insurgency in Iraq was and is justified in its murder of Iraqi civilians and coalition troops.

It was finding number eleven in the tribunal's "overview of findings:"

11. There is widespread opposition to the occupation. Political, social, and civil resistance through peaceful means is subjected to repression by the occupying forces. It is the occupation and its brutality that has provoked a strong armed resistance and certain acts of desperation. By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.

Disgusting, no?

And guess who was behind this tribunal and these findings? More than a few prominent U.S. anti-war groups, among them:

The Campus Anti-War Network

Code Pink (A group with close ties to Congressional Democrats and Cindy Sheehan)

International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Who's founder is one of Saddam's lawyers)

And a host of others.

These people are actively supporting the enemy, not to mention terrorism. These people are also behind most of the anti-war rallies and protests we hear about in the media. They are the loudest voices in the anti-war movement. Collectively, they garner more attention to the anti-war cause than anyone else.

And, collectively, they are on the other side.

Reasoned opposition to America's foreign policies decision with regard to the middle east are one thing, but openly supporting the enemy is quite another. And that is, without equivocation, what these people are doing.

(via Blogs for Bush)

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (25)

I, for one, applaud groups ... (Below threshold)

I, for one, applaud groups like International A.N.S.W.E.R., since they gather all of the very best crazy people into places where we can see them at work.

I used to know a few folks who were big A.N.S.W.E.R. supporters, until they made the mistake of handing me literature, and gave me the excuse to tell them who's really behind the organization.

This is absolutely disgusti... (Below threshold)

This is absolutely disgusting....I wonder why the MSM hasnt covered this story....CBS? ABC? CNN?? Anyone??

I noticed the National Lawy... (Below threshold)

I noticed the National Lawyers Guild, convicted terrorist supporter Lynne Stewart's defense team, on the list. It was only a matter of time before the America hating leftists joined forces with terrorists.

penny, they have the same g... (Below threshold)

penny, they have the same goal. The US out of Iraq. So they're working the same goal from different sides already.

I hit your link and ... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

I hit your link and the first thing I see on the list is AlternaTees, check it out and yup, it's a t-shirt shop. Tells me all I need to know about this "tribunal".

penny, they have the sam... (Below threshold)

penny, they have the same goal. The US out of Iraq.

Sorry, I suspect that their agenda is more sinister than that. Just what do these cretins think will be their fate if we lose the WOT?

The left has a long history in siding with fascist elements if it will advance their goals. Islamic fascists hate capitalism, individual self-expression and all that we presently stand for and so does the left among us and in Europe. They make perfect bed partners in their rage against America.

I posted this to another, r... (Below threshold)

I posted this to another, related thread, but here again, Cindy's housing provider, The Crawford Peace House, and all around contributor/organizer of Sheehan. Hardly a bipartisan influence, not even an American one...

(Deleted for cutting and pa... (Below threshold)

(Deleted for cutting and pasting from another site) -- Jay Tea

The "anti war" movement and... (Below threshold)

The "anti war" movement and "peace" movement have and continue to be, in the U.S., not about actual peace but about communism and marxist, certainly an insistence upon extreme socialism, that pops up whenever the issue of a strong or opinionated U.S. appears. It is more about negating the U.S. than about promoting "peace" and certainly the "anti war" movement/s have always been about promoting sympathy for those with whom the U.S. counters militarily.

It's a sucker-game for youth who, by nature, are by majority undergoing rebellious and questioning of authority stages (part of growing up for many) and they are easily manipulated and exploited.

There really never was a "summer of love." It never happened. And yet, not surprisingly, the "summer of love" "peace" movement is routinely traipsed out as something to emulate by the very same influences today still trying to accomplish the same old thing they did in the Sixties: social disorder in the U.S.

Where's the "peace"? Unfortunately, it's not accomplished by taking a pill, nor never was, and yet the same sentiments motivate today the same behaviors that have been time and time again proven to be insincere, ill founded, irrational even. Youth, emotionally unstable individuals, people with antisocil personalities, they are easily suckered into these sort of groups...go read the founders page for Code Pink, look at John Kerry's background...list is extensive.

Sometimes I really wish Wiz... (Below threshold)

Sometimes I really wish Wizbang had an 'alert moderator' feature in comments section.

Otherwise: big boxe... (Below threshold)

Otherwise: big boxes of diapers needed in Comments Aisle, and from the look of things, many more big boxes of diapers needed in San Francisco. To no one's surprise.

The dwindling pro-war movem... (Below threshold)

The dwindling pro-war movement becomes more shrill and red-faced each day, as it becomes clear how out of touch they have gotten with mainstream America.

Chimpy McCokespoon continues to stay holed up in his hideyhole from the scary, pissed-off peacenik Mom.

President Cheney screeches angrily, and flings his poo at Hugo Chavez.

14 more American marines die for a lost war.

Meahwhile, Jenna and not-Jenna continue to party hearty, giggling at the knowledge that they're last in line for any IED-catching duty.

And the tolerant, co... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

And the tolerant, compassionate, passive left continures to simmer in its own bile wishing it had the balls to start the revolution it so desperately wants.

It is wrong to keep referri... (Below threshold)

It is wrong to keep referring to the Iraq situation as a war. The war is over. We won that part. When the Liberal crazies talk about it as an unwinnable war they sound like Philly fans who think they can win last year's Super Bowl. We are in the midst of a temporary peace keeping mission helping the free and democratic people of Iraq. Some people don't like peace and freedom and they attack us and the people of Iraq. Most people over there and in the rest of the world don't like being blown up so they appreciate our protection.

I think it would be good for Bush to meet with Cindy Sheehan if Sheehan agreed to meet with the hundreds of thousand Iraqi's who had a loved one killed by Saddam. Tell each on of them that we made a mistake getting rid of Saddam.

BTW helping Iraq set up a democracy doesn't mean letting everyone participate. Its okay if we set up a democracy that supports the USA. We don't let our children take drugs so they can assert their independence by killing themselves. You anti-war peaceniks either let your kids do body piercing and tattoos or maybe you are one of them. I don't agree with your parenting but this is a democracy so we will let you do it. If you want to abuse drugs we will shut you down. Its the same thing in Iraq until they grow up and appreciate what we are doing for them they need to live by our rules. After that we will see about the tattoos.

It comes down to this -they the Iraqis - like you will be given the freedom to be idiots once they demonstrate that they can act like grownups. That means playing nice at home and in the world. After that they can have spiked hair and tongue rings for all I care.

If we leave Iraq they will succumb to peer pressure and end up in the terror gangs. What we did for Iraq is no less than what we would do for our children if they were addicted to drugs. A little tough love and intervention. Its painful for everyone involved but in the end we are better for it.

If you're referring to Rams... (Below threshold)

If you're referring to Ramsey Clark, founder of ANSWER, then you probably missed the news that Saddam fired pretty much his entire legal staff, including Clark, and kept only an Iraqi staff to serve as his legal counsel. The Iraqi lawyers didn't like the way that the US lawyers were pushing their weight around.

"Reasoned opposition to ... (Below threshold)

"Reasoned opposition to America's foreign policies decision with regard to the middle east are one thing, but openly supporting the enemy is quite another. "

Hear hear.

I covered this story in July actually (you really must read the al-Jazeera site if you want to stay current!)

I oppose the war - and am about the only British conservative who does, it seems - but am genuinely sad to hear of the (mostly American) coalition deaths in Iraq.

Gloating over the deaths of your own sons is not just wrong and dispicable it's inhuman in every sense of the word. It just isn't natural.


I agree with lonesome loon ... (Below threshold)

I agree with lonesome loon except now we have John Bolton to look after us in the UN. The UN is the same thing as Hillary's "It takes a village to raise a child" philosophy. In Iraq can they say who's your daddy. It is US not UN. My parents didn't need a committee or a village to raise me to know the difference between right and left. I mean right and wrong. Oh hell they are the same thing. All you tattoo headed tongue pierced idealists can preach to me from the drink window at Wendy's. Why do you all get jobs at the drink window anyway?

Lonesome Loon you overreact when you include China in the mix. They are our friends. They have seen the green light of capitalism and will be a good global citizen. Its hard to shift gears from the commie days but that is yesterday's news. China is as American as you and me.

A final thought. If they "insurgents" could win they would be freedom fighters. Since they can't win they are terrorists. We won we get to define them.

If the "world tribunal" wants to back up their freedom fighting bs let them back it up with force. We gave Saddam a chance to play nice he didn't so we sent him to his room. Like any good parent would do!

I love you mr. itsy-bitsy s... (Below threshold)

I love you mr. itsy-bitsy spider. I'm still curious about how this war is over; I guess you haven't been reading much. Are we winning because we're killing more of them than us, or because we can rape and pillage them with our contractors and video tape all of the joyfull glee (I don't consider anybody an Amercan who would do such things and then video tape it for prosperity)? It looks like the insurgents are still pretty upset with all of our noble raping and killing and are retaliating in spades, but you can pretend it's not happening. I know you're all safe in your nice cozy home stroking your shotgun that you baought just so that girls won't think that you're as inadequate down there as you really are. I know it's hard, and I'd by all stuck up and conservative if I had such a small member, I thank God for large favors. Maybe there'll be better luck for you in the next afterlife. Let's look on the bright side though, at least you have (most of) your teeth still. Now do me a favor and stop inbreeding you overgeneralizing asshole. You're not the only one who can pull bs out of his ass and make it golden, but you may be one of the few of us is even too unqualified and ugly to work at the window and Wendy's. We tend to prefer taco bell anyways and McDonalds.

I know you're all safe ... (Below threshold)

I know you're all safe in your nice cozy home stroking your shotgun that you baought just so that girls won't think that you're as inadequate down there as you really are.

A cry for help?


I love you mr. itsy-bitsy spider.

When did seclusion rooms get WiFi?

Hey Whocares...Open ... (Below threshold)

Hey Whocares...
Open mouth, insert soap. Bite it, swish it, rinse, repeat.
Feel better? The silent majority does...
The only point I could get from your filthy post is that you have a big member, and anyone not so inclined is incapable of intellectual discussion.
How old are you?

In MY perfect world W meets... (Below threshold)

In MY perfect world W meets with sheehan, gives her a big wedgie, and then pushes her down by her face....

Uh oh, looks like someone t... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Uh oh, looks like someone took the brown acid.

The only point I could g... (Below threshold)

The only point I could get from your filthy post is that you have a big member

On the contrary, the only thing I got from his post is that he has a teeny weeny one. His phallic reference proves it.

We tend to prefer taco bell anyways and McDonalds.

A countergirl at Wendy's must have crushed his spirit recently.

whocares-I will admi... (Below threshold)

I will admit I do not like violence of any sort and do not go looking for images of raping and pillaging. Are you sure we have been doing the raping thing? It is unfortunate that some civilians have died in the pursuit of freedom. Before Iraqis died in pursuit of Saddams blood lust. I am sure he and his boys were into raping. We fixed that. As to the end of the war. The war ended when our president said mission accomplished. After that we entered into the peace keeping phase. If the insurgents would stop creating civil disturbances we would not still be shooting at them. Just because we shoot at them doesn't make it a war.

I don't own a gun because we have a safe country where freedom of expression is valued. I would rather spend my money on other things like Wendy's although I am trying to cut back on that. As a good liberal how can support the oppression of poor Mexicans being crushed by American Big Business who is stealing their culture? Isn't Taco Bell just a symbol of America's arrogant belief that we can steal anybody's idea or food and make it better? McDonalds over Wendy's proves that you are a misogynistic hippiecrit. Always spouting off about womens rights and then you turn your back on them when they try to start a business. Get real.

RE: whocares post (August 2... (Below threshold)

RE: whocares post (August 22, 2005 12:42 PM)

whocares, whybother?

Usually, absence makes the heart grow fonder. In your case, it makes the head feel better. (I hope I don't confuse you with my anatomical reference. You're apt to perpetuate your fetish, so I'm taking a risk here.)

Aren't these little exchanges productive? Good thing I get breaks at Wendy's to respond to your thought-provoking, er idiotic, missives. Now, are you going to dish more baloney? I'd recommend you just sit back and watch the experts serve the steak lest you get burned? (Again, I hope you get the metaphorical reference and not revert to typical form. It's a risk I'm taking a second time.)






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