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Prophet marginal

There's an old saying that truth is stranger than fiction. I've often thought that was so because fiction has to labor under the burden of being believable, while truth has no such compunctions.

Scott Ott, of Scrappleface, is one of the finer satirists around. But he must have spent this last weekend either celebrating wildly or getting stinking drunk and cursing fate.

Last Thursday he wrote this piece. And then Sunday, this happened.

If Scott next starts talking about horse races or the winner of the next World Series, I might have to give my bookie a call...


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Apropos of nothing: <... (Below threshold)

Apropos of nothing:

I knew a girl once who was a big fan of CS&N, but not CSN&Y. So I asked her "How can you tell the difference?" (I wasn't a fan of either)

She replied "Listen for someone singing who can't sing. That's Neil Young."

In related news, Bar... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

In related news, Barnes and Nobel reported Joan Baez sold a CD this week.

RE: B Moe's industry insigh... (Below threshold)

RE: B Moe's industry insight (August 22, 2005 07:04 AM)

In related news, Barnes and Nobel reported Joan Baez sold a CD this week.

In extended, related news, the same company reported that 8-track sales for Baez doubled her CD sales for the same week.

In coincidental news, sales of rolling-papers, flip-flops, and dye in the greater Crawford metropolis boomed, sales of Dial and Tide plummeted, and an odd, purple haze settled on cattle-populated fields. Meteorologists were baffled.

Informed about Baez' action... (Below threshold)

Informed about Baez' actions....an 18yr old soldier in Baghdad replied, "who's that?"


They couldn't find any Cris... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

They couldn't find any Crisco in Houston?!?

The left is getting to be b... (Below threshold)

The left is getting to be beyond parody these days. I almost hesitate to joke about domestic splodydopes named Moonbeam nowadays.

Honestly, the article would... (Below threshold)

Honestly, the article would have been better if they explained who Baez was. Given that most of todays short attention span youth are probably clueless as to her significance.

Joan Baez IS significant???... (Below threshold)

Joan Baez IS significant??? Not in this DECADE.

I confess to sharing the vi... (Below threshold)

I confess to sharing the view favoring CS&N and not CSN&Y.

Their "Lady of the Island" song was a particular favorite of mine. Lyrics here:


They couldn't find any C... (Below threshold)

They couldn't find any Crisco in Houston?!?

Even if they couldn't, there would've been plenty of mayonnaise. Granted it's not vegetarian, but when in Texas...

I actually saw a picture of... (Below threshold)

I actually saw a picture of Joan Baez in my history book in HS.

I heard she, at least once,... (Below threshold)

I heard she, at least once, faked a black child's accent on stage to go into a diatribe against Bush. Hmmm. A white woman using a stereotyped accent of a black child in front of a largely white audience.

Sounds racist to me.

joan baez is in Texas? Som... (Below threshold)

joan baez is in Texas? Somewhere in Oregon there is some open space under a rock where the roaches are multiplying now that the top predator is gone.....






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