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Dear god, now they're in MY back yard!

I've never been too fond of Moveon.org, and basically have used their name as a cheap shot whenever some liberal group gets utterly hung up on past minutiae. But never really got too worked up about them.

But now they're getting personal. They're setting up shop here in New Hampshire, and that's a mite too close to home.

I'd dearly love to attend one of their events, but I'm afraid I lack certain qualifications to attend a "Women Making A Difference" rally.

Maybe I can get the NHCLU to help me overcome their flagrant sexual discrimination policy...

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But you make a difference, ... (Below threshold)

But you make a difference, don't you?

And surely they would have some sympathy for the gender-challenged.


Have you ever looked at som... (Below threshold)

Have you ever looked at some of the women that show up for those things? You wouldn't draw any attention at all in that freak show. Not that you look feminine or anything, but they have some real winners in the looks department, you know, looks like an ogre, looks like a linebacker, looks like a beard on that one over there, "Hey, doesn't that look like John Lithgow's character in The World According to Garp?". I once saw a pro-abortion rally and have yet been able to figure out why any of the women there thought they might ever need one.

...the group has attempt... (Below threshold)

...the group has attempted to provide that education through films followed by a discussion, tackling such issues as potential voter fraud through the use of electronic devices; the role of independent media in shining light on issues ignored by mainstream media; organic food and treatment of livestock.....

It's all so rich in parody, covering uranium filled bullets(?) to organic gardening, it must be hilarious to see this whacky coven in action.

It reminds me of my PTA days when the agenda would encompass preventing child abductions to tuna vs chicken salad at the next luncheon. Gag.

"Women Making a Difference?... (Below threshold)

"Women Making a Difference?" Nope. More like "Slags Wasteing their Time"

Jay,Just stop shav... (Below threshold)


Just stop shaving your face and you'll fit right in.

I once saw a pro-abortio... (Below threshold)

I once saw a pro-abortion rally and have yet been able to figure out why any of the women there thought they might ever need one.

Perhaps they are motivated by bitterness at their own mother's past choices or a desire to discourage pretty girls from adding to the competative gene pool.

Whatever, any gaggle whose discussions range from contaminated bullets to hamburgers after viewing lame film clips has a three month shelf life at best.

They call their conference ... (Below threshold)

They call their conference "Women Making A Difference" then call in two male veterans to give speeches. Kinda sounds like to me they believe that women can't a difference without men telling them how.

Jay, all you need is a T-sh... (Below threshold)

Jay, all you need is a T-shirt that says "I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body." They'll eat it up. (Er, not literally of course)

uranium filled bullets are ... (Below threshold)

uranium filled bullets are truth. I believe spent nuclear fuel is used in tank-busting bullets (for its density and hardness)

<a href="http://www.gulflin... (Below threshold)


Yep, uranium is a heavy metal and toxic, just like lead. It makes no difference what we use, the leftists are going to whine. If we armed out soldiers with water balloons they'd complain about us causing allergic reactions by using latex. In their dreamworld you're supposed to turn the other cheek, just don't display any Judeo/Christian tendancies while you do it, damn it!

err Jay, did you file this ... (Below threshold)

err Jay, did you file this under Dumbasses twice?

Hmmmm.1. " I belie... (Below threshold)


1. " I believe spent nuclear fuel is used in tank-busting bullets (for its density and hardness)"

Incorrect. Depleted uranium is not manufactured from spent nuclear fuel, it would be too radioactive if it were. It is the remaining mass after the most valuable radioactive isotopes have been removed from natural uranium.

Now if deleted uranium were to be put into a nuclear reactor then the constant bombardment of neutrons would convert the depleted uranium into a highly radioactive isotope plutonium.

2. "but I'm afraid I lack certain qualifications to attend"

Just go and explain that you were actually a woman who thought you wanted to be a man, but now you've experienced it and decided you want to be a woman again.

Just say you're a Meta-Transgender, and don't forget to tell them that donations for the operation are very welcome.


Sounds like a big action-filled robot movie from Japan doesn't it?

"Go Go Go Meta-Transgender!"






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