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2008 GOP Straw Poll.

Go vote in the Ruffini straw poll.

He is sorting results by referring blog.

It ought to be interesting to see how the Wizbang folks lean on the 2008 presidential race.


The results are right here.

Will Franklin draws straws at WILLisms.com.


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Comments (6)

I think we're being a bit p... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I think we're being a bit premature. It's a long way til 2008. I predict that, before the Republican primary, there will be a bitter, bloody, but tastefully done, faceoff between Jay Tea and Jeff Goldstein and we'll have our frontrunner.
Although I'm not sure either is actually a citizen. Hell, I'm not totally sure either is human!

So far (8/24/05, 2:31A):</p... (Below threshold)

So far (8/24/05, 2:31A):

The timing of the poll was particularly bad for Hagel. I don't know where he has been rated previously, but he was at the bottom of the "Wizbang" Main ballot this time and pretty near the bottom everywhere. Ya' think it might have something to do with his weekend (paraphrased) "Iraq is Vietnam" nonsense? Wow, campaign sabotaged before it started. It's still early but this can't help.

Yeah, Hagel, who was hangin... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Hagel, who was hanging on by a thread to the possibility that he might somehow eek out the nomination, is done.

Unfortunately, Sanford and Pawlenty and a few other good candidates were not mentioned (which is actually fortunate for them-- publicity this early is not all that great).

Wow, five percent of Wizban... (Below threshold)

Wow, five percent of Wizbang would vote for Tancredo. Very interesting. I also found it noteworthy that Tancredo hovered right in the middle of all of the stats, showing far over Hagel and Pitaki, thank Heavens.

What concerns me is the McCain showing. I can't explain it, given that no one I know of now takes him seriously for the Presidency, based upon the unreliability-to-issue factor.

And Jeb Bush! No way. Not at present, not after recent events, particularly as to most voters not desiring globalization and the Bush's leading the way in that regard.

I voted for President Bush and am a Republican, just to be square here.

RE: -S-'s post (August 24, ... (Below threshold)

RE: -S-'s post (August 24, 2005 12:16 PM)

Wow, five percent of Wizbang would vote for Tancredo. Very interesting.

What percent were you expecting?

I'm one of those 5%ers. Tancredo seems like a sincere, serious, passionate guy without all of the historical political maneuverings typical of most candidates - at least as far as I know. I'm not saying that is necessarily good or bad from a political machine or electability POV. It's just that he seems like a typical American who seems to have a love of country and isn't too full of himself. Call it a gut reaction. Further, he isn't a Senator who has to defend every last motion or vote (the death knell for so many), and he has proven his independence from both Right and Left dogma.

I like Giuliani and Rice as well, so either of them would be good choices too. However, to make sure the conservative gene pool remains viable, a little outside influence that maintains the common touch is always desirable. Gingrich is a brilliant idea man, but he has too much baggage and will present too easy a target to smear however unjustified.

Oh yeah, and then there's that illegal immigration issue... THE issue of the upcoming elections. Tancredo is the premier advocate of changing the nation's policies and has not played any political correctness games to advance it. That earns points and shows that he has a pair. I figure him to be a walk-softly-but-carry-a-big-stick kind of guy.

Jeez, you'd think I was on his steering committee.

Obviously I'm not on Tancre... (Below threshold)

Obviously I'm not on Tancredo's campaign troupe. Yikes. About that record thing, he certainly has a Congressional one, just not a Senatorial one. What was I thinking?






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