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10,000,000 Served

It figures that the SiteMeter hit counter would roll over 10 million while I was on vacation...

A long time ago I wrote about my overbooked life as a way of explaining why I didn't have as much time for extra-blog activities as I used to. Since then I've only added more responsibilities to that overbooked life, but I've managed to keep time for blogging - go figure. The addition of Jay Tea and Paul last year was really a godsend for me. They are two of best writing partners one could have, and Wizbang's success is in large part due to their efforts.

Among the legions of bloggers I'd like to thank (most of whom can be seen in the left sidebar), I'd like to single out Glenn Reynolds, Bill Quick, Moxie, and Steven Den Beste, all of whom kindly provided help and/or support when I was first getting started in 2003.

And finally, and most importantly, thank you to everyone of Wizbang's ten million visitors. Special thanks to those who visit regularly, especially those who are a regular part of the Wizbang community. There are too many regulars to list individually, but know that each of your contributions are appreciated.

I've got lots of new stuff in store for Wizbang (begining in the September/October time frame), but those details can wait until I return from vacation. For now, it's back to the last few days of sun and surf...


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Comments (12)

Congratulations!No... (Below threshold)


Now then... where's the cake and ice cream? And beer. Mmmm, beer.

Damn, AnonymousDrivel, you ... (Below threshold)

Damn, AnonymousDrivel, you can have the cake, ice cream and the beer.

I'll take the hot chicks!

I'm sure the first 10mil's been a blast, good and bad times, funny and sad(god how can I ever forget dancing republicans). I know the next 10 million are gonna be even better.

Wizbang is the first political... Scratch that, the first blog I've ever read, it was shown to me by a friend... Anyways, I have it set as my homepage.

Before I started reading Wizbang I was fairly uninformed, actually I was pretty damned ignorant, about the political world surrounding me. I'd like to thank Wizbang for helping to educate me about the realities of the political world.

So thank you Kevin for creating the classroom, and thank you my friend for showing me this site... You know who you are.

I only wish that I had foun... (Below threshold)

I only wish that I had found Wizbang sooner than I did. I rather like it here.

Congrats to Kevin, Paul, and Jay Tea!

All I can say is, Kevin, is... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

All I can say is, Kevin, is that it's been a hell of a ride, and I wouldn't give it up for anything.
Thanks so much for sharing this magnificent stage you've built.

And did you notice that we've creeped up to #13 in the Ecosphere? (It was 12, but we slipped a little.) We've passed Hugh Hewitt, and we're ahead of Huffington and Sullivan!


RE: Darby post (August 24, ... (Below threshold)

RE: Darby post (August 24, 2005 04:39 AM)

Damn, AnonymousDrivel, you can have the cake, ice cream and the beer.
I'll take the hot chicks!

I didn't know there'd be entertainment! I mean, Jay Tea hadn't even dropped by!

Oh, hey Jay Tea. So, should I be bringing Washingtons, Lincolns, Jacksons, or Franklins to this gig?

That's great! Better watch ... (Below threshold)

That's great! Better watch out though, we're only about 9,999,500 behind you at Random Numbers. As soon as I can convince Bryan to let me start posting nudes and midget porn from my enormous collection we'll pass you guys like you're sitting still.

I have a whole lot more ima... (Below threshold)

I have a whole lot more image work for you for whenever you return...just let me know and I'll send it along.

Congratulations Kevin! Wizb... (Below threshold)

Congratulations Kevin! Wizbang was one of the very first blogs I visited and is still a daily read. Thanks for all the ahrd work.

Enjoy your vacation and come back soon, dude.

Awesome work Kevin. Heck, ... (Below threshold)

Awesome work Kevin. Heck, I was getting excited by nearing 1,000,000...but 10,000,000...wow.

I can't thank you enough for letting me be a small part of it.

Congrats, Kevin, and my hea... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Kevin, and my heartfelt thanks for the service you provide.

You forgot to add, "<a href... (Below threshold)

You forgot to add, "Free Tibet!"

You're welcome. :)... (Below threshold)

You're welcome. :)






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