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Jesus loves you; everyone else thinks you're an...

Quite a few people are having all kinds of fun with Pat Robertson endorsing the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

I have a bit of history with Robertson. Living in New Hampshire, we tend to get a closer look at presidential candidates, and I still remember his 1988 campaign.

A friend of mine at the time got me one of Robertson's speeches from the campaign, and it was enlightening, to say the least. The one thing I recall from it (it was, after all, 17 years ago) was his pronouncing that he would make sure every single person he appointed to office would be a born-again Christian. I guess he missed the Constitutional bit about "no religious tests." (Article VI, Clause 3)

I've loathed Robertson for decades. He's a sanctimonious, smug, vile swine who desperately needs to, as one of his colleagues said, "be called home to God." Or, at least, struck dumb (in the mute sense; it's too late for the more common usage).

And as for this particular explosion of idiocy: it's my understanding that he said this on his "700 Club." The main home of that show is the ABC Family Channel. From what I've heard, they can't do anything about him; he has a contract dating from when he owned the Family Channel that's held through its ownership by Fox and now ABC that says he gets his prime slots.

But I believe his show is carried by some broadcast stations, too, and there the FCC could apply a bit of pressure. After all, calling for the murder of a foreign head of state (even one as despicable as Hugo Chavez, who regularly announces that the US is actually trying to kill him) has to be against some law or regulation somewhere.

Earlier today, I heard Robertson called "the Michael Moore of the right." It's a halfway fair comparison, but I feel the need that hardly any respected figures on the Right single out Robertson for any sort of praise or position of responsibility or honor -- such as, say, a seat next to a former president of the United States at a national convention.

And Robertson would NEVER be elected party chairman.


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Comments (31)

Look, I feel his remarks we... (Below threshold)

Look, I feel his remarks were out of line, but why would you want him fined/jailed for speech? I don't want him elected to anything either. But, as much as I disagree with MoveOn.org, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Hollywood idiots, etc., they have a right to speak, even if it is ill-timed or has a negative effect on our country.

...he would make sure ev... (Below threshold)

...he would make sure every single person he appointed to office would be a born-again Christian.

Reminds me of when I applied to be a physics teacher at an evangelical school. First question: "Have you taken Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?"

I told him to look elsewhere without answering. The question was completely irrelevant to whether I could teach physics or not.

Pat Robertson's comments ar... (Below threshold)

Pat Robertson's comments are opposite of Christian teaching. President Bush pre-emptive wars are also outside the reality of Jesus as Jesus dynamically living and involved in our times.
Robertson and President Bush "Christianity" needs to be questioned deeply. Thank God I have a Pope and documents and teachings based on Scripture that have stood the test of time. It seems relativity and pragmatic Christianity turns into something sinister.

Gandi said he would be a Christian if he ever met one. He did not live long enough to meet Mother Thereas. He did meet many of the top leaders in his time but not Mother Thereas. She is an excellent example of what real Christianity is all about.
(for news from the streets of USA, see Tapart News and Art that Talks Global, Trade and Social Justice issues at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews/

I've loathed Robertson f... (Below threshold)

I've loathed Robertson for decades. He's a sanctimonious, smug, vile swine who desperately needs to, as one of his colleagues said, "be called home to God."

I thought that was part of a telethon by Fundamentally Oral Bill?

Tapsearch Editor sounds sus... (Below threshold)

Tapsearch Editor sounds suspiciously like the Cindy Sheehan version of Catholicism. As in, of the insincere sort.

I'm a Catholic of the sincere kind and I think I can tell sincere witness from self and issue promotion otherwise.

About the parochial school, joe, it was a parochial school with a mission for evangelization, so being asked a religious question should not have surprised you.

Yes, what your values and beliefs are does affect how you not only teach physics but how you teach in general. Not that you have to accept and believe in Christianity, just that the school has a right to request an explanation of your faith (or lack thereof) for purposes of employment in a religious institution, just as you have the right to not apply to one and resent being asked about your faith and beliefs (or lack thereof).

Meaning, it was an ordinary question in that situation and an honorable one, including academically within that context. And the answer would and did determine who and what their enrollees were exposed to and how, within what context issues were handled.

Nothing wrong or academically untoward about the question. Question, rather, seems as to why you would apply for the job where you did if you found the question offputting.


About Robertson, he might just be suffering some early onset dementia. It's an extremely radical statement and even thought, such that it indicates to my view that Robertson has a questionable state of mind.

Even Christians can be senile. We all still deal with human frailties and the conditions of organic lifeforms, such that everyone ages and some have various problems related to that.

I don't find his comments anything treacherous and horrible in relationship to his declared faith so much as his statements seem to indicate his state of mind is questionable. Which is not a fault or conditiion of his faith, but of his human body.

I don't think Robertson's a... (Below threshold)

I don't think Robertson's an "ass****" but I do think he's displaying suspicious symptoms of the mental sort, such that I'd get him in for a full checkup as soon as possible with a doctor of medicine.

If everyone who said something this radical was to be hated and despised, however, it'd leave no one at DU and certainly very few watching a Michael Moore film. If even now, given that even Hollywood considers him "over."

Pat needs to go outside and... (Below threshold)

Pat needs to go outside and check his tire pressure!

fine, you've assassinated t... (Below threshold)

fine, you've assassinated the man's character.

so, what about the substance of what he said? any response? or are you just going to take this opportunity to bash Robertson?

MacStansbury is succinct, c... (Below threshold)

MacStansbury is succinct, certainly, because a lot of people do consider Chavez a real problem. Maybe Robertson's 'take him out' didn't necessarily MEAN "to assassinate," so much as get the wild man out of office. And out of influence.

In which case, if that's what he meant, no, he's not displaying problematic capacity, but he should fire a publicist or maybe several.

Come on Jay. I read your bl... (Below threshold)

Come on Jay. I read your blog every day and for some reason your dislike of Pat Robinson has blurred your usual rational thinking. He is a private citizen, the 1st amendment still applies. You want to punish Robertson for his point of view???When that happens its time to get off this sinking ship.

Ah, ain't "free speech" gra... (Below threshold)
Peter F.f:

Ah, ain't "free speech" grand.

As we all know, apparently free speech only applies to the things liberals agree with. It's hunky dorie to call for the assisination of our current president on Airbag America because that's free speech. But not OK when some batty, whackjob tele-evangelist calls for the assisination of a foreign leader. Everybody's all up in arms, in a lather, a big hot tizzy and feigning a moral righteousness and superiority over his braindead comments. Given liberals penchant for clinging to free speech rights, to pass around petitions as some have done calling for his removal (from his own TV network!) is just assinine hypocrisy to the nth degree.

I don't like Pat Robertson, period. He is not a man of God, and he doesn't speak for this Christian or most decent Christians. He is a feckless crapweasel who extorts and extracts money from the poor, the vulnerable and eldery. And, unfortnately, he gets to speak whatever moronic thing that is on his mind and spills off his tongue. Just like Al Franken does.

Pat Robertson is, has and always will be a moron. Let it go.

Okay, granted, he's a nutte... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Okay, granted, he's a nutter just like Moore. And just like Moore he has every right to say what he wants. But send the FCC goon-squad after him? Come on, Jay. You're better than that. Publicly dissect his idiotic ramblings with intelligent rebuttal, but leave the government out of this. That's a tactic better left to...well, the Left.

I was speaking in generalit... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I was speaking in generalities, not to any one specific person. Sorry if there was any confusion.

If most Christians are like... (Below threshold)

If most Christians are like me when I heard this, they rolled their eyes and thought, its time for the kids to take the keys to the car away from dear old Dad.

Most everyone is going to get this way as they get old, it happened to Rather too, remember?

JayPretty soon you... (Below threshold)


Pretty soon you'll realize what so frightening about the RR.

You seem to be catching up to the potential problems associated with a government that is controled by religion...

...almost like what the US govt doesn't want Iraq to turn into.

Just think how easy it is to make laws when all you have to consult is the most senior cleric in the area.


If anyone had said these sa... (Below threshold)

If anyone had said these same comments about Saddam, Osama, Jong Il, etc. the reaction would have been more like: "Yeah! kill 'em". So, I suspect the fact that Robertson's remark is being critisized is can only be because:

1) Chavez is not as bad as Saddam et al, or
2) People don't like Robertson

If you are aware of Chavez's record #1 is probably not it. So, this must be that people don't like Robertson. Yep, that's it---a christian televangelist making brash statements which would be OK from someone else--- thats over the line. I smell televangelist bashing. Come on folks that so cliche. You see a Robertson, Falwell, Swaggart, etc. and its like blood in the water in this shark tank.

Scotty, that's wrong, nobod... (Below threshold)

Scotty, that's wrong, nobody said "kill Saddam" and got supported. They wanted justice, they wanted his capture, and they got it. Speaking of, how is the trial faring? or has it even taken place yet?

Point taken Henry. Replace... (Below threshold)

Point taken Henry. Replace with "Yeah! get 'em" or to more closely quote Roberson "Yeah! take 'em out". my point is the what I think why people are critical here when really what he said was not that far out. By the way, I am assuming he ment take him out following the Daniel Ortega example.

I hear Saddam's trial is in pre-production right now and is on schedule for roll-out in the Fox fall line up in the 7:00 - 8:00 pm slot. Check your local listing as times may vary.

Pardon my typing. That was... (Below threshold)

Pardon my typing. That was hard to read.

Robertson's comments are sp... (Below threshold)

Robertson's comments are specific about assasination, his "out of context" my ass. I don't know what people are thinking but Jay's post here is NOT i"ignoring it" or "brushing it under the rug". It is a straight up condemnation of Robertson. Comparing him to Michael Moore sure as hell is a condemnation to me.

"...be called home to God?"... (Below threshold)

"...be called home to God?" That sure sounds like you want him dead. And yes, the FCC or any other government agency has no business getting involved.

Ok Howard Dean...er I mean whocares, I suspect that you are just jealous that Gore or Kerry couldn't do a better job at stuffing the ballot box. If you think that Chavez is good, you should have looked at the record that a certain Iraqi leader once rolled up. In his last election, Saddam got 99% of the vote!

PS: Robertson is a nut and the same advice that they gave you for bullies applies: just ignore him and he will go away.

Bottom line. This wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

Bottom line. This wouldn't have made a ripple in a teacup had the statement come from a hollywood celebrity. In this case, Robertson is taking a thrashing in nearly every circle for a nonstatement. The quote was a statement to the effect that a full-scale attack wouldn't be necessary to get rid of a dangerous dictator. I've also heard a lot of talk about "international law" that prohibits assasination. Exactly where is this law when dictators such as this are carrying out their nefarious deeds upon their people and the people of other nations?

Robertson is very outspoken, and in my opinion, oftentimes wrong both in his political and theological statements. He is, however, entitled to say what he pleases, and it's truly unfortunate that he's attacked so brutally because of his position. It may not fit with the modern era's definition of Christianity, but the God (and Jesus) of the Bible isn't lovey-dubby papaw all the time. Christians need to read up.

I'll say this for Pat Rober... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'll say this for Pat Robertson: at least he apologizes for his boneheaded statements. Unlike the hapless Dick (what an appropriate first name) Durbin.

Well, <a href="http://apnew... (Below threshold)

Well, he didn't say "assassinate" after all, but that "(we) should take him (Chavez) out" and avoid another war to remove another despot like Saddam (Chavez).

Still an alarming public statement but hardly the call to go murder someone.

On the other hand, we are at war and there is no commandment to refuse to defend ourselves or others. The Commandment, "thou shalt not kill" is said to be not entirely accurately intepreted, and actually says "thou shalt not murder".

I'm not trying to rationalize the severity of what Robertson said and I still think there's reason to suggest he may be getting a tad dim intellectually (losing the ability to self censor or moderate his speech depending upon surroundings), but he seems to have said that the U.S. should REMOVE ("take out") Chavez, as in, remove him from office, just as I earlier suggested might have been his intent.

Still an alarming public... (Below threshold)

Still an alarming public statement but hardly the call to go murder someone.

keep reading a little further down there, Suzy...

if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.

I don't agree with Robertso... (Below threshold)

I don't agree with Robertson's remarks but he has the right to say them if he wants. Free speech doesn't just mean free speech for liberals.

I think this has caused such a stir because many far left liberals hate Christians and Christianity. In my opinion, because they know that if someone is a Christian they are more likely to be against same sex marriage and abortion, and probably won’t change their mind (about same sex marriage & abortion) and will not vote for a liberal. That Robertson is a Christian is part of the reason the left is so angry and upset about this.

The other reason is that many on the left, esp. the angry, vocal far left, idolize Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. I've even seen comments on a liberal message board saying that Chavez should be president of the US, because he's a much better leader than President Bush. It wouldn't take much for liberals to research the human right violations in Venezuela, but the left is blind to those.

It's that he is a Christian and he talked about one of their idols that this is such a big deal. Added to the fact that conservatives come out and denounce conservative extremists, while the left says quiet or says, "Sounds about right to me." Or lie about it, or say, "Well it's true", as though that excuses the extreme language, such as that be Howard Dean.

Bottom line. This wouldn... (Below threshold)

Bottom line. This wouldn't have made a ripple in a teacup had the statement come from a hollywood celebrity. In this case, Robertson is taking a thrashing in nearly every circle for a nonstatement.

Precisely so. Also, Robertson is one of the left/MSM/Dem's favorite boogeymen, despite the fact that he hasn't been influential in GOP political circles in about 15 years. So any dumb thing he says is going to get hyped all over the place as if it were about to be made part of the GOP platform.

This is really only in keep... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This is really only in keeping with ">http://norbizness.com/archives/001237.html"> some of Robertson's other comments. I am reminded what one California bumper sticker allegedly said "God, please save me from your followers" or in Robertson's case unfortunately.. from your leaders".

I'm no Christian either, bu... (Below threshold)

I'm no Christian either, but I know that killing is wrong. Of course thinking about it is fine and dandy. And speaking or writing about it too, but when you have the ability, as Robertson does, to persuade many people -- many fanatical people, I might add -- then your words carry more weight.

It would be nice to chalk this up to the fact that he's a doddering old fool but I'm not sure anyone's going to buy that excuse.

Time to up his meds.

I can't handle Robertson, o... (Below threshold)
Just Curious:

I can't handle Robertson, or his beliefs and philosophies but I do have one question for everyone to ponder.
Why was it ok for George Snuffulopoluous to write and propose assasination (Time or Newsweek, can't remember wich one for sure), but it is not ok for anyone else?
Just curious

Since certain leftists idol... (Below threshold)

Since certain leftists idolize that butcher in Caracas, is it OK to call liberals socialists?

Roberts sure apologized quick--I think that he realized how much damage this could do to him and just how little power he now holds.






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