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Moore Off To Fat Camp

Calorie Counter News - The New York Post Page Six gossip column is reporting that rotund documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is enrolled at the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, located in Aventura, Florida, where he will, among other things, attend classes in "life re-education" in an attempt to bring his obesity under control -- at a cost of $3,800 a week.

With its luxurious Turnberry Isle Yacht Club location and its mandatory lifestyle classes the program was described by Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert to Business Week as "a combination of Harvard and the boot camp of spas." Ebert lost 90 pounds over a 20-month period.

Last year in an interview with the Washington Post's Dana Milbank, consumer activist and former Moore mentor Ralph Nader (pictured with Moore) was quoted as saying, "I've been at him for years, saying 'you've got to lose weight.' Now, he's doubled. Private exhortations aren't working. It's extremely serious. He's over 300 pounds. He's like a giant beach ball."

Whatever your opinions of Moore (and mine are pretty strong, I hate the bastard) lets wish him luck in taking off some weight and getting healthy, in only so he can continue discrediting his own causes every time he opens his mouth.


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Comments (33)

Plus, then we can drop the ... (Below threshold)

Plus, then we can drop the fat jokes. Really, I always thought mocking Moore for being fat was counter-productive when there are so many better shots to take at him.

OK, no more fat jokes, but ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

OK, no more fat jokes, but let's not forget that the porker has his own ZipCode.

I cannot picture that wha... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I cannot picture that whale exercising. Hell, they'll have to lower the water level in the pool so he doesn't cause widespread flooding.

I agree. The longer he live... (Below threshold)

I agree. The longer he lives, the longer he discredits the left.

So we'll just have to resor... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

So we'll just have to resort to saying "Michael Moore is a stupid white man"?

Damn. It's so much more fun calling him "a big, fat stupid white man."

Yes, it's stooping to his level, but stoop I shall.

Actually, I hope he drops d... (Below threshold)

Actually, I hope he drops dead on the first day from a very painful heart attack, and his estate forfeits all rights to a refund. Fuck Michael Moore.

So now I have to retire the... (Below threshold)

So now I have to retire the one that goes:

"His belt is nicknamed 'Equator'".


Remember that this little s... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Remember that this little spa treatment is at the cost of $3800 a week!

Michael Moore claims that he's a man of the people. How many people can afford a place that costs $3800 a week? Do you think most Americans can afford a vacation that costs $3800 a week? (And that's just the cost of the spa, doesn't include little things like airline tix or the rest.)

Michael Moore, man of the people (of money).

The guy looks like... (Below threshold)

The guy looks like a tick about to pop..

I hope he chokes on a rice cake..

Anybody want to chip in to ... (Below threshold)

Anybody want to chip in to buy the guy a truckload of Twinkies? (Full disclosure: I weigh a HELL of a lot more than he does.)

I hope he goes right to the... (Below threshold)
vegas sal:

I hope he goes right to the buffet and eats until he explodes.

I think Michael should come... (Below threshold)

I think Michael should come over to my house. I will only charge $2000.00 a week to whip his fat ass into shape. I'm trying to get rid of a rat I found in my back yard. For $2000.00 a week I'll shove the rat up michael's ass, and have him lose weight from the inside. Talk about killing two turds with one stone. I will however, need to bury the rat once he's done the deed

O.K., no cheap shot "fat" j... (Below threshold)

O.K., no cheap shot "fat" jokes that will be picked up by Kos or the Democratic Underground and quoted to prove what bunch of heartless scumbags conservatives are. Still, it's true that Mikey thinks gravy is a beverage and when he steps into an elevator the sign says "Capacity YOU'. On the other hand, it's not true that Mikey's ass has its own zip code---he actually shares the zip with Roger Ebert.

It's just downright crude a... (Below threshold)

It's just downright crude and hateful to make all these jokes about Michael Moore when you should be on the phone with your broker dumping your Krispy Kream stock before everyone sees this for the financial impact it might have rather than an opportunity to make fun of that fat bastard.

The original link to the fu... (Below threshold)

The original link to the full Calorie Counter News item is:


(The current link goes to the National Ledger article cited in the Calorie Counter News article.)

Thanks Mark.I've f... (Below threshold)

Thanks Mark.

I've fixed the link.

Too bad he was too timid to... (Below threshold)
Eddy J.:

Too bad he was too timid to try the old Rush Limbaugh way, Oxy-Contin. That'll get the weight off fast, but there's still the risk of becoming death, so maybe he's right to go to the Fat Farm.

Obligatory Monty Python ref... (Below threshold)

Obligatory Monty Python reference:

He couldn't even eat a wafer thin mint.

All partisian sniping aside... (Below threshold)

All partisian sniping aside, the fact is that Moore...or anyone- simply will not really be able to make the required lasting changes from a celebrity spa that probably kisses celebrity ass. Moore would be better off spending his money on gym membership and a couple of trainers who will get him down to the gym 5 days a week to sweat out the crisco. Trust me, I know all about it. Losing weight is the hardest thing you can ever do. You can go cold turkey on drugs or booze. You can't go cold turkey on food.

If he really can't make the lifestyle changes, I urge him to invest in one of the operations such as gastric bypass. It's not optimal but it's damn better than yo-yoing up and down between obese and less obese like so many overweight people do.

Army boot camp will do it f... (Below threshold)

Army boot camp will do it for him, but that would be sort of like putting Michael Jackson in Rikkers Island.

So Eddy J is as igno... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

So Eddy J is as ignorant on the subject of pharmeceuticals as he is of politics and economics.

Rock on, Dude!

Moe, your Three Stooges act... (Below threshold)
Eddy J.:

Moe, your Three Stooges act is wearing thin. Don't get you panties in a bunch just because I criticized your Daddy Rush. I was just making a point that drug usage is linked to weight loss. What's political about that? You Log Cabin Republicans are so thin skinned and whiney!

RE: Eddy J.'s obsession (Au... (Below threshold)

RE: Eddy J.'s obsession (August 25, 2005 06:37 AM)

...panties in a bunch ...Daddy Rush... Log Cabin Republicans...

Sheesh. I think your inner child is making a statement. Wait a sec. Is that you, Mr. Garrison? Does Mr. Hat trust you with a computer?

Eddy,Pick up a dic... (Below threshold)


Pick up a dictionary and look up the word "disingenuous", then go back and read your last posting.

See what I mean?

I heard that there also wil... (Below threshold)

I heard that there also will be 43 chimpanzees checking into the fat farm for the same time moore will be there. Everyday they will follow him around and throw their loose feces at him...

Talk about an appetite killer...

Good. Moore needs some "li... (Below threshold)

Good. Moore needs some "life re-education". Maybe his overeating is caused by guilt for all the lies he's told.

Smitty, look up the word "i... (Below threshold)
Eddy J.:

Smitty, look up the word "ignorant", if you can put down your mason jar filled w/ Rush Kool-Aid, and you'll see your pic.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post -you must really like me. I'm flattered that I've made a difference in your miserable life.

Eddy,Actually, I d... (Below threshold)


Actually, I don't like you. What's to like? You appear to be a rather unwholesome troll. Pick up your dog- eared dictionary, look up the word "delusional", then go look in a mirror.

Smitty, you're the troll wh... (Below threshold)

Smitty, you're the troll who can't handle the truth! I love you too, even though you appear to be a nut (delusional) who has been brainwashed by the Repulsivecans. Don't worry I'm sure there's a 12-step program out there for you. Thanks again taking the time to analyze my thoughts and responding. Are you of the Log Cabin wing of the GOP, because you appear to be very sensitive? Take care and show me some love again, after you've taken your last dose of crack, Oxy, Lithium (whatever the hell you're on) and have calmed down. Peace!

Eddy,Ad hominen at... (Below threshold)


Ad hominen attacks are signs of a weak mind. Keep trying, maybe you'll say something coherent.

Write me when you get work.

Smitty, you started the att... (Below threshold)

Smitty, you started the attacks so I thought I'd give you a taste of your own bitter medicine. Typical neocon who can dish it but can't take it. You'll be glad to know that I'm working and another side job of mine is responding to the Repulsivecan attack machine. You need to lighten up, but I guess you're having trouble dealing with reality in these grim days - War on Error, Bush's sagging poll numbers, high gas prices, the border issues, etc. so I can certainly understand your plight. Don't worry, you have a friend in me. Perhaps the daily talking points from the RNC will arrive early today telling you how to think and you'll be happy. Happy Friday!!

Okay, no more fat jokes. It... (Below threshold)

Okay, no more fat jokes. It would be far more insulting anyway simply to refer to him as Eddy J. Moore.

Eddy,Re-read my po... (Below threshold)


Re-read my post of 08/26, 12:38AM.

Look up ad hominen....yeah, it's you!






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