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Twisting Bush's Words

More bias from the mainstream media.

Bush Tars Protesters

And what exactly did Bush say that would anyone to believe that he was "tarring" anti-war protesters as "isolationists?" Nothing, as far as I can tell from the article itself.

Here's everything Bush is quoted as saying in the article:

The president, noting that he had already met with her last year after her son Casey was killed, said: "I appreciate her right to protest. I understand her anguish."

"She expressed her opinion. I disagree with it. I think immediate withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake. I think those who advocate immediate withdrawal from not only Iraq, but the Middle East, are advocating a policy that would weaken the United States," said Bush.


"I've met with a lot of families. She doesn't represent the view of a lot of families I have met with. And I'll continue to meet with families," Bush added.

I see no "tarring" there, do you? Nor do I see any mention of "isolationists."

And just so that we can all be certain that the President didn't "tar" anybody in his comments not quoted in the article, here's a full transcript of what was said during the press conference.

The premise of this article is pretty much an outright lie on the part of AFP. This is yellow journalism at its worst.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (34)

Yep, that title is utterly ... (Below threshold)

Yep, that title is utterly incoherent. Did the headline creator not read the author's article? If they were one and the same, his attention to detail is so circumspect that I wouldn't even relegate him to Baghdad Bob's backdrop manager.

It's come to be expected. This is an old media that had difficulty reporting on Ms. Sheehan's SFSU speech and advocacy for Lynn Stewart, a known terrorist sympathizer. Why should we be suprised when the truth of Leftist bile is ignored while the lie of Bush's quote is trumpeted? Always remember the agenda of old media and keep your filters handy.

in journalism class, my pro... (Below threshold)

in journalism class, my professor would've just laughed at me and told me to re-write the headline.

that is, if it wasn't a final, in which case I'd get an F.

You apparently haven't turn... (Below threshold)
Eddy J.:

You apparently haven't turned on Fox News lately -bias @ its worst. They have torn Cindy Sheehan a new one with some hosts calling her a nut, but I haven't heard any bashing of ultra rightwing loon Pat Robertson!

RE: Eddy J.'s post (August ... (Below threshold)

RE: Eddy J.'s post (August 24, 2005 12:52 AM)

You apparently haven't turned on Fox News lately -bias @ its worst. They have torn Cindy Sheehan a new one with some hosts calling her a nut, but I haven't heard any bashing of ultra rightwing loon Pat Robertson!

Actually, they did. Multiple times. And they didn't wait a week or two to do it.

Eddy J,If the shoe... (Below threshold)

Eddy J,

If the shoe fits... After all, she's been making anti-semitic rants that draw praise from the likes of David Duke.

Eddy J - that'll be because... (Below threshold)

Eddy J - that'll be because most decent people want to ignore Robertson, rather than give him the oxygen of publicity.

(Also, isn't it funny how, ... (Below threshold)

(Also, isn't it funny how, with people like Eddy J, their 'argument' is always: "But look at what that person said". They never address the issue.)

Well, if we were to assume ... (Below threshold)

Well, if we were to assume Eddy J was correct in that Fox News did not call Pat Robertson out (not true, but bear with me for the sake of the thought experiment), while calling Cindy a "nut," that would be a case of selective reporting, because both people are, well, nuts while only one was reported. However, this AP article is not a case of selective reporting. Instead, this would be... let's see... what's the technical term... oh yeah! Just Making Sh*t Up. While selective reporting is bad, it's simply a slap-on-the-wrist offense, while a case of JMSU should lead to the journalist/editor/reporter/staffer in question getting a swift kick to the hindquarters as he is uncermoniously ejected from the building and into the unemployment line. In short, in order to show how the AFP's DUI was not so bad, Eddy J conjured up Fox's (fictional) jaywalking. Way to underacheive! I see we're still keeping those expectations nice and low in Leftyworld.

Eddy, you are a dad burned ... (Below threshold)

Eddy, you are a dad burned fool. I watched no more than 20 minutes of Fox News tonight, and they spent 4 of that fisking Robertson. Get with it, man.

You know, the MSM is disgus... (Below threshold)

You know, the MSM is disgusting.

I was going to write a huge comment about it, but I realized that, that one simple statement was enough. Not to mention its not really worth my time and effort.

Well, to make matters WORSE... (Below threshold)

Well, to make matters WORSE, Joan Baez says that smart people ("the brains" she calls them/us/whoever) are "stumped"! Stumped, she says, just STUMPED!

Another thing is that the media continues to put forth the issue, "Sheehan has every right to protest!" as if she didn't, as if it's ever been said or now is that she does not have "a right to protest." They counter an issue that has not been raised as a contention and then argue about it.

She has every "right" to PROTEST but what Sheehan has done is use the right to protest to defy and demean and threaten the country. It's not protest what she has done and is doing, it is mental illness combined with corrupt intentions on parade, and sadly, people buy it as genuine statement.

The woman has dishonored the service of her son so many times over that any redeeming aspect to her position of "grieving" survivor, mother even, has long since been trampled under her very big and ugly feet. She's a disgrace to everyone who has ever sincerely protested a government policy. And so is Joan Baez with her pandering about "Selma," for that matter.

P.S.: Cindy Sheehan does not speak for me. The media, however, fails to notice that the majority of Americans, also, consider that Sheehan does not speak for them, either.

And ratings fall and the band plays on...

Why's Cindy Sheehan laughin... (Below threshold)

Why's Cindy Sheehan laughing?

How is she dishonering her ... (Below threshold)

How is she dishonering her son? If she is able to save one soldiers family the same pain she is experiencing then she has more than honored his memory. The one disturbing fact in all this is the statment i keep seeing over and over that is misleading "they are defending our freedom" our freedom was never under attack from Iraq.

S: She has every "right" to... (Below threshold)

S: She has every "right" to PROTEST but what Sheehan has done is use the right to protest to defy and demean and threaten the country. It's not protest what she has done and is doing, it is mental illness combined with corrupt intentions on parade, and sadly, people buy it as genuine statement.

A: Sounds to me like your mental illness has gotten to you. She no more threatens this country than you do with your poisoned words.

Hey Americanfirst -- appare... (Below threshold)

Hey Americanfirst -- apparently you didn't see this report of Cindy's, er, advocacy. Is this the sort of America you put first?

I dont have to see her comm... (Below threshold)

I dont have to see her comments, She has clout with me by losing a son. Or does that not matter to you? Ask yourself this, if a Democrat started this war would you be so for the war?????

If a Democrat starte... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

If a Democrat started the war, would you be so against it?

In answer to your question, yes I would still support the War. I am still registered as a Democrat, although the party has done a rather fine job of completely alienating me the past several years.

Having lived through the VN... (Below threshold)

Having lived through the VN era (I am 54) This issue really concerns me. We "lost" that war as a direct result of MSM. Now MSM is trying to do the same thing here. CNN still reports on this without mentioning that Pres. Bush has already met with Mrs. Sheehan last year. I can only say that concerned people should be encouraged that the "blogosphere" is so severely destroying the credibility of MSM that people who vote, and they are really the ones who matter, are enlightened enough to vote conservative. As much as possible. Personally, I am pretty dissappointed with many "conservative" candidates these days. Both sides seem to care more about party politics than the principles upon which this country was founded.

Well my Uncle was killed in... (Below threshold)

Well my Uncle was killed in Nam in 67. I have one Uncle in the Army hall of fame (he fought in 3 wars) another was at Pearl Harbor. So Why did my Uncle die? Not because of the MSM like in this case, it is because of policies by this government. Im not against governement, but there is no way in hell this war in Iraq is about who attacked us on Sept 11th, nor did is it about fighting terrosim. Even though it is now because somehow these terrorists somehow seem to trickle in to Iraq after the war started.

The question has been asked... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The question has been asked "how is she [Cindy Sheehan] dishonoring her son?" I'll offer my opinion, but first some background. We see Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and other anti-war protesters ask various politicians why, if this war is honorable, don't those politicians sign up their children to server in Iraq? They ignore the obvious fact that, since the end of the draft, no person can be compelled to join the military. Nor can a parent prevent a child who's 18 or older from joining the military. Like most of the anti-war arguments, this one is phony.

Does anyone think Cindy became "anti-war" only after her son was killed or that she approved of her son joining the military? The fact that Cindy Sheehan's son joined the military shows that he agreed with President Bush and not with his mother. When Cindy first met with President Bush she was a grieving parent and acted that way. Now that she's back to her normal left-wing self, she's using her son's death for political gain, despite her son's position being more in line with that of President Bush. She knows her son didn't agree with her position and that's how she is dishonoring her son.

There are two interesting p... (Below threshold)

There are two interesting points I have observed about Cindy Sheehan. First, she is demanding that President Bush not use her son's 'name' to justify the continuance of the Iraq war. (They died in a noble cause...etc). Yet, at the same time, there are numerous accounts of parents removing the crosses the peaceniks have put along the road in Crawford, because their son's names have been used without permission and in contradiction of their wishes. Second, when is the left going to realize that you can't excuse bad behavior (Cindy Sheehan) with more bad behavior (Pat Robertson). Both are wrong in the things they are saying. Both have the right to say those things. WE have the right to be disgusted and appalled by BOTH of them!

AmericaFirst...you appear t... (Below threshold)

AmericaFirst...you appear to not be able to evaluate what "poison words" are. If you could, you'd apply that fine tuned armchair psychology where it belongs and recognize Cindy Sheehan's bad character for what it is, combined with real emotional illness.

The point is is that she's smiling NOW. She's gotten that which her emotional problems (and troubled pscyhology) demanded and that is, recognition of her being "chosen by the universe as a spark..."

IF that's not the grandiose language of a troubled mind, I don't know what is. And her tears are not for her son, but for herself. At least, they were. Now she's just pleased to be the "chosen spark by the universe..."

My psychology is just fine and dandy, but it's problematic academically to read your misguided evealuations about all the wrong characteristics and inability to evaluate properly your world around you.

I was just looking over photos from Crawford, Texas and low and behold, all the "peace" "protestors" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) had pro-Palestinian signs, if not flags themselves...and then, a photo of the streets themselves of Crawford with American flags, Texas state flags, even an Israeli flag and all the locals supporting the United States, disagreeing with Sheehan's excesses.

It's you who are misguided and those who misapply endearing concepts to bastardizations of honor, and it's a pity you cannot evaluate that.

Sheehan lost a son, and America reveres his life.

Sheehan, on the other hand, used his life like a handy tool, complete with hard edged hammers on tiny crosses bearing names she reviles.

Well, that does it: Sheeha... (Below threshold)

Well, that does it: Sheehan is disgusting. Whatever sympathy I once felt for her as a mourning parent, I no longer feel.

I do value and appreciate her son and those like him who chose, as adults, to serve their country. I honor his life and service. Cindy Sheehan apparently does not.

About Vietnam, our U.S. mil... (Below threshold)

About Vietnam, our U.S. military did not "lose" that war. Our military was ordered to withdraw, to not complete the mission.

It's about what Code Pink and the Palestinian/Islamic "peace house" people sponsoring Sheehan (among others) want now, but they can never explain why.

They can't explain what the objective to withdraw and their lack of responsibility for the consequences that caused as to Vietnam, and they can't explain that now. Reading that people simplify the war in Iraq down to "blood for oil" is an indication of the lack of insight into the issue by the left, and what the anti-war movement is actually about. It's not about making sense, it certainly isn't about honor or ethics, it's about self indulgence, who gets to be 'right' and who is 'wrong,' on a social level.

No one among the left ever so much as asked about the many people in Southeast Asia who lost their lives and did so miserably as a consequence of the U.S. withdrawing from Vietnam and to think that the U.S. should now withdraw from Iraq just because Sheehan and Code Pink and Palestine want their wilful way (about everything, it appears) would not even begin to make the loss of life and resources worthwile in Iraq if the U.S. should just stop and withdraw.

I read some among the left who recognize this and agree that Sheehan is a thing of the past, a nonentity at this point, actually harming their sense of politics and morality, even, and that's good but the point today is that the media continues to provide coverage as if she had something of import to say, to represent.

Consequences, consequences.

P.S.: Cindy Sheehan does not speak for me.

What else would you expect ... (Below threshold)

What else would you expect from AFP?

This is just part of their SOP. I'll be surprised when they STOP doing things like this.

Please read and sign and pa... (Below threshold)

Please read and sign and pass along this petition.


Here's contact info for a m... (Below threshold)

Here's contact info for a managing director of AFX News.


OH, but didn't you know, th... (Below threshold)

OH, but didn't you know, that any time a conservative says anything that is not 100% AGREEMENT with a liberal, we are "tarring" them. It seems that today only the left has the right to protest, the right to free speech, and aparently only the left has the right to be ELECTED President!

you know, for a "grieving m... (Below threshold)

you know, for a "grieving mom" Cindy sure seems to smile a lot for the cameras...

anon's petition is for purp... (Below threshold)

anon's petition is for purposes of complaining about Pat Robertson on a Cindy Sheehan-media-compromise thread.

Either anon is on the wrong thread or there's yet even more of a media problem of confusing of information than I thought. Meaning, I don't see any connection with these issues.

Oh, maybe Robertson is a victim and he's only displaying grief...

Americanfirst: "I dont have... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Americanfirst: "I dont have to see her comments, She has clout with me by losing a son." Is that a joke?

You don't have to see her comments?! Oh, I see; 'Don't bother me with the facts, I've already made up my mind.'

If you don't want to see her comments, then why are you posting comments here? If you don't want to discuss what she is directly quoted as saying, then what is left to talk about with you? For the past month the discussion has been about what Cindy has been saying.

Really, Af, your comments are really stupid. You may want to re-think your position; assuming you thought about it in the first place.

Did she get a new job?... (Below threshold)
Just how broad is your defi... (Below threshold)

Just how broad is your definition of "MSM," anyway? You all do know AFP is Agence France-Presse, don't you? And please spare me all the cheap French jokes. Is a French news agency part of the MSM? How about Spanish? Or German? How about Murdoch's London Sun, the biggest selling nespaper in England? I only bring it up because JSchuler refers to it as the "AP" story. I realize none of this matters to any of you, since these threads are just a jumping off point to go on your anti-Sheehan diatribes.

RE: Chris' request (August ... (Below threshold)

RE: Chris' request (August 24, 2005 11:49 PM)

And please spare me all the cheap French jokes.

Oh, you're no fun anymore.






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