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Defining 'Newsworthy' Down

Just came across this on the AP wire:

CHICAGO -- The editor of a medical journal that published an article this week saying fetuses likely don't feel much pain until late in pregnancy says she has received dozens of angry e-mails from abortion opponents.

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, editor in chief of The Journal of the American Medical Association, said today she had to take a walk around the block after receiving dozens of "horrible, vindictive" messages.

Dozens? That's the lead! I'm not looking to get into the abortion discussion here; just pointing out that one person receiving dozens of angry e-mails after writing on a controversial issue does not a news story make.

If it did, Paul would be on the cover of TIME by now, and David A would be his agent.

Somehow I don't think someone getting dozens of angry e-mails (literally dozens!)from pro-choice folks would warrant a headline, and it shouldn't. This tidbit was worthy of a mention in a follow-up story, not an entire follow-up story.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall, and would be in great shape if she walked around the block every time she got an angry e-mail. Hmmm...

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Typical Lib smack...all abo... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Typical Lib smack...all about feelings, nothing of substance about the issues.

So is this not supposed to ... (Below threshold)

So is this not supposed to be a news article? Many articles on many topics come across the AP wire, and editors (whether it's at a newsaper or on a blog) sift through them to make a determination into what they think is interesting, and what they think is worthy of printing. Maybe of this article was a front page story, your questioning how "newsworthy" this article is would be valid. But, as it stands, it's just a story on the AP wire. There's nothing wrong with that.

This is the same self indul... (Below threshold)

This is the same self indulgence that the Cindy Sheehan Group dispenses: write about it with any degree of personal interpretation, raise a question, mention a different perspective, to any degree and presto, you're "attacking" Sheehan.

Same process. In my experience, almost all, by a group characteristic, of people who self identify as "pro choice" consider ANY comments about their position to be "an attack" and "hate."

Oh, I forgot the "hate speech" lob that is almost always also applied, hatefully, to anyone who opines with conservative views, not to mention religious beliefs.

Howard Dean and followers have this type of black propoganda down well, as in, they engage in it routinely.

It's the practice of victimization. They regard themselves as being victimized and that enables them to malign and harm others without guilt or conscience. Just look at Sheehan for a classic demonstration of that. Dean's another one.

<a href="http://hengineer.b... (Below threshold)
How does the saying go? "If... (Below threshold)

How does the saying go? "If you're going to stir the pot, use a long stick."

They could settle the quest... (Below threshold)

They could settle the question pretty quick. Find a premie babe. Pinch it and see if it cries. If it does then I'd say there is some pain felt.

What a wimp. I get at least a dozen hate emails a day. And that is just from my mother-in-law.....Satan.

Oh wait, promised the wife I wouldn't call her mother Satan anymore...sooooo....correction....that is just from my mother-in-law formerly known as Satan...

Faith+1, premature babies a... (Below threshold)

Faith+1, premature babies as young as 23 weeks are known to cry when blood samples are drawn, and to try to shield the draw site when approached again. Before that, they still might try to, but don't often have the basic neuromuscular control.

But that's not always considered pain, some people just say that it's a reflex action. While I doubt they're correct, I don't have anyway to disprove them, and when morons can wave around reports like this from highly partisan groups, using sensors not known to be accurate enough to detect what they tried to detect, it's hard to hold many anti-abortion viewpoints.

I just love the certainty o... (Below threshold)

I just love the certainty of the pronouncement, "might not feel pain". They may just as well "feel" pain. Who knows?

As they're having their brains punctured by a needle in third trimester abortions, I cannot imagine a doctor that would perform a late term abortion. They must be selfless ghouls. I hope those little souls haunt the offending "doctors" into suicide.

well what IS pain but a ref... (Below threshold)

well what IS pain but a reflexive aciton? Why have pain anyway? So that our REFLEXES can save us from obvious damage!

"reports like this from hig... (Below threshold)

"reports like this from highly partisan groups"?

This was an article in JAMA, one of the most respected medical journals in the world.

If you disagree with the methodology underpinning the study, write a letter to the editor of the journal detailing your objections.






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