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Protestors Taunting Wounded Soldiers?

Its Drudge, so take it with a grain of salt. I'm certainly hoping it isn't true.

Anti-war protestors besieged wounded and disabled soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C, a new web report will claim!

CNSNews.com is planning to run an expose on Thursday featuring interviews with both protestors and veterans, as well as shots of protest signs with slogans like "Maimed for a Lie."

The conservative outlet will post video evidence of the wounded veterans being taunted by protesters, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Stories from my dad of soldiers returning from Vietnam getting spit on by anti-war protesters keeps going through my mind...

Lets hope this country has grown up a bit since that time. Sadly, I'm not so sure it has.

(via Sister Toldjah)

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (16)

If we can't (of won't) use ... (Below threshold)

If we can't (of won't) use the Sedition laws against these traitors, how about filing for a restraining order to keep them away from the hospitals. How about getting real strict about enforcing hospital zone noise ordinances?

Same thing happened to my h... (Below threshold)

Same thing happened to my husband came home and more..... they weren't considerd heroes. Things got so bad,, he sadly went insane and died as a result of a motorsicle accident where he actually found peace.

aka Firstbrokenangel of AAFFLLAACCLLKK

They are taunting these sol... (Below threshold)

They are taunting these soldiers when they are probably at their most depressed or distraught over their decision to join. The protesters are probably hoping to recruit a few to their side.

I mean the next level protester after Cindy will be if the anti-war movement can find an amputee that will click in the media to rally behind next. They don't care how many soldiers they have to give the Vietnam treament until they find one.

John-Sure there ar... (Below threshold)


Sure there are emotional issues, but I wouldn't go so far as to say these guys are questioning their decision to join. These guys are Heroes: most joined to selflessly serve their country. The vast majority knew their jobs and the risks.

Aside from all of the restraining orders and legal actions... How about a swift ass-kicking?

Despicable treatment of vet... (Below threshold)

Despicable treatment of vets returning from war?

Soaring energy costs?

Coke advertising jingle, "I'd like to teach the world to sing?"

It's the fucking 70s all over again.

John,It's already ... (Below threshold)


It's already happening. On K. Olberman last night Keith interviewed the soldier who captured S Hussien. He was saying he thought we should bring all the troops home now. Though K had to work at extracting the answers he desied from this man, he managed to spin it similar to what you are pointing out. Funny how K couldn't seem to find one soldier out of the vast majority of soldiers who think so differently to interview.

I watched the video (lots o... (Below threshold)

I watched the video (lots of people must be, because the stream crawled) and I think this story is pretty overblown.

I have absolutely no sympathy for Code Pink or any of their ilk, but in this case, I think the damage is minimal. Based on the shots in the video and my memory of the Walter Reed area, it looks like the DC police must have given them a permit for one of the street corners AWAY from the main entrance. In fact, unless I miss my guess, it looks as though they may be on the back side of the hospital - there are other entrances other than the main one. As I recall, the main visitor and traffic entrance is on Florida Avenue and there are a number of businesses and some guest houses across the street, not residences. The back side is more residential. Anyone driving by would probably see them, but that probably would not be wounded soldiers or their families and I don't believe they would have any direct contact with soldiers or families, the language of the CNS report and the Drudge flash notwithstanding. Remember, too, that WRAMC is a large campus, with a number of facilities besides the hospital proper.

All in all, I think this story was sensationalized. It looks like the Freepers have the proper counteraction well in hand. I would have to see better information before I would get alarmed over these twits. Especially "Luke". Jeez!

RE: Dave's post (August 25,... (Below threshold)

RE: Dave's post (August 25, 2005 08:07 AM)

All in all, I think this story was sensationalized. It looks like the Freepers have the proper counteraction well in hand. I would have to see better information before I would get alarmed over these twits...

You're too kind to these guys? Twits? Try felons... or soon to be. Further, I fail to see how the precise location of the assault/incident has any bearing on the offense or on anything. Is it less of an attack because it didn't happen at the grand entrance? What is your point in emphasizing where the permitted protest might have been allowed? How would the fact that it was still an apparent assault on disabled vets by demonstrators be tempered or minimized by zipcode?

I guess I'm looking for some more elaboration on what you mean by "damage is minimal".

Jay, No need to preface th... (Below threshold)
Bob Wray:

Jay, No need to preface the report that you need to take Drudge with a grain of salt. He's on top of most stories, and is widely utilized by bloggers and talk show guys, usually without getting credit. Don't be jealous, Jay.

Anon,First, take a... (Below threshold)


First, take a deep breath. Now let's analyze this thing in terms of word usage.I'm not picking on you, BTW, this is the kind of stuff that loose headlines and stretched story lines produce.

"felons" - I despise Code Pink and some of their members may have criminal histories. Who knows? BUT, this demonstration (such as it is) is legal. The story says they applied for and received a permit. So "felons" is totally inaccurate in this particular instance.

"assault/incident" - Neither the story nor the video gave me any indication that there was any actual assault, at least in the legal sense. Aesthetically, morally, ethically, sure. But not in a legal or criminal sense.

"offense" - Again, not in a legal or criminal sense. Offensive, sure. Offense aginst good sense? Sure. But not an offense against the law.

Much as I dislike these creeps, they were exercising their freedom of speech in a legal way. That right has been bought and payed for by generations of American soldiers. I was one and my son is one. I don't have to like them or what they say, but they have a right to say it. And the Freepers also have a right to exercise their freedom of speech and I am vey happy to see them do it. Looked to me like there were more counter demonstrators than the pitiful handful of Pinkies.

There are more serious things happening out there that deserve our outrage far more than these twits - and yes, I think the word twits is pretty well appropriate for these guys.

And as to "minimal damage" - by that, I mean that they seem to have been fairly well isolated from patients and family members. No direct contact, as far as I could tell. Just the usual DC freakshow.

I do have to admit that my blood pressure went sky high when I read the Drudge flash, but once the CNS story went up, I realized that it was a story about not much of anything. Usually it's puff pieces about anti-war, anti-Bush demonstrations. This time it was an opposition piece. Same journalistic crap, different viewpoint.

RE: Dave's post A(ugust 25,... (Below threshold)

RE: Dave's post A(ugust 25, 2005 09:42 AM)


I made a huge, bold, red-letter mistake. I had superimposed this story with M. Malkin's report of an assault in Seattle during my morning reads.

I wasn't hyperventilating but was caught off-guard by the passive response. I should have picked up on the disconnect. Your follow-up was appreciated though, in hindsight, totally unnecessary.

Do'h! My apologies.

AD,No problem. The... (Below threshold)


No problem. The Seattle story raises some serious questions, for sure.

The thing that struck me was that this is an old story (July 31) and that nothing has been heard until now. That could be because there was no political aspect to the incident at all, just a particularly nasty barroom brawl. I am not convinced of that, but it is possible.

Why have no arrests been made? With good photos of the perps and video of the crime, it seems a stretch that these guys can't be found.

Is Larry's Club still open for business? If so, why? Maybe I have read too many police novels, but I would put pressure on the club owners to cooperate in IDing the thugs. They didn't come out of thin air.

If the soldiers were known to be soldiers during the incident, not just unneccessary dudes attached to a couple of hot chicks, that adds to the list of questions. Were the girls picked on because they were with these guys, or despite? Was there any hint of religious conflict? (I would doubt that, since this was a bar, but then again, I don't know what kind of behavior young American Muslims display. Is Larry's a gang hangout? Which one(s)?

Overall, not enough information. There should be much more information available, considering the age of the story.

Well, since I've broached t... (Below threshold)

Well, since I've broached the topic, Ace of Ace of Spades suggests APBB (All Points Blogging Bulletin): Thugs Beat The Hell Out Of Soldiers Returned From War, Seattle-Tacoma Area.

Now who wouldn't endorse such an APBB request? Get 'em. Get 'em good.

BTW, tried a Google search ... (Below threshold)

BTW, tried a Google search for any other news stories on Seattle soldier beatings and could only come up with Abu Ghraib stuff. Evidently this didn't even rate a local mention until now. Of course, it's only been 25 days.

Seattle PI article sheds li... (Below threshold)

Seattle PI article sheds light, produces smog.


According to the PI, a group of people was in line to enter the club at 2:30 AM. One of the women in line got groped, her girlfriend intervened to protect her and got groped as well. At this point the second woman's husband jumped in and an argument ensued. The group decided to cut their losses and leave, but were pursued by the thugs down the street and beaten.

Where I get confused is that the Post-Intelligencer article leads with the statement, "Two veterans of the Iraq war were among those savagely beaten....", yet the only mention of injuries is of those two. Who were the others who were "savagely beaten"? Also, several references are made to a "group" including these guys. Was the "group" just the two couples, at least one of which was a husband and wife, or a group of four or were there more people involved? Good job of obscuring the facts done by the reporter.

That is disgusting and thes... (Below threshold)

That is disgusting and these people are invading the privacy of soldiers who fought for the right for them to protest but I'm sorry, I believe the soldiers are heroes and should be treated as such - with respect and protesting at the hospital where most of them are learning to walk with artificial limbs and so on is just so wrong in so many ways.







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