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Soldiers Beaten By Thugs In Seattle

Some of you may have heard about the two soldiers beaten by hoodlums in Seattle, an incident that was caught on video tape.

I have more information about the incident over at my blog, including a possible lead on who was responsible.

Its just a theory at this point, but I've turned over what I was able to find to the Seattle Police Department and their investigators.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (28)

Ah, yet another in a long l... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Ah, yet another in a long line of embarrassing incidents to happen in this otherwise fair and decent city of mine.

Pointing out the obvious: Hello, ACLU? I have a hate crime to report. Hello? Hello?

Thank God the two guys are recovering from their injuries.

Rob:Oh, and it get... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Oh, and it gets better, too.

Seattle's 2001 Mardi Gras Riots also saw a racially tainted killing of a innocent man, Kris Kime, trying to save a girl from being raped. In disgusting fashion, this thug's conviction was recently overturned , which makes this story even more reprehensible.

Good news is that airing video tactic helped to catch Kris Kime's killer. Hopefully it'll catch these two a-holes, too.

Rob:Oh, and it get... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Oh, and it gets better, too.

Seattle's 2001 Mardi Gras Riots also saw a racially tainted killing of a innocent man, Kris Kime, trying to save a girl from being raped. In disgusting fashion, this thug's conviction was recently overturned , which makes this story even more reprehensible.

Good news is that airing video tactic helped to catch Kris Kime's killer. Hopefully it'll catch these two a-holes, too.

Sorry!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


<a href="http://www.jewscho... (Below threshold)
Hate Crime on Tape. Where'... (Below threshold)
bob jones:

Hate Crime on Tape. Where's ABC, CBS & NBC on this one? I find it tough to see two soldiers getting their butt kicked by thugs when it should have happened the other way around. Nothing a Spyderco blade or standard issue 1911 sidearm could have quickly fixed. If it had, we'd be seeing it on the mentioned MSM networks.

Did you guys look at... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Did you guys look at that link to the ghetto fights website? Have a look at some of the previews, admire the fine work your tax dollars are subsidizing down in the hood. Unbelievable.

When they catch these "brav... (Below threshold)

When they catch these "brave" punks I have a solution for their sentance--take them all and give them a rifle and drop them on the front line in Iraq by themselves. Then we will find out how "brave" they really are.

What if Pat Robertson had a... (Below threshold)

What if Pat Robertson had asked to put out a hit on Kevin Kimes' killer? Or these thugs? Would he have gotten the same reaction?

Not that I'm trying to defend PR, but just make a point about MSM, etc.

Rob, your research and effo... (Below threshold)

Rob, your research and efforts of today about this issue are truly commendable. I very much value the energy you've applied to this issue, just as a citizen (me) on behalf of those two dear soldiers (who I don't know, just saying, I really feel for them, this situation particularly).

But I still can't ever manage a trackback to your site (I tried many times, and used the dedicated link from the browser like I do for other TBacks but still, just zip).

I guess it's time to start ... (Below threshold)

I guess it's time to start running PT formations through the hood at o-dark-thirty. See how these "strong-men" come out of their crack induced haze to the sound of 500 men yelling at the top of their lungs. Then we can see how brave they are...

Just so you know, some peop... (Below threshold)

Just so you know, some people in Seattle have a different reaction when they see a soldier: Seattle Times: Diners have sweet surprise for soldier, girlfriend.

So clue in white folks. Sea... (Below threshold)
Whitey fight back:

So clue in white folks. Seattle is animal monkey town. Your on the wrong side of town.

It's only a hate crime if your black. Wake up America.

Regret:Yes, that's... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Yes, that's a nice counterbalance to all this. It shows there's a glimmer of hope for this town.

What's really cool is to occassionally see the Stryker Brigade from Ft. Lewis rumbling down I-5. Makes me proud to have 'em in my backyard.

The Seattle Times has this ... (Below threshold)

The Seattle Times has this listed as a blurb in their local news. If it was white men beating black men in the street, it would be on the front page of USA Today! What a joke! The media buries stories like this all the time, this happens frequently in the town where I live, but you never read about it or see it on the news. Look at all the cars passing by and the bystanders who watched this happen. SICKENING!

Let me begin by saying I'm ... (Below threshold)

Let me begin by saying I'm not white. This only cements my belief and observation that even after paying with their own lives during civil war to end slavery and years of putting up with all the black bullshits that there is indeed still a lingering guilt on whites embedded so deep into their blood. I just took a train ride for 2 days and there were blacks with kids that were so loud and annoying they think no one else is in the train but themselves. None of the whites can say anything but be nice and all cheerful to the black kids when they pass by. I have to say WHAT A FUCKED UP COUNTRY!!! The blacks will continue to be abusive as long as they think they can get away with this. They need to be disciplined and learn how to behave. Do we have to build more prisons for these types of people? There's already too many of them in our prisons. Everywhere I go, I see blacks constantly fucking complaining like they have this firm belief that other people are taking advantage of them because their blacks.

Don't you racist wannabe th... (Below threshold)

Don't you racist wannabe thugs love it when you find something like this to vent you're hatred with?!! Guess what? You're no better than the simpletons who beat these soldiers! You'd love nothing better than to find some black vets and do the same thing or worse. Probably cut off some trophies to play with later. You KNOW you would! Hairy, pink, bloodthirsty chimps! Low life scum who spout all kinds of trash in the safety of your anonymity. If YOU'RE so bad, go out and do something ya yellow bitches. You simple fucks are on the same level as those pond scum, only wrapped in a different package. Fucking cowardly punks!! These troops fought beside black, asian, hispanic, rich and poor, ghetto and suburb. Just like I did. REAL Americans - unlike you worthless whining fucks. Do the world a favor and eat a bullet.

Do any of you care as much ... (Below threshold)
black man with a brain:

Do any of you care as much about this incident now that we know the soldiers and their female companions were black? http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/jamieson/238252_robert27.html

Fucking niggers !</p... (Below threshold)

Fucking niggers !

Saturday, August ... (Below threshold)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pioneer Square attack was not as it appeared



Talk radio and Web posters pounced on the story. People spewed about how the media were "covering up" an assault in Pioneer Square involving predatory blacks on whites. Some ignoramuses seemed particularly indignant at the thought of black men groping white women.

But the beating victims and their female companions are -- surprise! -- black as well, police tell me. News reports failed to mention the race of the beating victims or the women.

So, the public was left to fill in the blanks, drawing on their misperceptions and prejudices. In some cases, people were too quick to draw on a similar- sounding narrative.

You morons want a hate crime? Look inthe goddamned mirror! "Some ignoramuses" have filled this thread with their hate filled vitriol. People like you fools here are what makes America less and less great. Like I said, "do the world a favor and eat a bullet"! Ya fucking simps!!

Hey, waitaminute! There's niggers looting and shooting down in New Orleans - go get'em fellas - YEEHAH!!! Just don't look at the other races doing the same thing, that would short circuit your 10-cell brains.

What's happening in New Orl... (Below threshold)

What's happening in New Orlreans is a typical example of Negro Behavior. ALL the news pictures of "victims" I saw on TV & the Web show unruly crowds of niggers that, not surprinsingly, loot and rape and kill (each others that's the bright spot) as soon as cops aren't around.

Hey niggers, now that your Nigger City is flooded and that you have been forced to take the first bath of your life, why don't you take this opportunity to swim back to Africa ?!... you'll feel at home there, your monkey brothers will welcome you and there will be plenty of looting, raping and murdering opportunities :-)

Yeah, yeah, yeah - such ori... (Below threshold)

Yeah, yeah, yeah - such originality is awe inspiring. And not the least bit surprinsing! If you had an ounce of sense, you'd know that niggers can't swim, so that "Africa" bit is out of the question. And why would niggers want to go back to Africa when there're so many rich white people here to rob and loot? Not to mention so many sweet juicy watermelons. Also, white women are pretty easy, although unsatisfying, lays. For instance, your mother....
Ever seen a shaved monkey? Their skin is pink. Like your mother's.
Eat a bullet chimp. If you're too much of a coward, I'll be glad to help you out. After I'm done with your mother.
Hee Hee Hee - where da white wimmins at?!
Caucazioid chimp!!!

I was in Houston yesterday ... (Below threshold)

I was in Houston yesterday and believe me, it's not a pretty sight. Our city is crowded with fucking nigger "refugees" and dirty niglets are everywhere !

If I had it my way, the shower rooms at the Astrodome would be airtight and loaded with ZyklonB... then we would cry in front on the cameras and explain that those poor niggers didn't survive to be uprooted from their natural habitat (rotting garbage strewn 'hoods') like those monkeys that can't live in a Zoo.


I used to believe in the eq... (Below threshold)

I used to believe in the equality of man. I no longer do. After 4 or 5 decades of rioting and looting in US cities being perpetrated by blacks, the rampage in New Orleans is the straw that broke the camel's back.

For those of you attempting... (Below threshold)

For those of you attempting to downplay the Seattle mardi gras melee, welcome to the sentiments of this pitiful popular culture. You think your views are unique. You're just like the rest of these yellow, derilect traitors. I was at mardi gras with my wife when these horrific incidents occurred. Anyone that tries to say the violence that prevailed during mardi gras wasn't race related is spewing uniformed drivel like the rest of the liberal media and white hating monkeys. I was raised in a Christian home as the son of a minister and taught by my parents to love, forgive and accept. I wasn't brought up in a racist home and I was not predisposed to hatred. However, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme and our societie's acceptance of white on black crime is so prevelant and banal that I have forsaken my instruction and am officially racist. I have extended nothing but kindness towards blacks and have seen nothing but hatred in return. I'm tired of the media sugar coating and nothing short of accepting black on white crime. I'm tired of prominent black figures decrying white on black crime, but turning a blind eye to black on white crime and hatred. If this is what society considers racial reconciliation, I don't want it. Congratulations America, you have turned a once tolerant person into a man filled with hatred and revulsion for the majority of blacks. Fu** with me and I wont hesitate to send you to the depths of hell.

I guess maybe we are being ... (Below threshold)

I guess maybe we are being to hard on the perpetrators of the mardi gras and soldier beating incidents. In their crack induced, government funded haze, i'm sure they thought the people they were attacking were white women. Let's give the monkeys some credit.

Talk. That's all you gutle... (Below threshold)

Talk. That's all you gutless punks do - talk. Well, I guess it's better than going out and getting your worthless asses kicked.FYI Jeremy, Adolf Hitler was raised in a "good Christian home", too. And he offered nothing but kindness to those damn Jews, too. Hey, maybe you can be the American Adolf someday!! It is apparent just how effective a man of God your father is/was. Let me guess, you were all requested to put 7.62 mm rounds in the collection plates?

Do you want to hear the tru... (Below threshold)

Do you want to hear the truth? Why it is that Japan has a monsoon, typhoon, earthquake or some other natural disaster every other week and you do not hear about looting, muggings, riots and most stupid of all, shooting at the people trying to rescue them? WHY, because they don’t have NIGGERS there. There I said it NIGGERS. I am so tired of NIGGERS blaming the white man for all their problems. Watch “ROOTS” as you may remember, their own family members sold their relatives or bush companions as slaves. This is the very opening of the movie! I wouldn't sell my family members as slaves, would you?






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