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Attorney General Tells Country Music Singer To Stop Chewing Tobacco On Stage

This is getting out of hand.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The state attorney general wants the country singer who made the song "Redneck Woman" a hit to stop "glamorizing" the use of smokeless tobacco at her concerts.

State officials said Gretchen Wilson can be seen on concert jumbo screens pulling a can of Skoal from her pocket while performing her new song, "Skoal Ring."

That may violate the 1998 settlement between states and tobacco companies forbidding tobacco ads targeting young people, Attorney General Paul Summers said.

"Many young people attend your concerts and purchase your music and T-shirts," Summers wrote in a letter he sent to Wilson Thursday. "Because your actions strongly influence the youth in your audience ... I ask you to take steps to warn young people of negative health effects of smokeless tobacco use."

A ridiculous request. The ickiness associated with a woman chewing tobacco aside, Gretchen Wilson is an adult and has every right to use the tobacco product of her choice. She also has a right, as an artist, to write and perform songs about said product. Just as she has done with this song.

Yet, according to this attorney general, this is border-line illegal activity. Why? Because the health fascists have decided that Americans are so blindingly stupid that they'll mimic anything a celebrity does regardless of the consequences to their own health. After all, in the minds of said health fascists, Americans don't smoke because they like it, they smoke because the tobacco companies made them do it.

Welcome to today's America, where the government will always be there to make sure its dumb-cow citizens aren't lead astray by nefarious tobacco-using celebrities.


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Comments (19)

But if she had smoked a lit... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

But if she had smoked a little crack back stage and gone on to sing about killing cops and ho's, her "art" would have been protected by the 1st ammendment.

Lew gets the post of the da... (Below threshold)

Lew gets the post of the day.

Seriously - and we'll get t... (Below threshold)

Seriously - and we'll get the singers of various bands who are well known to be drinking Jack Daniel's while on stage stop doing that, too. Whatever.

The proper response: "Eithe... (Below threshold)

The proper response: "Either come arrest me, or mind your own damn buisness."

If its legal stay out of it... (Below threshold)

If its legal stay out of it!! otherwise have the state give up all those SIN tax $$$ then tell her she can't do it.

We used to have a joke in t... (Below threshold)

We used to have a joke in the computer business: This program would run very smoothly without the end users.

I see the health fascists (and others) having the same attitude... everything we do would run so smoothly without all the damn people.

Er, Skol is snuff not chewi... (Below threshold)

Er, Skol is snuff not chewing tobacco. It comes in a little pouch you put under your lip. Remove it whole when it's done and dispose of.

Still an objectionable habit, but not nearly as nasty as chewing tobacco.

I have a suitable substitut... (Below threshold)

I have a suitable substitute that Ms. Wilson can put in her mouth. Not sure if she can do it on stage though....

How can she violate a settl... (Below threshold)

How can she violate a settlement between the states and the tobacco company? Is she a state employee, or sponsored by tobacco companies? A settlement between two parties can't restrict a third, unrelated party.

That being said the attorney general should be free to make all the wishes and requests he wants as long as he doesn't imply that he has the authority to do anything other than request.

Does this mean that "artist... (Below threshold)

Does this mean that "artists" who sings about NeoCons can be made to stop as they are negatively influencing the youth of America?

Check out Friday's cartoon by Paul Nowak. This link will self-destruct on the morning of September 3 (when the new Friday panel appears).

Commander Cody would probab... (Below threshold)

Commander Cody would probably be on death row if he tried singing "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette" today but I bet bet he could still do "Seeds and Stems Again Blues" which is a damn good song BTW.

WHAT WAS THE AG SMOKING?</p... (Below threshold)


Actually, Strick, comes in ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Strick, comes in more varities than just snuff. It comes in long-cut too. Not chewing tobacco like Redman is chewing tobacco, but not snuff either.

Where were these guys when ... (Below threshold)

Where were these guys when Ozzie was biting heads off bats???

That just can't be healthy for you....;-)

Or for the bat.Jus... (Below threshold)

Or for the bat.

Just sayin'...

What Rob said....T... (Below threshold)

What Rob said....

The pouches with tobacco in them for Skoal are known as Skoal Bandits. The other stuff is loose in the can in various cuts.

Lew knocked it out of the p... (Below threshold)

Lew knocked it out of the park with the first comment.

If people need protection b... (Below threshold)

If people need protection because they are so stupid that we will blindly follow the lead of a celebrity, can we expect some arrests for "lifestyles and dress encouraging unsafe sex"?

Lew Clark had the best post... (Below threshold)
Brian B.:

Lew Clark had the best post in response to this story. "But if she had smoked a little crack back stage and gone on to sing about killing cops and ho's, her "art" would have been protected by the 1st ammendment."

It's not the NeoCon fascists that are to blame here. It's a state attorney who has been forced to act by the tobacco company settlements which, itself, was forced by threat of huge jury awards (which were influenced by public campaigns against big tobacco).






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