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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Winners should be announced Sunday -- but Kevin and I need to decide who gets to judge.

Update: Comments closed, winners announced here.


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Comments (138)

Drivers navigate their way ... (Below threshold)

Drivers navigate their way around the media following Cindy Sheehan.

After several years of setb... (Below threshold)

After several years of setbacks democrats across the U. S. are staging rehearsals in advance of the 2006 elections. Included in the exercises are finding the polls, how to avoid hanging chads, and rushing out to claim voter fraud after the inevitable loss, shown above.

Weather and Traffic Update:... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Weather and Traffic Update:
..."The sheep storm left close to 3 feet deep of sheep and the roadways are baaaad"!

Reporters hoping they had s... (Below threshold)

Reporters hoping they had stumbled upon the largest anti-war rally to date were disappointed to find that the scent they had been following was actually a stampede of sheep.

u gotta look democrats righ... (Below threshold)

u gotta look democrats right in the eye, or they swarm

SHE: (thought bubble) aw, l... (Below threshold)

SHE: (thought bubble) aw, look at all the cute little sheep!

HE: (thought bubble) wonder if it's really as good as Bubba said?

Wile E. Coyote apologetic a... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Wile E. Coyote apologetic after spilling his ACME Instant Sheep Pills into city's water supply.

"Thousands of Iraqii Sunni'... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Thousands of Iraqii Sunni's take to the streets in a sheepish display of protest following the Constitutional drafting."

Immediately after being tol... (Below threshold)

Immediately after being told she had just received a magic wish ring, Edna was glad she had misspoke when she said, "Well, I'll be dipped in sheep."

New Zealanders for Bush flo... (Below threshold)

New Zealanders for Bush flock with branded insignia showing to support the war. :P

DRVIERS' (common thought) :... (Below threshold)

DRVIERS' (common thought) :
"Awwwww sheep!"

UN representatives clog NYC... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

UN representatives clog NYC streets on their way to vote for anti-Israeli resolution #9852.

Cindy Sheehan's returning e... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Cindy Sheehan's returning entourage runs into a problem. 'Seems that "Bush Brand" sheep have eaten her camp and Joan Baez with it !

Markos "Screw 'em" Zuniga a... (Below threshold)

Markos "Screw 'em" Zuniga and wife rally the Daily Kosacks for his September offensive against the Democratic Leadership Council.

Lamb Jam... (Below threshold)

Lamb Jam

James Lileks is inspired to... (Below threshold)

James Lileks is inspired to blog when stopped one day on his way to work.

Traffic was snarled today a... (Below threshold)

Traffic was snarled today as Hillary Rodham Clinton's flock made its way to its latest rally.

Senate Democrats take their... (Below threshold)

Senate Democrats take their obstructionism to the streets.

Senate Democrats vow to sto... (Below threshold)

Senate Democrats vow to stop Judge Roberts from reaching the Supreme Court one way or another.

Earth covered in blanket of... (Below threshold)

Earth covered in blanket of wool, thought to be leading cause of Global Warming. UN sends envoys to investigate.

What appears to be the ass ... (Below threshold)

What appears to be the ass print of Jesus left on the hood of a blue sedan have caused many Christians to flock to the site. The woman driving swears it was her mechanics! But she is willing to put the car on e-bay.

Capital beltway at the clos... (Below threshold)

Capital beltway at the close of Congress

When Bob thought he heard "get the flock out!" he soon realized semantics were not his strong point.

Daily Kos readers snarl tra... (Below threshold)

Daily Kos readers snarl traffic as they head to DLC Destructathon '05.

Environmentalists field tes... (Below threshold)

Environmentalists field testing automobiles running on sheep manure are confronted with the logistics of fuel accessibility.

After being delayed to her ... (Below threshold)

After being delayed to her job interview by 35 minutes, Tina decided that dinner tonight would be some nice spiced mutton stew.

51 . . . 52 . . . 53 . . . ... (Below threshold)

51 . . . 52 . . . 53 . . . damn insomnia . . .

"It will be a long, hard sl... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"It will be a long, hard slog."

I can't think of a single w... (Below threshold)

I can't think of a single witty caption after reading "Lamb Jam" ... that's perfect.

After years of top-secret d... (Below threshold)

After years of top-secret development PETA unleashes its army of sheep to take over the world.

The never-before-revealed s... (Below threshold)

The never-before-revealed story of what happened when the cloning of Dolly the sheep got out of control.

When the Welsh go to Heaven... (Below threshold)

When the Welsh go to Heaven.

Drivers in Crawford try to ... (Below threshold)

Drivers in Crawford try to negotiate around the latest Cindy Sheehan supporters.

In a disasterous marketing ... (Below threshold)

In a disasterous marketing experiment, Volvo's New Zealand division finds that S40 really isn't a substitute for a good herding dog.

Outside the Democratic conv... (Below threshold)
Kevin Haryett:

Outside the Democratic convention, cameras have caught what could possibly be a bigger scandal than the Navy's Tailhook afair.


As former President Clinton makes a stop on his South American tour, local fathers of unwed ugly fat women send bribes to his hotel.

Caaaaaaaap gas prices!<br /... (Below threshold)

Caaaaaaaap gas prices!
Caaaaaaaap gas prices!

When Sheep Attack!: A Se... (Below threshold)

When Sheep Attack!: A Serta commercial gone horribly wrong.

Al Gore finally returns fro... (Below threshold)

Al Gore finally returns from the florida recount of 2000 with the actual voters who claim to have voted for Gore but not been counted.

Newly discovered alternativ... (Below threshold)

Newly discovered alternative fuel has some unexpected side effects!

Those drivers sure look she... (Below threshold)

Those drivers sure look sheepish, but you can't pull the wool over their eyes - their cars wil soon be shorn apart.

Downtown Cheyenne du... (Below threshold)

Downtown Cheyenne during the Great Mutton Drive of '05.

Is it a pink ear tag that m... (Below threshold)

Is it a pink ear tag that means they're gay and a yellow ear tag means they're into group sex, or is it the other way around? Damn. No wonder I always strike out in bars.

The former marketing direct... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

The former marketing director for NARAL was fired today by his new employer, Serta Mattresses, after his latest ad campaign once again spurred a huge backlash.

Not what you want to... (Below threshold)

Not what you want to see after a long night of driving.

(Inspired by my girlfriend, who is too cool to enter caption contests in the Blogosphere =))

Muslim extremists enfiltrat... (Below threshold)

Muslim extremists enfiltrate the Serta Sleeper commercials in an attempt to blow up mattresses of the infidels.

Damn your eyes, Fersboo!</p... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Damn your eyes, Fersboo!

Holy Sheep, man! Guess I'm ... (Below threshold)

Holy Sheep, man! Guess I'm not making it to work on time today.

<a href="http://en.wikip... (Below threshold)

Ralph was sure Sam was disguised as one of the sheep, but wasn't concerned, sure that the probability of picking Sam was minimal.

Even the sheep wait on gas ... (Below threshold)

Even the sheep wait on gas lines caused by the Bush administration. Let's impeach Bush!

Virgin sheep, waitin... (Below threshold)

Virgin sheep, waiting for the next Islamic martyr!

In an effort to recruit mor... (Below threshold)

In an effort to recruit more suicide bombers, prospects now get to pick out their 72 virigins before their trip to paradise.

There was the usual Friday ... (Below threshold)

There was the usual Friday night traffic jamb as the Jihadis hurried so they didn't get stuck with an ugly one.

The little boy could no lon... (Below threshold)

The little boy could no longer hold his finger in the dyke. Because of that hole, the sheepwall burst allowing a wave of sheep to flood the streets of Haarlem.

Lead Driver: Mint jelly! Mi... (Below threshold)

Lead Driver: Mint jelly! Mint Jelly! My kingdom for a bottle of mint jelly!

Viking the Kitten's joke ab... (Below threshold)

Viking the Kitten's joke about Andrew Sullivan goes here.

( http://kurlander.blogspot.com if you have no idea what I'm talking about...)

"Man, my boss is never<... (Below threshold)

"Man, my boss is never gonna believe this one."

just another day in Fargo's... (Below threshold)

just another day in Fargo's red light district

Honey, I said to make a <st... (Below threshold)

Honey, I said to make a U-turn!

The Running of the Sheeps: ... (Below threshold)

The Running of the Sheeps: same fun, with a lot less bull.

Liberal motorists were offe... (Below threshold)

Liberal motorists were offended that the dark sheep were segregated from the light sheep. Several complaints have been filed with the EEOC.

Praise Allah! We are now i... (Below threshold)

Praise Allah! We are now in Paradise!

WORLD NEWS: In Mother Natu... (Below threshold)

WORLD NEWS: In Mother Nature's relentless assault upon France she unleashes The Plague of Sheep...

"There'll never be another ... (Below threshold)

"There'll never be another ewe!" was playing on the radio!

Mother Cindy's crowd is gro... (Below threshold)

Mother Cindy's crowd is growing, but like I said...they're all eyeballs and assholes!

Fed up with jihadis driving... (Below threshold)

Fed up with jihadis driving car bombs to their stations, the Iraqi Police excercise the "Sheep Option".

Spain makes good on it effo... (Below threshold)

Spain makes good on it efforts to appease the anti-violence crowd.

It reminds me of the $6M Do... (Below threshold)
Bob Rahm:

It reminds me of the $6M Dollar Man episode where Oscar says to the Nun shepherds "Let's get the flock out of here" or something to that effect.

"You will let me kno... (Below threshold)

"You will let me know when the lambs stop screaming, won't you, Clarice?"

Frustrated with the DLC's c... (Below threshold)

Frustrated with the DLC's continual appeasement of the right wing, Markos Zuniga unleashes his own "Final Solution" againts the DLC as they drive away from their latest meeting.

After the Kelo decision, So... (Below threshold)

After the Kelo decision, Souter sent his minions to begin fleecing the good people of this small town.


Millions of willing contestants "flocked" to the set of the new "the Bachelor" spinoff Arab reality TV show.


...The Amazing "Sheep Push ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

...The Amazing "Sheep Push 5000"! Todays answer to those spiralling gas prices.

I said cheap alternative fu... (Below threshold)

I said cheap alternative fuel source, dummy!

Code Pink has rounded up al... (Below threshold)

Code Pink has rounded up all of their supporters for a massive demonstration at Walter Reed Hospital.

Motorists on Causeway Stree... (Below threshold)

Motorists on Causeway Street in Boston found themselved delayed yesterday as delegates made their way into the Democrtaic National Convention at the Fleet Center across the street.

I'm pretty sure there isn't... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure there isn't any more caption needed for this picture, except for the word, "Iraq."

Hey Jaaaaaaaay and Kevin, W... (Below threshold)

Hey Jaaaaaaaay and Kevin, Which one of those is your girlfriend?

An angry customer, disappoi... (Below threshold)

An angry customer, disappointed with what was promised to be "the best night's sleep you'll ever have", decides to take his revenge by driving his vehicle full-force into the Serta sheep during a new commercial shooting. He is reported to have screamed while ramming his car into the herd, "Pull the wool over my eyes, will you?"

Aventura, FL (UPYOURS) - Up... (Below threshold)

Aventura, FL (UPYOURS) - Up Yours News Staff Reporter

The sheep farmer near the posh Pritkin Logevity Center, estimated cost $3800.00/week was quoted as saying, "I just couldn't stop them, I heard dem crying and there was dis huge mass covered in blood an wool wandering in the darkness of the flock. Once there was a bellow of MUTTON,
Bwahahahaha, MUTTON NOW...and de sheep, dey just bolted."

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... (Below threshold)


I didn't know Osama had tha... (Below threshold)

I didn't know Osama had that many wives.

"The traffic on the Norther... (Below threshold)

"The traffic on the Northern Migrationway is just horrible, folks. It's noses to backsides as far as the eye can see."

(With apologies to Gary Larson for a paraphrase from memory)

"As Bob found his car drive... (Below threshold)

"As Bob found his car driven to the shoulder of the road, he realized that the song 'Woolly Bully' would never have the same, innocent meaning to him again."

"Up with sheeple!" <p... (Below threshold)

"Up with sheeple!"


"Sheep sales by the seashore shaping up"

Not a pack, but a herd...</... (Below threshold)

Not a pack, but a herd...

"Tragedy on the interstate ... (Below threshold)

"Tragedy on the interstate today as dozens of cars careened off the road...no skid marks as the drivers were all asleep at the wheel"


Driving through the Democra... (Below threshold)

Driving through the Democratic Underground

HILLBILLY PROST... (Below threshold)


thousands of admiring young... (Below threshold)

thousands of admiring young female fans flock to get a look at the new Dodge RAM.

(AP) Ronco introduce... (Below threshold)

(AP) Ronco introduces it's new IED defeating, explosion absorbing, self sustaining and biodegradeable device.

Scientists from the <a href... (Below threshold)

Scientists from the Roslin Institute in Scotland return from a week long conference realizing they forgot to turn off the cloning machine before leaving.

Hello Dollies!... (Below threshold)

Hello Dollies!

This picture shows exactly ... (Below threshold)

This picture shows exactly what intelligent people think about Micheal Moore fans.

Recent photo re-enactment t... (Below threshold)

Recent photo re-enactment to determine the length of lens used to shoot the famous news photo of terrorists killing Iraqi's on a busy boulevard: Thousands of sheep were added to give a precise perspective to determine factors such as depth of field, width of field, feeblebletzer setting, and circles of confusion.

Douglas, AZ: Minute Man pr... (Below threshold)

Douglas, AZ: Minute Man project success forces illegal alien’s to use Government supplied disguises.

In this FEMA instructional ... (Below threshold)

In this FEMA instructional video we can clearly see that a car can be swept away in heartbeat by a mere 2 feet of sheep, so for heaven's sake, people, seek higher ground and don't try to cross a herd of sheep in your car!

Betcha didn't know that Mov... (Below threshold)

Betcha didn't know that MoveOn.org even HAD an annual convention.

"I thought this was COW Ham... (Below threshold)

"I thought this was COW Hampshire!"

1) It's Sheeple! SHEEPLE!</... (Below threshold)

1) It's Sheeple! SHEEPLE!

2) "Morning Sam." "Morning Ralph."

3) City planners soon regretted converting the carpool lane to a lanolin lane.

4) Baats Dots.

5) After this, road rage was to guaranteed when the oldies radio station played "Wooly Bully".

1) One-occupant vehicles we... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

1) One-occupant vehicles were warned to stay out of the sheep-dip lane.

2) The Cattlemen's Association tried to warn the town that sheep would eat the traffic signs down to the ground, but nobody would listen.

3) "We're from the Geek Squad. Who called about the problem with the anthrax virus ?"

Lamb jam ahead...Now you kn... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Lamb jam ahead...Now you know why they cloned us first.

"She's Baaaaack"...Cindy Sh... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"She's Baaaaack"...Cindy Sheehan leads the motorcade back to Tent City. Al Sheepton and his followers gather to "bleat" her return...

Fox News' remaining ... (Below threshold)

Fox News' remaining viewers continue to watch for developments in Aru-b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a.

An unlikely species dominat... (Below threshold)

An unlikely species dominates the world after global warming and bird flu devastate the ecosystem...

Employees clog the streets ... (Below threshold)

Employees clog the streets during the opening day "buy one get one" celebrations at the Zarqawi Jihadist Brothel.

Surprised motorists suddenl... (Below threshold)

Surprised motorists suddenly find themselves in deep sheep.

The world's sheep descent o... (Below threshold)

The world's sheep descent on the UN to demand an end to detailing.

STAMPEDE! <... (Below threshold)


Mary (on cell phone);"You s... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Mary (on cell phone);"You said the Manger Motel was next to the BIG SHEEP shopping center,but this...
Joseph (in 2nd car): "Just shut up and keep driving".

"Killer sheep" were ... (Below threshold)

"Killer sheep" were yet another portent of the End of Days...

Bloggers driving through th... (Below threshold)

Bloggers driving through the MSM

Million Sheep March<p... (Below threshold)

Million Sheep March

One million sheep gather at Crawford Ranch to protest Cindy Shearhan.

Local sheep fled en masse w... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Local sheep fled en masse when they heard that local Muslims had run out of the virgin goats used for "temporary wives."

How the Left views America:... (Below threshold)

How the Left views America:

They know where they want to go, but all these stupid sheep keep getting in the way.

Wyoming is where men are me... (Below threshold)

Wyoming is where men are men and Montana is where the sheep are nervous

Captioneers really turn out... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Captioneers really turn out at Wizbang on Fridays.

Lacking the intestinal fort... (Below threshold)

Lacking the intestinal fortitude to "Run with the Bulls," Jody opts for the lesser-known "Drive with the Sheep."

Stung by the failure of rec... (Below threshold)

Stung by the failure of recent tactics, radical Islamicists unveil a horrible new strategy: eweicide bombers.

Hello Dolly... SPLA... (Below threshold)
Ethan Rudd:

Hello Dolly... SPLAT! Goodbye Dolly.

Thousands flock to Massachu... (Below threshold)

Thousands flock to Massachusetts after a federal judge once again expands the definition of marriage.

Public Enemy's comeback alb... (Below threshold)

Public Enemy's comeback album, It Takes a Nation of Dozens of Sheep to Block Our Road (see cover, above), was met with underwhelming reviews, and dismal sales.

Things were so bad that the single, "Wut dat Scottish Farmer Done", meant as an allegory of white farmers oppressing blacks (and livestock) the world over, failed to sell even a single copy.

Alfred Hitchcock's estate i... (Below threshold)

Alfred Hitchcock's estate is finally permitting filming of his most prized, yet unmade, script.

"We block cars, so you don'... (Below threshold)

"We block cars, so you don't have toooooo..."

"Country Roads, take me hom... (Below threshold)

"Country Roads, take me home, to the plaaaace I belong...


Up Sheep's Creek without a ... (Below threshold)

Up Sheep's Creek without a Paddle.

The Shepherd thought he hea... (Below threshold)

The Shepherd thought he heard that "the Sheepers" were countering the Code Pinkos at Walter Reed"

Outside the premier of the ... (Below threshold)

Outside the premier of the new Michael Moore movie.

Hearing that the Democratic... (Below threshold)

Hearing that the Democratic party needed some more voters, Farmer Bill, left the gate to his sheep pen open overnight.

- Mutton Migration... (Below threshold)

- Mutton Migration

- Mutton Mayhem

- Driving the second car, Jeff Foxworthy thinks to himself, "If I stomp on the accelerator, then I can have lamb chops for supper tonight."

- Traffic Reporter on the Radio (speaking with a Scottish accent): "There be mutton but trouble on the Highland Expressway, as a ewe-haul truck has overturned, spilling its cargo."

Got GEICO ?... (Below threshold)


Sheenan? Oh - we thought y... (Below threshold)

Sheenan? Oh - we thought you said Sheep 'em.

Sheenan? Oh - we thought y... (Below threshold)

Sheenan? Oh - we thought you said Sheep 'em.


New Zealand water-saver carwash and polish.

"Sheets you idiot, I said: ... (Below threshold)

"Sheets you idiot, I said: get me lots of sheets!"

"Dang it, they're shooting ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Dang it, they're shooting a Sealy-Posturepedic ad on my street again."

"One. . . two . . . three .... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"One. . . two . . . three . . . Jees, why do I feel so tired all of a sudden?"

Hey Cindy!!!! Shutup and ge... (Below threshold)

Hey Cindy!!!! Shutup and get the flock off my ranch

"Mom? is that ewe?"... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Mom? is that ewe?"

Upon arriving in the great ... (Below threshold)

Upon arriving in the great beyond, Muhammad and Omar felt hopelessly duped regarding the 72 virgins they had been promised.

- Serta employees try to cr... (Below threshold)

- Serta employees try to cross the picket line at the Serta mattress factory.

- Female driver on cell phone: " Hello. Babe the Pig? Are you busy?"

- Male driver on cell phone: "Hello. Road Kill Cafe? How much do you pay for fresh meat?"

Background song: Can't Take... (Below threshold)

Background song: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of Ewe






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