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And people wonder why I use the term "Massholes"

Last week, I pulled into a southern New Hampshire convenience store (well, a parking space, not the store itself) for a quick soda. As I stopped, I noticed an elderly woman in the passenger seat in the car next to me rubbing a scratch ticket. And as I got out, she tore the presumably losing ticket in half and tossed the pieces out the window, landing at my feet.

I glared at her, picked them up without a word, took them all of three steps to a trash can, and tossed them away.

As I gave her one final glare, the old bat looked a smidgen bashful. "Thank you," she called.

"You're not welcome."

As she was driven off, I noticed the car had Massachusetts plates.

Gee, what a surprise.

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Are you SURE it was a losin... (Below threshold)

Are you SURE it was a losing ticket, Jay Tea? Maybe she was trying to be an anonymous philanthropist.

I have the same feeling abo... (Below threshold)

I have the same feeling about people from Johnson County Kansas.

Kansas has the county on the plates. Seeing a JO explains a lot about their bad driving.

Unfortunately this is commo... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately this is common on both sides of the NH MA border, then again i bet it is common in most places. People always toss trash on the ground which is pretty lame

Oh Jay get over your high a... (Below threshold)

Oh Jay get over your high and mighty self! Like littering is only done by Massachusetts residents. I moved to Mass. 4 years ago and there are alot of things I dislike about this state and I don't plan on staying here. But your self-righteous arrogance to your neighbor to the south is just way to over the top.

I expect another blog entry crying foul when someone with a New Hampshire plate throws their cigarette out the window in front you on the road.
Give me a break, what a useless blog entry this is.

Ya jeez Jay.... (Below threshold)

Ya jeez Jay.

Jay how dare you cri... (Below threshold)

Jay how dare you criticize a citizen of the most liberal state in the union for polluting!

That's just beyond the pale!

Think about it...Massachuse... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Think about it...Massachusetts...France...have you ever seen them together in the same place at the same time?


I think not.

And what do those Mass. lib... (Below threshold)

And what do those Mass. liberals do with their old bumper stickers? Answer: they leave them on as symbols of their wisdom and tributes (like gravestones)to the trees that had to be cut down to advertise their moral superiority!






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