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A partisan catastrophe?

There's a part of me that sees everything in a political context. Fortunately, I can often suppress that part when I think it's inappropriate. With Hurricane Katrina, I caught myself idly speculating on what various factions would make of it.

Would the terrorists say that it was Allah's wrath for our actions in Iraq and our support of Israel? Would noted asshole Fred Phelps say it was God punishing us for tolerating homosexuals? Or would Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell liken it to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, since New Orleans is such a sinful, decadent place?

Nah. One of the most powerful hurricanes in history is about to hit the absolutely most vulnerable part of the United States, and it's all Bush's fault.

(Thanks to Cardinals Nation for the tip. Sir, you have a far stronger stomach than I do to find that.)

Paul Adds: Actually if the dumbass used google news they would have known the Guard is in the Superdome. (among other places)


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Comments (28)

Well, of course. This is g... (Below threshold)

Well, of course. This is glitch in the infamous Bush Tsunami machine. He should get it fixed within a few weeks.

I'm a libertarian, and I de... (Below threshold)

I'm a libertarian, and I despise Bush for how much farther to the left he has governed than Clinton, yet even I wouldn't blame him for anything related to this hurricane. I've lived in hurricane-affected areas and you do that knowing what can happen. If you live in a hurricane-affected area AND one that's near a flood plain... then my friend, you get whatever is coming to you.

What I don't get is why you need a strong stomach to read the occassional rant on Kos by the moonbats. These people tend to be mental abortions and if you read them as such then there is nothing out of the ordinary. Socialism is a pathology, not a legitimate idea.

Tee-hee-hee, those Kos folk... (Below threshold)

Tee-hee-hee, those Kos folks are FUNNY!! :-)

Wow . . . just wow.<p... (Below threshold)

Wow . . . just wow.

However, I've been watching WWL (New Orleans CBS affiliate which is streaming live on the web), and what do they keep talking about? The National Guard which is out patrolling the streets, helping to keep order. They are currently setting up shop in the Superdome to assist with everything.

Thus, I call major BS on Kos's minions. Not only are they taking a bizarre swipe at Bush, the swipe isn't even true.

I just read some posts on ... (Below threshold)

I just read some posts on the DK site. Are there really people this dumb?

Obviously, this is Rove's d... (Below threshold)

Obviously, this is Rove's doing.

The only way to get the liberal MSM off the Cindy Sheehan story was to give them an even bigger story full of hot air.

I've been watching the same... (Below threshold)

I've been watching the same thing B. Minich, PI has - and I also call major BS on the Kosites. There are plenty of National Guard in New Orleans (and, considering the strength of the storm -they are seriously in harms way).

Porkopolis - thanks, I needed a chuckle - even if it's black humor.

I'm sure they're expecting ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they're expecting Bush to go personally to New Orleans and command the storm to turn around and blow harmlessly out to sea. And if that fails, maybe they hope his sacrifice will placate Gaia and cause Her to spare the lives of all those people who share Her seething hatred of Chimpy McSmirk.

I shouldn't have clicked the Kos link -- if I want to lose brain cells, Spongebob Squarepants is much more entertaining, and cheaper than booze.

Nah. The hurricane is God'... (Below threshold)

Nah. The hurricane is God's way of punishing us for tolerating Fred Phelps.

I wonder if that fat slob, ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if that fat slob, James Wolcott - "I root for hurricanes" - has anything comment to make at his time?

strike "anything", make th... (Below threshold)

strike "anything", make that "any".

Haste makes waste.

Can they kindly hold off on... (Below threshold)

Can they kindly hold off on the politicizing until I find out just how many friends, co-workers, and relatives of mine are killed by this thing?

I personally like the comme... (Below threshold)

I personally like the comment about them helping fill sandbags. As if sandbags are going to help in a category 5 hurricane. Heh.

OK, so now I've seen a stor... (Below threshold)

OK, so now I've seen a story that not only is the National Guard at the Superdome, but they brought 360,000 MREs and water.

Nice work, Kosites.

it is not HIS fault. It is ... (Below threshold)
jason newcomb:

it is not HIS fault. It is MY fault.

I heard they were worried a... (Below threshold)

I heard they were worried about 30 foot storm surges. I don't think the NG could stack sandbags that high that fast. I don't think a wall of sandbags that high would hold. Where would they get that much sand?

Is the Sugar Bowl above flood level? If not, does it float?

Personally, I blame the Army Corps of Engineers who gave people the confidence that they could live beneath the river and not get flooded.

Uh, that Kos post you link ... (Below threshold)

Uh, that Kos post you link to doesn't blame Bush for the hurricane at all, it just supposes that more Guard members would be available if they weren't over fighting in Iraq.

While the Kos poster's logic may be faulty, yours is faulty as well for suggesting what you do.

Sounds like the same old ha... (Below threshold)
Otis Wildflower:

Sounds like the same old hackneyed mindset that would cry "Reagandiddit" whenever someone stubbed their toe or a pet was run over by a car... How juvenile.

I guess Bush is more like Reagan than we thought...

You guys have clearly forgo... (Below threshold)

You guys have clearly forgotten Karl Rove's Super-Secret Time Machine(TM) [SSTM]. Karl went waay back and started the Industrial Revolution--see, it's always Halliburton!. That started the CO2 thing, which lead to global warming, which lead to catastrophic hurricanes every other week.

It was only THEN that he had the gall to pull the NG out of LA to make the Democrats, the poor, and the undocumented aliens suffer this untoward fate.

[You really have to remember to collect and send in your Ted Rall Crypto-Comics. THEN you'll get the "reality based community" cluebook.)

McGeehee: that'd never happ... (Below threshold)

McGeehee: that'd never happen. They wouldn't trust him to not redirect the storm to Cuba and make it sit there for a year or two.

This post has been cited on... (Below threshold)

This post has been cited on Blogcritics in my Weekly BlogScan (this week titled "Katrina and the Mother of all Spin"). To view the citation, or add comments, join us at Blogcritics:


I am just glad there's no "... (Below threshold)
Sue Leitner:

I am just glad there's no "enemy" that we can go to war with over this one. Unless finally they shed their skins and go after gawwwd.

"New Orleans has a D... (Below threshold)
Christy Wilkinson:

"New Orleans has a Democrat Mayor, a Democrat City Council, and a Democrat Chief of Police."

Louisiana has a Democrat Governor, a Democrat Lt. Governor, a Democrat Attorney General; 24 of 39 Louisiana State Senators are Democrat, 67 of 105 Louisiana State House of Representatives are Democrat, there's a Democrat Representative in the House from New Orleans, and one of two Senators in the Senate is a Democrat."


You right wingers will neve... (Below threshold)

You right wingers will never admit the government screwed up! You are brainwashed by Rush and Fox News!
Im sure you wont print this.

I'm just waiting for the cr... (Below threshold)
Jamaal Bolden:

I'm just waiting for the critics to come out after Rita blows through. I can hear it now, "Well things didn't go so bad for Texas because it's Bush's home state."

Now here's something you pr... (Below threshold)

Now here's something you probably didn't know about Louisiana and Hurricane Katrina. At the very time Katrina was bearing down on New Orleans, there were several top-level officials in the very department of Louisiana government that prepares for emergencies such as Katrina sitting around and waiting for their trial. Trial, you say? Trial for what? Let's try corruption and throw in a bit of fraud.

It seems that these Louisiana officials either misspent or misplaced or ... worse ... about 60 million federal taxpayer bucks. Here are some details ...

In March of this year -- that's about five months before Katrina -- FEMA was asking for the return of $30.4 million that the federal government had sent to Louisiana for emergency planning and preparedness. Most of this money was sent to some state office called the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Wait .. it gets worse......

According to the Los Angeles Times, much of that money was sent to Louisiana under some federal program called the Hazard Mitigation Grant program. That is a program that is, in part, supposed to help states improve flood control facilities. Flood? Did someone say flood? Hazard mitigation would have been a great idea in New Orleans, don't you think? Especially that "improve flood control facilities" part, but nobody seems to know where the money went! OK ... let's follow the trail of $15.4 million dollars that was spent by the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. The $15.4 million was part of a $40.5 million grant of your money that was sent to Louisiana for the Hazard Mitigation Program. You know ... flood control and all that.

Oops! Hold on a second here. My bad. It seems we can't follow that $15.4 million.. You see, the Louisiana officials say that they awarded that money to subcontractors for 19 major hazard mitigation programs, but they just can't seem to find any receipts to account of 97% of the funds. Ninety-seven percent of $15.4 million, my friends. No receipts. That's $14.94 million .. gone, and nobody can trace it.

Do any of you think that something good might have been done with some of this money? Lives saved? Flooding prevented? If you're thinking that, remember ... we're talking Hurricane Katrina here, and we all know that every bad thing that happened in Hurricane Katrina was --- all together now ---- Bush's Fault!

Perhaps if these Louisiana officials ever actually go to trial now they will be able to use the "Blame Bush" defense.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL .....Let's see ... what else have we learned in the past week about the response to Katrina.

Doctors from across the United States poured into Louisiana to offer their services in shelters and hospitals treating Katrina's victims. They could do nothing. They just sat. You see, they weren't licensed to practice medicine in Louisiana. It took the amazing Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, five days to sign a waiver to allow these doctors to practice medicine in Louisiana. Five days....while people were suffering and dying.

Don't blame Blanco, though. It was clearly Bush's fault.

And, clearly NONE of the blame can be placed on New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin even though on the Saturday before the hurricane New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin received a call from Amtrak. There was a passenger train sitting in the New Orleans station with 900 empty seats. Did the Mayor want to put some evacuees in those seats? No thanks. The train left nearly empty. But of course, you cannot blame Mayor Nagin for this decision, that clearly would be racist. It just has to be Bush's fault.

In 1997 the U.S. Congress appropriated $500,000 of your money -- not federal money, taxpayer's money -- to the State of Louisiana. The money was set aside to create a "comprehensive analysis and plan of all evacuation alternatives for New Orleans." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the big deal here, isn't it? New Orleans didn't get evacuated, right? Well, for two years nothing happened. Then the Congress demanded of Louisiana a plan for evacuation in the event of a category 3 storm, a levee break, a flood or some other natural disaster. The $500,000 of your money got to Louisiana ....but then what? It was spent by the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission, not on an evacuation plan, but things that needed to be done to the Lake Pontchartrain causeway over the next fifteen years or so. And what does the incredible Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness have to say about the funds and the causeway study? The spokesman says that they can't find any information.

Actually, we shouldn't be holding the Louisiana emergency preparedness folks or the stateresponsible for this....not when we all know it was Bush's fault.

Check out a site dedicated ... (Below threshold)

Check out a site dedicated to the absurdity of saying "It's All George Bush's Fault!"


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