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Back In The Saddle Again...

My long family nightmare vacation is over, and we're all home again safe and sound. Did I miss anything while I was gone?

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Nope! Not a thing!... (Below threshold)

Nope! Not a thing!

::quick, Jay, put the llama in a dress!::

::Kevin's back? Crap, I tho... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

::Kevin's back? Crap, I thought we had until this evening!::
Welcome home, chief! Hope you had a grand time!

::Jewels, I got the llama covered -- literally. You restock the liquor cabinet -- just top off the bottles with tap water until we can get to a liquor store. I'll try to get the kittens un-velcroed from the ceiling. And do you know a good place to get the smell of all those sheep out of his carpet?::


Speaking of safe and sound,... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Speaking of safe and sound,
any word on Paul vs. Katrina to date?

Paul and Katrina are dating... (Below threshold)

Paul and Katrina are dating?

The things I miss by dragging a keg into the basement and locking the door.






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