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Beating a dead horse

A few weeks ago, a New Hampshire judge ruled to dismiss criminal trespass charges against some illegal aliens, saying that prior court rulings had determined that only the federal government has the authority to enforce immigration laws.

That didn't sit well with a lot of people, myself included. But apparently a few other people who didn't like it also happen to be New Hampshire legislators, and they can do a few more things I can't. Not only can they drive through state toll booths without paying, they can also lean on the governor when they feel the need. And this is apparently one of those times -- they want him to get the Attorney General to appeal the judge's decision.

I don't hold out much hope for that, but I wish them well.

On a possibly related note, yesterday Mr. Duckie and I went on another sojourn -- this one to Merrimack, New Hampshire, where once again his youth and lack of proper ID kept him from properly enjoying the experience. I'll talk about that later, but on the way back he spotted a sign that got him rather irate. He insisted on posing for pictures with the sign, complaining loudly about his lack of a proper digestive and excretory system.

I couldn't quite place the name he recognized, but it seemed awfully familiar...

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(Your "familiar..." link do... (Below threshold)

(Your "familiar..." link doesn't work. You forgot to start it with "http://")

Whoops... thanks, Sean. Lin... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Whoops... thanks, Sean. Link fixed now.


You're welcome. Hey, J, as ... (Below threshold)

You're welcome. Hey, J, as long as we're the only two people awake this morning, I invite you to read News 9 hates homeschoolers. It's brutally funny.

<a href='http://hayworth.ho... (Below threshold)

J.D. Hayworth of Arizona is said to be preparing legislation that would allow governors to mobilize the national guard to assist in border matters.

I hope Mr. Ramirez, with al... (Below threshold)

I hope Mr. Ramirez, with all his notoriety, has been noticed by ICE and readied for expedited deportation. As such, we can afford to lose all these piddly cases if we can get ICE to do its job. If they catch them with fraudulent ID, they should be able to make the case stick.

I hope Mr. Ramirez, with... (Below threshold)

I hope Mr. Ramirez, with all his notoriety, has been noticed by ICE and readied for expedited deportation.

I wouldn't count on it. Operative passage excerpted below:

[Coweta County (Ga.) Sheriff Mike] Yeager said when he has illegal immigrants and calls federal authorities, it doesn’t do much good. “One time they told us don’t call unless you get a busload full. Well, one day on the interstate, there was a broken down bus full of illegal immigrants. But the feds still wouldn’t come down and deport them."

One man, but not a busload? Sorry, I just don't think so.

The whole damn department needs to be cashiered, I'm thinking.






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