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How do you say "don't mess with Texas" in Spanish?

Never mind. I don't think it translates.

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I agree the immigran... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

I agree the immigrants need to learn English, seems to me if the teachers learned a little Spanish it could help this process along.

How quick would the ACLU an... (Below threshold)

How quick would the ACLU and every liberal we-know-better-than-you group respond if there was ever implemented anywhere a requirement to learn English or lose your job?!?!? Don't hold your breath for such America hating groups to complain about a learn Spanish or be fired policy.

"¡No moleste Texas!" is abo... (Below threshold)

"¡No moleste Texas!" is about as close as you can get.

"Don't hold your bre... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

"Don't hold your breath for such America hating groups to complain about a learn Spanish or be fired policy."

Actually I am half-expecting the NEA to do just that.

Better to have english spea... (Below threshold)

Better to have english speaking admins learn spanish than the other way around. The Superintendent of the Lawrence (MA) school system has flunked his english competency exam five times. Still has his six-figure salary in the worst performing school district in the state, though.

Better to have pupils and e... (Below threshold)

Better to have pupils and employees learn English and then communicate in English in the United States of America. If people can't learn English, just as when someone couldn't learn to spell, read, master basic math and such, show up for work on time, fill out a job application such that whoever was reading it could understand it, all of these basics, then they belong in substandard societies and/or "special needs" educational and/or employee programs.

What these types of demands (Dallas Educational...) are creating is the extension of third world conditions into the U.S., and ensuring that they extend further once a foothold of third-world conditions begin.

It's a disservice to immigrants. They only benefit by acclimating as quickly as possible and in many locales nationwide, you can enroll in English language communication-basics courses free of charge.

Dallas PROBABLY has a lot o... (Below threshold)

Dallas PROBABLY has a lot of third world immigrant children enrolled and their achievement stats are falling behind. Thus, rather than improve the learning curve, they're demanding the learning curve accommodate the poor achievements.

Why isn't this school board "demanding" that English language classes be ramped up and available as often as possible to as many children as possible in their district?

One more reason for Dallas ... (Below threshold)

One more reason for Dallas citizens who love freedom to move to good ol' Fort Worth.
I read crap like this and love my hometown even more.






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