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Respecting Cindy Sheehan

One thing I've noticed is that Cindy Sheehan is getting treated quite poorly by most people talking about her. I'd like to change that.

Most of the coverage she has received, along with most of her supporters, spend nearly all their effort on discussing WHO she is and WHAT she has experienced, but give short shrift to what she actually says. I think that's unfair; she has stated, clearly and repeatedly, her beliefs and opinions, and they should not get such short shrift.

Mrs. Sheehan says she wants a one-on-one, face-to-face meeting with President Bush. She says she wants to ask him "what noble cause" her son's death served.

But while she's there, perhaps she'll take a moment or two to bring up a couple of other matters. She might ask President Bush why he's the "biggest terrorist in the world." She could inquire why he "and his indecent bandits traitorously had intelligence fabricated."

Maybe she can discuss jsut who we're fighting in Iraq? You know, the ones who killed her son? Are they terrorists or "freedom fighters?" And does she really believe that "America has been killing people on this continent since it was started. This country is not worth dying for."?

And while she has the "lying bastard" and "maniac's" undivided attention, she might bring up her solution to the Middle East problem -- "you get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism."

Let's look at that last one a little more closely. according to her allies and hosts at Crawford Peace House, "Palestine" is defined as all the land between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean -- in other words, all of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Israel itself. So her solution would seem to be to cut and run Iraq, abandon all those Iraqis who have pinned their hopes for freedom on us, and -- oh, yeah -- let the Israelis be either slaughtered or driven into the sea.

Mrs. Sheehan has suffered a great loss, and as a nation we should honor that and respect her. But that does not give any special credibility or authority or legitimacy. Her ideas should be looked at objectively, and evaluated fairly and honestly.

And in that light, her own words do a far fairer job of discrediting her cause than I could -- or would -- ever do.

(Tip of the hat to Dave Kopel, whose Volokh Conspiracy citation of his column for the Rocky Mountain News inspired this piece. I didn't read the actual column until after I wrote the above, but I'm glad to see that I didn't inadvertently plagiarize the essence of his piece.)


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Watch what happens: as the ... (Below threshold)

Watch what happens: as the August news vacuum fills with the Roberts nomination or the Iraq constitution drama and Sheehan's bit get tired, she'll have to resort to increasingly shrill statements to get media attention.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

I've gone from believeing s... (Below threshold)

I've gone from believeing she was a grieving mother who was misguided at worst and taken advantage of by the left to outright believeing she's been a part of that left all along and is actually happy her son died so she would have something to rail at Bush about.

Frankly, she could walk over her son's grave and piss on it and that would be a step up from the crap she's pulling right now.

Yes, I really did say I've come to believe she is actually pleased her son died. That's the way she is acting.

I agree. It would be better... (Below threshold)

I agree. It would be better for Ms. Sheehan's cause if she stayed out of solutions that drive away peace. The world needs peace. I did not believe we, the USA, were mean't to be in Iraq or Vietnam. The USA made it worse. Once a party has put them inside the middle they are in and can not just bail out irresponsibly. I commented about this 'Sheehan at Crawford' event from a marketing point of view. If truly Ms. Sheenan's cause is peace then it is a valid cause.
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As for the Peace that we all seek I am in total agreement with Jon Kabat-Zinn:
"The disease wasn't really in Vietnam, or at least not the disease we needed to concern ourselves with. It was in our way of seeing. It was in ourselves and in our fear. It still is."
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Jay, Oops. I tra... (Below threshold)


Oops. I trackbacked to the wrong post. Please delete.

Cindy Sheehan has made no s... (Below threshold)

Cindy Sheehan has made no sacrifice. Her adult son did. Cindy Sheehan has allowed her grief to be pimped to attack a president that the left can't believe is in the White House.
Facts and reason mean nothing to this group of people. Cindy Sheehan jumped the shark when she went ahead and took some pages from Osama Bin Laden's writings! Her racist belief (out of her own mouth) that this war is being fought at the behest of Jews and that America is a nation that celebrates genocide.
I have NO respect for Cindy Sheehan now, she is a vile, racist, simpering bigot. She has made no sacrifice.
I respect her son and HIS sacrifice for this country.

The world needs peace. I... (Below threshold)

The world needs peace. I did not believe we, the USA, were mean't to be in Iraq or Vietnam.

Hello! There is a war on. A global war that you seemed to have failed to notice. 30 years of escalating systematic terrorism.......the Munich Olympics, 9/11, the USS Cole, the Beirut embassy bombing, Beslan, Madrid, London, Bali, not in any order and with so many incidents omitted.

I don't believe that the US was meant to have 3000 innocent citizens snuffed to ashes in a few hours on a beautiful September morning.

Why don't you try to find OBL's and a few of the Islamofascist head honcho's unlisted cell phone numbers and spin that past them - about peace, I mean?

We are meant to be where ever it is expedient for us to be if we hope to destroy this toxic evil and protect ourselves.

to those of you who say "th... (Below threshold)

to those of you who say "there's a war going on"...and that's why it's necessary to villify Cindy Sheehan and say utterly stupid things like she's glad her son is dead....that statement suggests to me less than a strong grip on reality...and those of you who ignore the fact she represents the sacrifice most pro-war cheerleaders have not made (let's have a show of hands here...who here has a family member in Iraq? ok, who of troop age who supports this war has signed up for this noble cause? why not? what are you waiting for, the rapture?) ok...let's take a trip to what certain 180 degree heros of the right were saying during Bosnia:

"You can support the troops but not the president."
--Rep Tom Delay (R-TX)

"Explain to the mothers and fathers of American servicemen that may come home in body bags why their son or daughter have to give up their life."
--Sean Hannity, Fox News, 4/6/99

Why, Hannity appears to be channeling Cindy Sheehan. That's her exact question that caused this whole situation. Hannity must wish his family was dead so he could exploit them. Dontcha think?

Here's one last one for you.

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is."
--Governor George W. Bush (R-TX)

Too bad he couldn't take his own advice. We might have won this war.

Good post, Jay.As lo... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Good post, Jay.
As long as she's conversing with the President (again), maybe he will get to ask her some questions, too. Conversation is a two-way street, after all.:
Dubya: 'So, these people who killed your son, they're terrorists.'
Cindy: nope. freedom fighters.
Dubya: 'And you're saying the terrorists are freedom fighters?'
Cindy: yeah, freedom fighters.
Dubya: 'And they are fighting for Freedom'
Cindy: yeah.
Dubya: 'Against your own son.'
Cindy: yeah.
Dubya: 'Therefore your son was not fighting for freedom.'
Cindy: yeah...er, wait...
Dubya: 'So the terrorists are freedom fighters who killed your own son who was fighting against freedom. Your own son was fighting a war on the side of tyranny.

Is there a worse thing you can say about your own son?'
cindy: uh, my son was an infant who was duped by you evil people. wait...my 'consultants' are wildly waving me over...I'll be right back...but remember, I Support The Troops But Not The War.

Dubya: 'Sure you do, Cindy. Sure you do.'

Pissing on her own son's grave, indeed.

JackLegged, have mercy -- w... (Below threshold)

JackLegged, have mercy -- what did that poor dead horse ever do to you?

The Left is adept at findin... (Below threshold)

The Left is adept at finding Useful Idiots. They've been perfecting the art since Lenin's time.

One only has to look at the behavior of Paul Wellstone's sons at that disgrace of a public funeral to see how easy it is to manipulate the shallow and dimwitted among us.

Cindy's little group of moonbats will be encamped as long as the funds and MSM stick around. But, then again, it might fizzle sooner if they can't come up with heavy hitters better than Joan Baez and Al Sharpton.

.....and those of you wh... (Below threshold)

.....and those of you who ignore the fact she represents the sacrifice most pro-war cheerleaders have not made (let's have a show of hands here...who here has a family member in Iraq? ok

She made a sacrifice? come again? She never left her living room. Her son did though.

Too bad he couldn't take his own advice. We might have won this war.

Who said we "lost'? Nothing is over until the Fat Lady sings. War is a process, my friend. There is no evidence we've lost.

"and those of you who ignor... (Below threshold)

"and those of you who ignore the fact she represents the sacrifice most pro-war cheerleaders have not made"

Sorry Jacklegged, know your audience before you make a statement. I DO have relatives there. I have had a relative die there. *I* was there the first time around.

Her son left a legacy to be proud of.

She has shit upon that legacy. She is not expressing her grief. She is exploiting her son's death for her own infamy, her own political agenda and her own bigoted, racist beliefs. I have a far firmer grip on reality than the likes of her and her new corwd of "friends".

I've seen her do her little staged daily event of crocodile tears as she pauses at her son's "cross" and poses for the cameras....and 5 minutes later laughing and bragging about the latest count on the dollars collected.

It's pretty plain to see she believes her son's death to be the best thing that's happened to her. I find her despizable to the utmost degree.

It'a not her anti-Bush (It's not anti-war since the same crowd supported Clinton's pre-emptive war for no reason in Kosovo) stance that has me feeling that way. She's free to believe that and speak of it.

But the blatant commercialization of her son's death as her own little publicity stunt is the action of sick, sick woman.

It's pretty plain to see... (Below threshold)

It's pretty plain to see she believes her son's death to be the best thing that's happened to her. I find her despizable to the utmost degree.

Amen, Faith+1

What mother upon the death of a child wouldn't naturally retreat to a sincere privacy zone to grieve? Who would find the energy to seek media attention with your kid dead unless you are a narcissist? There is a resonance to this hag's actions that doesn't ring true with normal mothers.

Like Wellstone's sons she is a shallow piece of work, ripe for exploitation. Even husband of many years finally walked from her pathology.

I think it's amazing that a... (Below threshold)

I think it's amazing that anyone could make the claim that a mother whose son is dead is happy he's dead over some political point.

I think I'm even shocked that none of you righteous folk found it necessary to say "wait a minute, that is totally insane." That's what a normal person would do.

I'm not shocked that not one of you picked up on the fact that Hannity should probably be marrying Cindy Sheehan, they're so closely aligned. Give or take a couple years and a political party. I understand. The truth is painful.

You're not christians, that much is obvious. Christ would turn his back on people who talk like you do. Who act so righteous and believe the kill is better than Christ's teachings. Those of you who obviously did NOT lose a family member, and yet have the audacity to claim that because she's just the mother, she made no sacrifice. You deserve to be in the line of fire if you're willing to make such an audacious statement.

You realize of course that those of you dumb enough to make claims that take all humanity out of Sheehan's situation are announcing loudly and clearly to the world that you're not particularly credible and your grasp on reality has been severed.

And those of you who think you can hide behind your token vet (nothing against the vet, mind you, and I am more than happy to extend my gratitude to any veteran, including you, sir, of any conflict the USA has been a part of - you see, perspective is a very powerful thing. People need to remember how important ALL the troops are to this country, regardless of how they felt about whatever conflict they were in) but frankly, anyone supporting this war belongs in Iraq. The quotas are not being made, folks. Your country needs you. How can you possibly tell anyone with a straight face that you fully support a war that you are too cowardly to be a part of? That lends itself to a bit of a credibility issue itself. Even the veteran - you need to go back.

But clearly, few of you are willing to answer that call even though you SAY that you understand that this war is important, necessary, VITAL to the United States. Get your yellow asses on the field and stand up for your noble cause. Your god will know how you handled the adversity when you show up at St. Pete's doorstep.

In the meantime, I can only pray for those of you who are so beyond the pale that you can't discern when you venture into thoroughly disgusting territory. You aren't going to win anyone over by showing your open disdain, whether or not you count one who's braindead among you. And your righteousness will not carry the day for you, either. You might laugh, but you will be laughing to each other and nobody else.

You represent a major problem in this country - unable to understand what drives the other side, unwilling to face reality, and more than willing to say you have god and country on your side. Those willing to dump on the true humanity involved in what's happening are not going to find anything positive coming out of the situation they have helped perpetuate through their purposeful ignorance.
It's going to be one hell of an interesting decade watching this country rip itself to shreds. Thanks in advance for your uncurious demeanor and your refusal to take action to back up your words.

And Bush said he was a "unifier". Anyone remember that line of crap? Here's your fucking unity.

Jaysus on a Pony, JackedUp,... (Below threshold)

Jaysus on a Pony, JackedUp, you sure got the Leftist cult marching orders memorized... let's see

Demand that anyone supporting the was HAS to have a family member there check
If they DO have a member there, then ridicule it as a "token" member... check
Then demand that any supporter HAS TO PERSONALLY be there, right now check
Make some nonsequitor general statements about Jesus Christ without ever knowing exactly what Christ preached check

Lordy, JackedUP, you hit 'em all. 'Mother' Sheehans minions will welcome you with open arms ...

but I'd opt for the toaster. It will last longer their their 'loyalty' and actually do something practical.


The quotas are not being... (Below threshold)

The quotas are not being made, folks. Your country needs you. How can you possibly tell anyone with a straight face that you fully support a war that you are too cowardly to be a part of?

Get a grip. That's a fatuous stupid assertion. For starters the armed forces have age and number restrictions. They don't and won't in the furture, because of modern technology, need as many boots on the ground as they did in past wars. And we aren't fighting the WOT with marching armies and armoured divisions against armoured divisions as in WWII. The quotas are being made. Get your facts straight.

So play your dumb chickenhawk challenge to mindless idiots like yourself. It ain't working here.

....unable to understand what drives the other side...

Like I care. My parents never pondered a moment Hitler's or his apologists inner issues.

Cindy Sheehan presumes to speak for her son. He isn't here to defend his honor or speak of his convictions which were quite obviously in support of Bush's military plan. The military is voluntary. He enlisted, then re-enlisted. His decision was made as an adult. Mom's a vulture picking at his bones and preening for the camera.

But clearly, few of y... (Below threshold)

But clearly, few of you are willing to answer that call even though you SAY that you understand that this war is important, necessary, VITAL to the United States. Get your yellow asses on the field and stand up for your noble cause. Your god will know how you handled the adversity when you show up at St. Pete's doorstep.

I trust you are making plans to be a human shield in Iraq or Iran? And you imply that you support Cindy Sheehan. Have you been in Crawford, TX since she arrived there? If you support her then you better be there, or you cannot possibly support her or speak in in agreement with her. You don't support this war so you have no standing to criticize the war or say what should have been done differently. By your logic only those who are currently in the armed forces or are vets have any standing to have an opinion on the war. Oh and you don't expect the firemen to come if your house is on fire, or the police to come if you are robbed, do you? It's unlikely that you are a fireman or a policeman. If you support what they do and want them to help you, you have to be one. If not you are not putting your actions where your mouth is.

This is what is called DUMB LOGIC, and only immature, juvenile people think that you have to enlist if you support the war.

So now you are God, since you can determine who is a "real Christian" and who is not? Since you say you are going to pray for us, I assume you are a Christian. One of the tenets of Christianity is to not judge whether others are Christians and will be saved-yet you are judging us. By your logic you must not be a true Christian.

If there isn't righteous war then why was there so much war in the bible? God did not condemn the people of Israel when there was war. In fact he commanded them at specific times and reasons to engage in war. The terrorists are evil. They are fighting in a large part to turn the entire world in a Islamic Caliphate. Do you think the Christian God wants that to happen? It is also ok to defend yourself, and that is also what the US is doing. I'm sure that concept has been explained to you repeatedly. If you don't believe that, fine, but you have no standing to judge us. Go back to DU or DKos or where ever you came from. All you are interested in is blaming and accusing, not in having an honest conversation or debate.

Your god will know how you handled the adversity when you show up at St. Pete's doorstep.

And by your logic-Your God will know how you stuck your head in the sand and refused to stand up for right in the war on terror when you show up at St. Peter's doorstep.

Hi penny, The Nati... (Below threshold)

Hi penny,

The National Guard has "volunteer troops" in their 50's in Iraq. You are certainly welcome to go serve. As for not needing as many boots on the ground...interesting, that's not what they said about Afghanistan. Unless you think a small nuke will do the job for us. Hey, if you like your children with 6 eyes, hell, if you're hoping to bring on the rapture sooner, by all means, nuke'em.

What you folks have here is a bona fide echo chamber of your very own. You agree with each other and don't care about other opinions - you said so yourselves. And you don't see anything wrong with that. Not exactly a shock. Not exactly christian, either. Good luck, Don Quixotes. You'll agree with each other to the ends of the earth until you start uttering nutty things that signal you've fallen off the deep end. Witness the stupid comment about a mother wanting her son to die so she can score political points. You can levy charges against me saying I too come from an echo chamber. Of course, I believe that most political boards indeed are echo chambers to some degree. One of our biggest problems is that everyone's got an emotional attachment to their original position, no matter how much circumstances have changed. "Staying the course" when you're about to smack into the back of a Mack truck is just plain stupid. And that's our leadership, unable to adapt in real time to changing conditions. No wonder we're stuck there and unlikely to leave this decade. So instead we get whatever George Bush's latest lame excuse is for why he and his fellow ex-oil executives have decided we need to attack Iraq (a decision made at least as far back as 1998 according to PNAC's own web site),and later, Iran. And hey, why not Venezeuela. You all know that Pat Robertson was only spouting the party line about Chavez the out of control "dictator" (LOL) who was a danger to Latin America. Venezuela just happens to have a mess of oil, currently 15% of our oil comes from them. In fact all CITGO stations in this country are sourced by Venezuela. All 14,000 of them.

As for the military being voluntary - yeah, sure, those who sign up for the National Guard expect to wind up in a desert battling insurgents. Ever hear of a stop-loss order? Second and third deployments? Sure you have. "Volunteer army" - what horse shit. As for quotas being made - wrong again. Quotas are WAY OFF for the military. They're freaked out over it and there's little question you can expect your kids in elementary school to grow up and become an american martyr. But don't you dare complain about it. You're not allowed. You've given that right away.

Still not one of you has the guts to say "yes, saying a mother who lost her son is glad he'd dead so she can score political points" is worthy of a looney bin. Well, go ahead and tell everyone you know in real life. See what kind of reaction you get. Trying telling a few people you don't know that well. Might make for an interesting dinner time story.

Hi Sue,

Why do you think others should pay for someone else's dumb mistakes? You absolutely belong in the line of fire if you're going to sit here behind your warm keyboard and tell the world US citizens should go over and get their asses shot off for this mugging. You are the one advocating death. I've known since before this war even began that king George was going to attempt to use 9/11 as his basis for attacking Mexico. Oh, excuse me - Iraq. Same difference. He could have attacked North Dakota and had the same result. He made it very clear, first by asking Congress to do the unconstitutional and sign away their right to declare war,giving the boy king autonomy to do it himself. Later,by dismissing every diplomatic attempt to defuse the situation,which we now know without question would have done the job without the however many dead - 50,000? - there are in the middle east. The largest peace protests ever - over 10 million people - asked him not to go to war. He ignored them.

"I had doubts about the bombing campaign from the beginning. I didn't think we had done enough in the diplomatic area."
-Senator Trent Lott (R-MS), talking about the previous military action spearheaded by the US government

Meanwhile, he's just recess appointed that bastard John Bolton - a signatory of the original PNAC letter to Clinton in '98. I'm sure he's got our best interests in mind, though, right? Somehow I doubt it.

His misguided actions have only made things worse - they can't recruit terrorists fast enough. Woo hoo. And the entire world hates us. But that doesn't matter, because we're the greatest country in the world, correct? Except if we piss off China enough and they cash in their US bonds, it will tank our economy. The only reason we enjoy our affluent, detached lifestyle is because enough of the world tolerates our stupidity. We can have the rug pulled out from under. And with this interesting hurricane coming to N.O. (by the way, Bush made drastic cuts just this year to Louisiana's Hurricane and Flood readiness budget...ooops) we could be looking at 4 or 5 dollar gas. Won't that be cool. I pray N.O. gets through their crisis with minimal loss of life.

And let's talk about your own audacity trying to talk to me about christian values while advocating a bloodbath you're not even willing to be a part of, whose reasons are as questionable as anything else we've ever done as a nation. Jesus was a liberal socialist, by most accounts. People killing in his name are not christians. They are fakers who will need to recant their sins on their deathbed just as Lee Atwater did.

George Bush the unity king.

Meanwhile, I DO pray for you all - you are deeply misguided and your inability to care even for what's best for your country will bite you and your loved ones in the ass. And, might I add, reveals you NOT to hold christian values. I would like if none of you wind up homeless for your mistakes in following this jerkwad Bush off a cliff. But I'll hope you wake up before you actually do experience a loss and other less-enlightened folk follow the same misguided path and attempt to destroy you.

Cindy Sheehan presumes t... (Below threshold)

Cindy Sheehan presumes to speak for her son. He isn't here to defend his honor or speak of his convictions which were quite obviously in support of Bush's military plan. The military is voluntary. He enlisted, then re-enlisted. His decision was made as an adult.


For starters the armed forces have age and number restrictions. They don't and won't in the furture, because of modern technology, need as many boots on the ground as they did in past wars. And we aren't fighting the WOT with marching armies and armoured divisions against armoured divisions as in WWII. The quotas are being made. Get your facts straight......Here's a link. Scroll down the article.

Since you seem to gloss over the facts and logic of other's responses, Jack. So, I'll re-state my core comments. You can pick apart my facts and logic on these specific comments, otherwise I have nothing more to say to you. Your tangetial ever- expanding nonsense is a waste of time.

Jack-ass, you purport to kn... (Below threshold)

Jack-ass, you purport to know a whole lot about Jesus and Christianity. Interesting how you think that "Christ would turn his back on people who talk like you do." 16 years of Catholic school and I was always taught that Christ would never turn his back on anyone. Guess I better go let all those persons of the cloth know that they are wrong. Also interesting how someone as in tune wth Christ as yourself cares nothing for the millions executed and tortured by Saddam.

Oh,excuse me, Penny, I gues... (Below threshold)

Oh,excuse me, Penny, I guess you're right that if you're 50, you can't actually serve. The cutoff is 40. That's a bummer isn't it? I'm sure you would have headed right down to your local recruiter.

Join The Army National Guard

You are eligible to join the Army National Guard if you meet the following criteria:

High school graduates or GED holders
High school juniors/seniors as long as they meet the age requirement
Between the ages of 17 and 40
Meet citizenship requirements†
To join the Army National Guard, you must have a high school diploma or GED. If you do not meet this requirement, we can help; just visit the National Guard Youth Challenge Program's web site.

Military scours area to meet enlistment quota

Notice they say Palm Beach County - the heavily republican area where Rush Limbaugh broadcasts - historical gives them the most trouble.

Army, National Guard Fall Short Of Enlistment Goals

There are now some 150,000 American troops patrolling Iraq, with no timetable set for their return home. There is speculation that some will be withdrawn in September.
Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey plans to launch a national grass-roots campaign to drum up enlistments in the heartland, using luncheon speeches by military and community leaders at Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs.
He predicted a drop in enlistees in the all-volunteer Army for March and April. The Army was 1,900 short of its goal in February. The quota for this year is 80,000 enlistments.

It's ok Penny, I knew you weren't going to comment on what a stop-loss order is.

You were saying about facts?

Meanwhile, still no repudiation of the unbelievably stupid, selfish and brain dead statement that Cindy Sheehan is glad her son is dead so she can gain political points. I'm not surprised.

Meanwhile, since you and I both know what a stop-loss order is, perhaps you can stop acting like there's no problem with the number of people "volunteering" for W's vanity war - after all, you can simply tell them not to leave when their enlistment ends. Then for added joy you can cut their combat pay and VA benefits. Support the troops = empty words.

D-Hoggs - thanks for your c... (Below threshold)

D-Hoggs - thanks for your commentary. You and your echo chamber clearly don't get it. Your very repudiation of Cindy Sheehan as someone who is glad her son is dead, along with your brazen commentary that you are too selfish to consider what other people on earth want, clearly illustrates that at best, you are a fake christian. Oh, you might have been stuck at CCR or whatever other "christian" training you refer to. It obviously didn't stick, just as it did not stick for Pat Robertson, the christian death freak. Robertson is going to hell; are you going to follow?

Remind me again what those 10 Commandments said? And then let's review Robertson's - or hell, your own community's comments?

This is known as "projection". Maybe I'll just sit back and count how many times you attempt to accuse me of your own behavior. Jesus wouldn't support this war, using your very own logic. Unless you'd like to explain what you REALLY meant.

Jack-ass, nice article abou... (Below threshold)

Jack-ass, nice article about recruiting from almost 6 months ago!! Try checking out the real numbers instead of what your liberal media feeds you.


Jack-ass, as usual you conv... (Below threshold)

Jack-ass, as usual you conveniently ignore. Still waiting on your answer to why Jesus would turn his back. Also unsure where my own logic says that Jesus wouldn't support this war. I said Jesus wouldn't turn his back on anyone, as you think he would. That is all. Interesting how you ignore your own ridiculous comments and begin to attack the Catholic schooling that I have had since birth while knowing nothing if it. That is a very Christian trait indeed.

Jack-ass, can you please al... (Below threshold)

Jack-ass, can you please also tell me at what point I EVER said that Sheehan is glad her son is dead? I never once said it, not ONCE. I do not agree with it, but believe she is doing her son's memory and contribution a GRAVE disservice. I also don't remember EVER wrtiting any other commentary about being too selfish to listen to others. The only point I made was that for someone whos purports to know a lot about Jesus, you know shockingly little about the fact that he would never turn his back on anyone. Perhaps you are too selfish to read what actually came out of MY mouth and find it easier to lump me into a group that you hate. As you have done with everyone speaking here. You are too selfish to LISTEN to us as individuals.

<a href="http://websrvr20.a... (Below threshold)

Anti-War rally, Crawford
Wow, an actual soldier from Iraq. I suppose he doesn't have anything of value to say.

Pro-War rally, Crawford
Check out the girl holding the "Kick Their Ass & Take Their Gas" sign. Do you think she's a bona fide christian? Sounds like she could be one of you. I realize you're rugged individualists, but let's face it, you're all cowering from the thought of having to back up your words with action. You'd rather your grand pappy go fight the war simply because he volunteered for the Guard a few decades back.

May Jesus bless you anyway.

D-Hogg, the article you lin... (Below threshold)

D-Hogg, the article you linked to says the reservists have averaged only about 80% of their recruiting goal.

They're having a tougher time, that's for sure. They never even had to worry about the prospect of missing their goals before Iraq. Must be all those chickens in Palm Beach.

Meanwhile, I found an article you might enjoy:

Iraqi Lawmakers Call for Foreign Troops to Withdraw

Doesn't look to me like we're going anywhere.

Thats right, they have achi... (Below threshold)

Thats right, they have achieved 80%, and with 4 months left in the year, Jackass. Good god man. And per usual, you continue to ignore all your previous idiotic rantings that I requested you account for, and than have the nerve to say, "you're all cowering from the thought of having to back up your words". Where is your backup for your rants Jackass?!

D-Hogg, are you telling me ... (Below threshold)

D-Hogg, are you telling me you don't see the inherent hypocrisy of going off half-cocked and killing thousands of innocent civilians when it could have easily been avoided?

Are you trying to tell me you don't understand why Pat Robertson's going to hell? You are aware that he is one of Bush's most important supporters, yes?

Why the hell would it be ok to mug a country for their oil in the eyes of Jesus?

You realize Bush has never apologized for being continually wrong about the war, and giving continually changing reasons for why we're there and continue to stay?

How about the trashing of the Geneva Convention, which incidentally has failed to yield a known terrorist? Hell, we can't even catch Bin Laden. Bush even says he doesn't care if he ever catches him.

And yet he keeps talking about 9/11? And we stay friends with the evil Saudis- because it's convenient?

This ain't christianity, friend. This is you and your pals getting hoodwinked and then being way too emotionally involved to admit as much.

And still, you personally are so much of a christian that you can't bring yourself to admit that the statement that Sheehan's son being dead is some kind of happy thing for her is the stuff of wackos. You can't admit that simple thing, instead deciding to ignore it and attack the messenger. How perfectly christian of you, holy man.

Jackass, you are a complete... (Below threshold)

Jackass, you are a complete and total moron. You continuously attribute things to me that I have never once said, you continuously ignore statements that you have made that are blatantly false, you continually ignore when I ask you to tell me when exactly I said the things you attribute to me. If you had any virtue whatsoever, you would actually READ what I said about the Sheehan statment, which is that I never said anything like what you are talking about, AND that I DO NOT agree with it. So stop putting your fucking delusional ideas to my words!

And by the way, George Bush and the majority of the Republicans don't give two shits about Robertson, they don't condone him or quote him and neither do I. You are the one who seems unusually hung up on him, could it be he was your one time hero? Probably. Also, how exactly is the Geneva Convention to yield a terrorist? Not surprising but apparently you are unsure what the Geneva Convention actually is. And I am still waiting for all the people that voted for the war for their apology too. Funny how only the Republicans are to apologize. Fucking moon-bat.

"All men must be aware tha... (Below threshold)

"All men must be aware that to gossip or to darken another man's name or way will most certainly be accountable to Me"

Do you know what that is Jackass? Thats right, the 8th commandment. Gossip, slander, lying, defamation of character. So keep on attributing things to me that I never said, Holy Man. Funny how it only matters when it fits your agenda.






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