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You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy

I've said many times that I grew up in rural (VERY rural) northern New Hampshire. But I haven't said that for the last 15 years, I've lived in cities. I prefer the cities. I like the services and conveniences of urban life (at least, "urban" by New Hampshire standards), and I think I would rather move to Massachusetts than move back to East Bum, Cow Hampshire.

That being said, there are certain things about the country life that I do miss. And last week I was reminded of one of them.

I was out for a drive, and I went past a freshly-mown field. The scent of fresh-cut grass overwhelmed me, and I very nearly pulled over in euphoria.

Then, a couple minutes later, I came upon a road project -- replete with the stench of freshly-laid asphalt. I wanted to gag.

My heart and soul belong to the city, but my nose is still up north. And I think I'd rather smell fresh cow crap than hot tar.

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Funny... the smell of hot t... (Below threshold)

Funny... the smell of hot tar actually makes me smile.
Every summer, Dad would re-tar or patch the driveway. He'd humor me and let me "help" a little. That smell just brings backs fond memories of summertime as a child. Funny how that is.
The smell of fresh cut grass brings back the same kind of summertime memories - except it always makes me crave a beer. Reminds me of sitting on the back steps with Dad after he'd just finsihed the lawn and sneaking a little of his Coors.

Fresh mown grass mingled wi... (Below threshold)

Fresh mown grass mingled with gasoline fumes--now that's nostalgia.

I love the smell of hot tar... (Below threshold)

I love the smell of hot tar in the morning...it smells like victory. (Sorry, Francis Ford Coppola

Jay, I live out in a rura... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Jay, I live out in a rural area of Michigan, BUT, I prefer wake up in the morning and hear...nothing. I am a rural lad that can't stand the city life. I would rather drive 40 minutes to the store(s) than to see the parking lot lights lighting up the sky at night....and don't get me started about traffic.

Thank god i'm a country boy.






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