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Absolutely Horrific If True

I just turned on FOXNews for a minute before I tried to get a few hours of sleep. I missed the name of their guy in New Orleans but he said that he's been told (apparently by someone in the know) that 100,000 people are still in the city and could not evacuate.



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From an article on Fox's si... (Below threshold)

From an article on Fox's site:

"Mayor Ray Nagin said he believed 80 percent of the city's 480,000 residents had heeded an unprecedented mandatory evacuation as Katrina threatened to become the most powerful storm ever to slam the city."

- - -

That would indeed mean that almost 100,000 people are
still there.

For some reason, probably o... (Below threshold)

For some reason, probably operator error, I can't get the trackback to work on this. Here's the message for Paul I posted:

I was saving this.

I can never trackback here ... (Below threshold)

I can never trackback here properly either. Not sure why. (Hope I haven't offended someone.)

That said: so far it looks like things may not be quite so bad as feared.

I heard there were people s... (Below threshold)

I heard there were people stuck in there homes or in precarious places, and the emergency crews can't get to them because the winds, etc, are too strong. (they mentioned one family in particular, a mom and her three kids stuck in their apartment)

they also said that people had plenty of time to evacuate- but chose not to.

The great news is that the ... (Below threshold)

The great news is that the storm jogged to the east enough to miss Nawlins with the brunt of the winds.

Well, not great for Biloxi, but at least enough to keep the majority of NO from getting scoured to the foundations or flooded to the roofs.

In case that some of you gu... (Below threshold)

In case that some of you guys are wondering who the Fox guy is in New Orleans down in the French Quarter, he is none other than Sheppard Smith. Yep that is the same guy that is the anchor of Studio B and the weekday day Fox Report.

On the way out Sunday morni... (Below threshold)

On the way out Sunday morning, the Emergency Ops manager for St. Bernard Parrish was saying that more people needed to evacuate, otherwise he wouldn't have enough body bags.

We should be thankful. Aft... (Below threshold)

We should be thankful. After Ivan, most estimates were in the area of 300,000 people assured dead. 100,00 people trapped in front of the path of a hurricane is ugly, but not near as bad as the estimates expected.






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