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Why Push-Up Bras Never Go Out Of Style


In case you live in a cave, that's Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria (left) at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards [Evidentally they still play the occasional video when there are no Real World or Jackass episodes to re-run], and at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year (right).

Regardless, she's still smoking hot...


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Comments (10)

Ah, yes. Kevin's back.... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes. Kevin's back.

Damn, Fatman you beat me to... (Below threshold)

Damn, Fatman you beat me to it!

i love lamp...... (Below threshold)

i love lamp...

Push-Up Bra's what?<p... (Below threshold)

Push-Up Bra's what?

(Give Sean a call to ask about proper use
of the apostrophe. :-} )

I think this is bordering o... (Below threshold)

I think this is bordering on sexism! Have you no shame?

If it's only on the border ... (Below threshold)

If it's only on the border you're not trying hard enough.

I thought the left wanted t... (Below threshold)

I thought the left wanted to erase all borders. I, for one, wouldn't mind at least moving the borders on either one of those dresses.

Border? I hardly KNOW her!<... (Below threshold)

Border? I hardly KNOW her!

She's from my hometown, or ... (Below threshold)

She's from my hometown, or could be if only she'd ask. Just don't tell bullwinklette I said that, because I didn't. It was someone else. I swear.

Suddenly the prospect of cr... (Below threshold)

Suddenly the prospect of cracker crumbs in the bedsheets doesn't seem quite so bad.






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