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Crush Story

Everything you ever said was brilliant.
Anything you want to do is fine by me.
This is much better than love, babe.
This is a crush story.

From the wildly under-appreciated band Too Much Joy's song, Crush Story [Listen (RealMedia)]
One of the stories from my vacation is the one where the younger of my twin boys developed, for lack of a better term, a "crush" on me. This, of course, is that kind of child attachment crush where the kid always wants to know where you are and goes into meltdown mode if you leave the room...

At first it was cute. Everyone would notice that he wanted to go where I went and do what I did, which gave us all great amusement. Great amusement until I left the hotel room solo for the first time. As I walked to the elevator to go pickup dinner I heard the wailing from the room behind me then a bolt from the heavy hotel room door. Next thing I know the lad who (along with his brother) turns four this week was out of the hotel room and chasing me down the hall.

This presented a serious problem. If my absence was going to send the child into a tizzy and cause him to leave the hotel room and wander the hotel looking for me - we were going to have a serious vacation problem. Fortunately we remembered that handy-dandy privacy latch - the one you keep the room service early birds from invading your home away from home at oh-dark-thirty - which was enough of a deterrent to keep the smitten youngster cooling his heels in the suite.

While I'll admit to a little self-satisfaction at being so highly thought of, the consequences hadn't fully hit me until the second night. Already an accomplished bedtime stall artist, my new best friend had two surprises in store for me that night. First, and most disconcerting, was that the pullout sofa-bed that we'd slept him on the first night after our late night arrival was, in his mind, "his" bed. The sofa-bed was in the living area of the two bedroom suite. The problem was that there was an infant in our bedroom and his other brother in the second bedroom, which left exactly now where for the parents to relax after a long day of activities.

The second surprise was that my presence in the sofa-bed was required to get the little imp to go to sleep. We had to do the night-time ritual (which to no ones surprise dragged out longer as the week went on), then I had to lie in the bed with him while he went to sleep. Of course the Wizbang wife and I weren't about to cede our territory to the child, we just waited until he fell asleep, then I picked him up and moved him to the our bed temporarily. Once we were ready for bed I moved him back.

All of which is perhaps a long-winded way of saying how glad I am to be back to work!

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My husband is a big Too Muc... (Below threshold)

My husband is a big Too Much Joy fan. When we lived in New Jersey we went to see them play at some small club near the Jersey shore. That was about 10 years ago. They're good. Funny you should mention them!

And now you know why I neve... (Below threshold)

And now you know why I never had kids.

And you'll blink your eyes ... (Below threshold)

And you'll blink your eyes and he'll be going off to college...

I truly sympathize with the exasperation (my husband and I call it the "sigh factor") of your situation. Parents (good ones, anyway) make more sacrifices of personal space and time than of money. The time you gave your son will help him become confident and secure--the bedrock of a happy person.

Put a copy of your post in his scrapbook. Wave it in front of him when he says to you in about 30 years, "Dad, wait till I tel you what the kids did on vacation."

PS I bet you can still sweep him over your head or carry him with his arms tightly around your neck. My heart still has a tiny crack from the day I couldn't do the "flying baby" with my younger son (who's now almost 10).

Wow, Too Much Joy fans! On... (Below threshold)

Wow, Too Much Joy fans! One of the best small band live acts of the 90s. And on my Favorite Blog too!

remember that THIS is the b... (Below threshold)

remember that THIS is the big time for your son. THIS is what causes him to go crazy or as we say in my house " meltdown in ranchero" -You not being in his sight. Wow, you will wish this moment in time would stay forever... because they do grow up and nothing will be as sweet and tender as the moment you have right now with "your boys". Count your blessings.

Isn't it fantastic? We've ... (Below threshold)

Isn't it fantastic? We've got three, and just got back from a brief trip to the North Conway area. I've never been more tired. Some 'vacation', eh?






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