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Fresh eyes

I've often spoken about why I love living in New Hampshire. But there are a lot of little things that I overlook simply because I've lived here all my life. Certain things escape my notice simply because I can't imagine them not being there. It's like asking a fish to describe water.

Fortunately, some of my proudest fellow Cow Hampshirites are those who are citizens by choice, not accident of birth. And they see these things more clearly, and remind those of us who've never known anything else just how fortunate we are to live here.

And every now and then, one of them points them out to one and all.

Thank you, neighbor. And welcome.

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If I were you I'd want to k... (Below threshold)

If I were you I'd want to keep it a secret. Kind of like a favorite fishing hole, more people can only screw it up.

I wish it were more like that where I live. The only rights they want to protect here are those of the lunatic fringe.

I visited Concord, NH last ... (Below threshold)
joe g:

I visited Concord, NH last week and was surprised about the overwhelming number of knuckleheads who still had mullet haircuts. It was like an epidemic. Would you please tell everyone you see that people are laughing at them.

Well as one of those NH tra... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well as one of those NH transplants, I have to say that it is those very things that make me stay here, even when it takes 24 hours of absolute driving time to visit our family.

NH has some of the prettiest lakes ever (visited a Lake in Florida this summer, and it just didn't compare to the beauty of a NH lake).

NH is a great state to live in.

Though it seems like a wond... (Below threshold)

Though it seems like a wonderful place, and that was a fabulous article, it still concerns me that hodean was produced in such close proximity.






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