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Not So Great Moments In Live News Coverage

Round the clock cable news coverage, reporters clutching light poles to avoid being blown away, anchors being forced to improvise all makes for interesting (if uneven) news coverage. Two of the more notable screw ups:

Fox New's Shepard Smith conducts a live interviews remotely with a New Orleans man. When Smith (safe in the studios) probes the man as to why he hasn't evacuated New Orleans, the man replies "None of your f--king business." Of course you can see it for yourself via the wonders of the Internet... (Click here to watch)

CNN anchor Carol Costello earns the wrath of weather anchor Chad Myers on live TV, by being terribly annoying... (Click here to watch)

If you've got others, do share...

Via The Political Teen and Crooks and Liars.


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Comments (8)

Shep was in the French Quar... (Below threshold)

Shep was in the French Quarter at the time of the interview.

Fox News Channel: <i... (Below threshold)

Fox News Channel: "Fair and Balanced." At least the Fox guys apologized for the interviewee's on-air utterance!

CNN: "This...is CNN." Sorry James Earl Jones! No apologies for their temper tantrums.

All the difference in a nutshell.

That CNN moment is priceles... (Below threshold)

That CNN moment is priceless.

On the other hand, the local news stations in New Orleans, Mississipi and Alabama did a wonderful job of staying on the air and streaming their broadcasts on the web keeping people informed and urging them to get out of Katrina's path.

Fox News was showing everyo... (Below threshold)

Fox News was showing everyone partying in the French Quarter, and talking about how no one was paying attention to the curfew. However, most of the people on the street drinking had Fox t-shirts on (I assume, local media). However, the priceless part was they panned around just as Shep was walking out the door of bar with a beer in one hand, chatting to a young lady. I just thought it was funny.

was watching cnn yesterday ... (Below threshold)

was watching cnn yesterday monday 29th "hurricane coverage"
and there was another audio feed being fed on top the already playing interview. on the audio feed was the sound of a roof or wall coming down, then the reporter dropped f-bombs for the next 60 seconds freaking out...live
anyone see or get a copy of that

Nice catch - Orbusmax.com h... (Below threshold)

Nice catch - Orbusmax.com has you up.

New Orleans TV station WDSU... (Below threshold)

New Orleans TV station WDSU (broadcasting from a sister station in Jackson, MS) during the hurricane aired footage of some jackass reporter from a Miami station. He kept darting out in the open in the business district trying to find the strongest possible winds while coaxing his camera man to follow (the guy appeared understandingly uneasy given the reporter wasn't top heavy with the 20 lbs. camera). The reporter was doing this "Look how brave I am!" act. The highlight came when the idiot picked up a piece of metal that was lying near him and tossed it out into the wind to show how hard it was blowing. Throughout the "act" the WDSU anchors heaped scorn in this fool throughout the footage. When he tossed the metal into the wind, they said (paraphrased) "Apparently this idiot doesn't think there's enough dangerous debris flying around out there!!!"

CNN decided to add a little... (Below threshold)

CNN decided to add a little levity to things on Monday. They showed a couple clips of their on-air talent being blown over. One of the women they showed was swearing her head off while she was blown backwards--she got about 5-6 bleeps in by the time the shot ended. The CNN anchor then joked about the need for the bleeps.

If CNN takes that segment to heart and stops taking itself so seriously, they might start catching back up to Fox.






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