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Boston Globe: "Let's you and him fight"

It's no great secret that the Boston Globe is no great friend to religion -- especially if that religion tends towards the conservative and traditional. But Tuesday they sunk to a new low.

It's an open secret that Massachusetts' governor, Mitt Romney, is eying a run for the Oval Office in 2008. And one of his strengths is he's a devout Mormon -- which means he has that reputation for decency and integrity going for him.

(Yes, I remember the dust-up around here a few months ago involving Mormonism. I will point out that I was criticizing ONE practice of a GROUP of Mormons, not the faith as a whole. While I find their missionaries annoying and fight to not giggle at zit-faced 18-year-olds with name tags calling them "elders," overall I have quite a bit of respect for individual Mormons.)

Romney is, to put it mildly, not beloved of the Globe. He opposes gay marriage, keeps the liberals from running totally amok in the Bay State, and doesn't kowtow to their every whim.

So, what do you do when you're trying to take down Mr. Clean?

Why, you try to alienate him from one of the larger factions in the GOP he'll need to court. You try and pick a fight between him and the Christian Right.

I've lived in New Hampshire all my life, and I've seen newspapers do a lot of contemptible things. Hell, I grew up reading the Union Leader, back when William Loeb was still blighting the landscape.

But this just might be a new low.


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Comments (13)

I have heard others express... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I have heard others express this argument.

The only problem I have with it, is that in general the Christian Right is smart enough to recognize allies, even if they aren't the same religion. Mormons and the Christian right share smilar values, the Christian right will recognize an ally with similar goals so I think this argument is more wishful thinking than anything else.

Yes, what an awful thing fo... (Below threshold)

Yes, what an awful thing for the Globe to do, the way they made up those quotes from the head of the Southern Baptist Convention, and lied about the fact that the extremely powerful Rev. Dobson excludes Mormons from his prayer breakfasts.

Be real. There are well-documented differences between Christian evangelists and Mormons. If Romney runs, a lot of the base he will try to attract will be Christian evangelists. Why is it so wrong for the Globe to explore whether that will be a campaign issue? I didn't see the part where the Globe said Romney can't win. I saw quotes from people saying it could be a problem, and from other people saying it won't matter. Are yoy really saying this isn't even an issue that should be discussed?

'New low'?The Glob... (Below threshold)

'New low'?

The Globe plumbs new lows almost daily.

One of these days you'll need sonar to read the damned thing.

The god of the Mormon's is ... (Below threshold)

The god of the Mormon's is not the God of the Evangelicals. The Globe points out that in years past Protestant Christians, Catholic Christians and Jews have often overlooked vast theological differences to form political alliances. Yet all three of those groups serve the same God.

Mormonism is like the mid 1800's version of Scientology. It was made up by a single guy (John Smith vs. L. Ron Hubbard) and contain mysterious beliefs that often some of it's own followers don't even know about.

One of my favorites is that belief that as a good Mormon man, in your afterlife you may be rewarded with a planet of your own in which you can be the god of, and (especially fun) your wife (or wives) will be "eternally pregnant" giving birth to all the souls that will populate that planet.

But, Mormonism or not I have a hard time believing that the rest of the country would still take seriously any official elected in the state of Massachusetts, conservative or liberal. I mean come on! You guys STILL vote for Barney Frank, John Kerry AND Ted Kennedy. What happened? You guys lose a bet with satan?

Islam contains fewer heresi... (Below threshold)

Islam contains fewer heresies than Mormonism does in relation to Christitanity. The problem most Christians have with Mormonism is that it attempts to gain legitimacy in the public mind by claiming to be another denomination of the Chrisitan faith. It is not for the very reason that the Mormon concept of Christ is anathema to the Christ presented by the Gospels and the writings of Paul.

Whether the article is low ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Whether the article is low or not misses the point. The article is just stupid. If you believe this article than you believe people vote based on a candidate's reasons for their positions on the issues, not the positions themselves. Only if all the candidates have the same positions on the issues would the reason they hold those positions ever come into play. The article is just another example of the bankruptcy of the left. Without anything constructive to offer, all they can do is try to smear the right

The Globe is just preaching... (Below threshold)

The Globe is just preaching to the the choir. Anyone who takes Glob editorials seriously is about as likely to support Romney as they are to be Mormons. When Charlie Flaherty retired as Speaker of the House he wrote a retirement speech that included 'You know it's time to leave when you thing Globe editorials make sense.'

D. Dore...it is Joseph Smit... (Below threshold)
mr fox:

D. Dore...it is Joseph Smith. I know. I am a Mormon, born and bred. What I will say on this topic is that there are a large number of Mormons who don't necessarily drink the Kool-Aid, but believe in its teachings of honesty, integrity and other virtuous principles. The doctrine itself is debatable, and personally, I don't buy a lot of it. I lean agnostic. What I do believe, however, is in its virtuous principles and I see the upstanding citizens the religion produces.

I truly think that Romney believes more in its principles, than in the dogma that you'll find in the, Hasidic Mormon circles. Otherwise, you would have seen him taking all the Mass liberal leaning laws to task, IMO.

Foppa wrote:<... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Foppa wrote:
Islam contains fewer heresies than Mormonism does in relation to Christitanity.

I don't know what Bible or Koran you're reading, but Islam says that God (Allah) has no son.

The last time I checked, acknowledging that Jesus was God's son was the definition of being a Christian.

Then again, maybe things have changed since I read anything about Jesus or Christians. Maybe there's a whole denomination now that calls itself Christian but doesn't believe in the divinity of Christ. Which kind of defeats the purpose of calling Jesus by the name of "Christ," since it's not a name but a title derived from the Greek word for Messiah.

Typical Lib/Dem swill...peo... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Typical Lib/Dem swill...people are not individuals to be judged on the merits of their personal characther; they are "classes," "races," and "groups" to be categorized, generalized, stereotyped and painted with big, broad brushes for expediency. But that's about par for the course when it comes to the Hypocrates.

Absolutely true, Joseph Smi... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

Absolutely true, Joseph Smith not John Smith (it was a typo and wasn't meant to be John, but in both cases I stand corrected).

The rest however, appears to be both typo free and factual.

The enemy of my enemy, is not necessarily my friend (but I might occasionally smile and wave to him every now and then).

D. Dore,The day I ... (Below threshold)
Half Canadian:

D. Dore,

The day I take your word on Mormonism (or Christianity, for that matter) is the day I have my brain fall out.

As far as evangelical christians rejecting a Mormon presidential candidate, I could see it happen, depending on the opponent. A religious, Democratic candidate (a sincere one, not someone who runs to church during every scandal), one that rejects same-sex marriage (or at least makes it a state issue). Of course, the Dems would have to cut off a lot of their base for this (or at least mollify them temporarily), but I've read surveys where a significant number of evangelicals say they would not vote for a mormon for political office. These are probably the folks who believe that there is a replica of the oval office in the Washington D.C. temple (ie, The Godmakers wing of evangelical christianity).

I do think it could be an issue, mainly on the disinformation being passed as 'fact' on the religion (thank you D. Dore for providing that stellar example). But whether it would be a deciding factor, I don't know.

However, I do believe that the libertarian wing of the republican party may be turned off more by Romney, with his opposition to same-sex marriage, stem cell research and abortion on demand.

Half Canadian, even Mr. Fox... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

Half Canadian, even Mr. Fox who is a self proclaimed member of Mormonism only corrected my giving Joseph Smith the wrong first name of John. He didn't correct my listing of Mormon doctrine, because there was no error.

This information is readily available from authoritative resources such as Dr. Walter Martin & Dr. James Bjornstad, and also your local LDS.

Debating Christianity could be quite different because of such a vast accepted diversity of what "Christianity" is in American culture. We are a self proclaimed "Christian Nation" with the vast majority of census polls agreeing (in name at least). It is so diverse that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Bill Clinton & George W. Bush can each claim to be Christian. In this day and age, it seems that "Christian" has become synonymous with "goyim" or "gentile". Yet even a casual reading of Romans in the New Testament would trim that list pretty quickly.

Good luck with your brain!






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