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If you've read some of Paul's posts about Hurricane Katrina you're probably aware that he's out of house and out of work.

Several people have asked what, if anything, they could do to help. In both the short and long term what those displaced by Hurricane Katrina need most is money. Think about the millions displaced... Many fled to stay with family in other cities, while others are staying in hotels. Just the cost of the hotel bills alone will be enough to tap the bank accounts of those displaced by the storm. These people are going to be homeless for several months, which is going to be a hell of a hotel bill...

I've discussed the situation with Paul, so here's the deal. We will be raising money here at Wizbang to go directly to him. I expect that he will spend some portion of it on himself and his family, but I'm know for a fact that he knows of people in tighter spots than he, who he would like to help. If you're OK with that arrangement please consider donating (via PayPal) by clicking the button below (or in the left sidebar).

The PayPal payments go directly to me, then the full amount of the donation is forwarded to Paul to spend as he sees fit. He may (or may not) report back on what the money is being used for. If you're comfortable with that arrangement I'd like to personally encourage you to donate. Jay Tea will be detailing some of our other fundraising efforts (proceeds going to Paul and others) later today.

This is micro-charity folks. If you're looking to make relief donations in aggregate try the Red Cross link in the left sidebar.

Update (8/31/05 5:00PM ET): The first $1000 has been raised and sent. In addition to the amount I will be contributing, I'll also be covering the PayPal fees of all the donations, so that Paul will receive every penny that is donated.

Update (9/1/05 3:00PM ET): $2,200 and counting. Thank you so much -keep it coming...


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Comments (30)

Contribution sent. <p... (Below threshold)

Contribution sent.

All I ask for in return is that Paul never close comments on his posts again....

Money sent! Please stay saf... (Below threshold)

Money sent! Please stay safe!

Whatever the terms... You h... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Whatever the terms... You help your friends.
It's on its way.
Stay safe. God Bless.

Goddamn PayPal! I'... (Below threshold)

Goddamn PayPal!

I'll get it sent as soon as Paypal works again. Bastards.

On its way. Hang in there.<... (Below threshold)

On its way. Hang in there.

The hotel we are at has a c... (Below threshold)

The hotel we are at has a continential breakfast. While down there today it was quite sobering. One woman was facing eviction from the hotel because she was out of money. A visiting gospel group paid for 2 nights for her but after that she is on her own. I helped her as best I could becasue I had found some hotel rates in the 60 dollar a night range at resonable hotels. Still, that means she is faced with 1800 a month rent and she has to eat every meal out. She has a 70 year old, an 80 year old and 2 kids with her. I gave her the number of the red cross in Memphis and a few bucks but frankly I don't know how much I have to give.

That was just one story of dozens. And they are dozens in the millions.

I guess somebody smarter than me can put a finite dollar need on this thing... But from my chair the need is infinite. If I had a million dollars in my pocket and I tried to help everyone I could, I'd be empty before lunch. - Or that's how it feels anyway. Every third person in the hotel is homeless.

Probably 90% of the money will be spent on rent for people who have no homes. --That is by far the biggest problem.-- Hotel rates hover in the mid $80 range... that's $2400 a month with no way to cook food. I've seen a few people sleeping in their cars.

I was fortunate enough to rent one of those temporary apartments. I'm still looking at $2200 a month but at least I have a kitchen and laundy facilities.

I'll account for the donations to the best this bizzare situation allows but things are chaotic to say the least.

As Kevin mentioned, I'm no Donald Trump but there are many, many worse off than me. To the extent Wizbang readers can help get money to the victims it will be greatly appreciated I'm sure.

This is basiaclly as direct as the money can get. Minus paypal fees, it goes to the people who need it most.



Money sent. Wish I c... (Below threshold)

Money sent.
Wish I could do more.

Stay Safe.

I don't know how many peopl... (Below threshold)

I don't know how many people have thought of this, but they should call their homeowners or renters' insurance companies. Many of these companies offer at least a limited allowance for lodging if you are forced out of your home by disaster.


Donation sent. Woohoo! Payp... (Below threshold)

Donation sent. Woohoo! Paypal is back up.

Also, be sure to keep recei... (Below threshold)

Also, be sure to keep receipts related to your dislocation (food, rent, transportation, etc.) If it isn’t covered by insurance, some of that could be deductible from your future income taxes.

Can anyone tell me if there... (Below threshold)

Can anyone tell me if there is a link or button I can put on my corporate website that people can send their donations too?

Flood Insurance thou... (Below threshold)

Flood Insurance thoughts from Florida are with you.

Paul,I'm taking up... (Below threshold)


I'm taking up a collection among co-workers and members of my parish. Whatever is raised will be split between you and the family of my wife's best friend (They also evacuated with next to nothing).

It's a little thing, but I hope it makes a difference.

Also having delays with Pay... (Below threshold)

Also having delays with PayPal, sorry, Paul. And so sorry for your woes -- the situation is really awful, I can tell from here.

I will contribute but it might be mid-next-week before I get PayPal to respond to an uptake in funds, so as to donate.

Paul (and anyone else affec... (Below threshold)

Paul (and anyone else affected) (in case you can read this, sorry)...the federal people earlier said on television that there are going to be housing vouchers available for anyone displaced as to housing. Either that or shelter type housing (better than sleeping in a car).

I'd go to the nearest Red Cross office and plead for emergency aid, which should be provided under these circumstances. The worst that could happen is you'd get to sleep in an airconditioned, relatively secure gymnasium with bathrooms and showers available and meals. It's enough to get someone by until they can get emergency temporary housing...and that's enough to keep someone going for several months or more until they can regroup.

Bad situation I realize but the Red Cross can help and with immediate housing/food/healthcare needs if you are out of house/home due to the disaster of Katrina.

Kevin...I wrote a thread on... (Below threshold)

Kevin...I wrote a thread on BIRD to help bring attention to this donation for Paul but my Trackback was "throttled" and otherwise, well, throttled.

Paypal stuck in a loop when... (Below threshold)

Paypal stuck in a loop when I hit the pay button.

Either that or I just payed three times. Either way will try again later.

Best of luck.

Donation happily sent...God... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Donation happily sent...God be with you.

Hey, somebody cyber-slap me if I'm off-base here, but where's the UN in all this?

I checked on the UN's website and the first mention they've made of the worst natural disaster to hit the world's third most populated nation was today, and that was sandwiched inbetween "ANNAN SADDENED BY BRIDGE TRAGEDY IN BAGHDAD" and "SECURITY COUNCIL BRIEFED ON COTE D’IVOIRE." (Source: http://www.un.org/News/ossg/hilites.htm) By way of contrast, take a look at the UN's Daily Briefings Achieve (http://www.un.org/News/ossg/hilites/hilites_arch_main.asp) and check out the end of December 2004 and the statements related to the Asian tsunami. About the only thing that's the same is the fact that Koffi Annan cut short his vaction right after both tragedies. Unfortunately, the difference was that his December vacation was curtailed in direct response to the tsunami. This time "He has decided to interrupt his vacation to take stock of progress towards the 2005 World Summit."
Huh? Come again? Single largest donor to the UN, third largest population, biggest disaster ever...where's the UN when you need them? Where's the UNHCR? Where are the tents and the water and the rations and the aid workers and the hospitals and the doctors and the trucks and the tarps and the innoculations and the donations and the building supplies and the airdrops and the...everything? Exactly what are we paying for as members of the UN?

Thanks for the sympathies, Mr. General Secretary (http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=15623&Cr=disaster&Cr1=hurricane) but how 'bout some cold, hard cash?

I don't see much in the way of "united."

BTW, who's being "stingy" now, Mr. Egeland? (http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20041228-122330-7268r.htm)

Just sent some money for Pa... (Below threshold)
Gavin Phillips:

Just sent some money for Paul - do let us know if any more is needed. It said "Thank you for supporting Wizbang." - I guess this means right now the money will indeed go to Paul? Colour me a tad confused by the payment process...

Just sent a few $$'s. Not ... (Below threshold)

Just sent a few $$'s. Not much but hope it helps. Best wishes Paul.

Just sent a bit of loot.. ... (Below threshold)

Just sent a bit of loot.. Stay safe an pray..

God Bless..


I hope my donation went thr... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I hope my donation went through! I sent a contribution but didn't get any feed back ??? If not my husband did a Red Cross donation earlier! I hope you get it!

O.K., I sent a small amount... (Below threshold)

O.K., I sent a small amount, Paul (and Kevin)...I will try for more in a bit.

Keep all of your receipts f... (Below threshold)

Keep all of your receipts for food, clothing replacement, anything to live. FEMA will refund this money.

Donations? WHAT donations?... (Below threshold)

Donations? WHAT donations? This is a mere fraction of the payment due for the enjoyable and thought-provoking posts Paul has provided us with.

Cheap at any price.

Just gave to Red Cross and ... (Below threshold)

Just gave to Red Cross and Paul. Hope it helps.

Donation sent. Stay safe. Y... (Below threshold)

Donation sent. Stay safe. You're in my prayers.

Sent what I could. Hope it ... (Below threshold)

Sent what I could. Hope it helps.

Pray as if we needed it. Fo... (Below threshold)

Pray as if we needed it. Focus like we need to. And get to work. Because we need it now more than ever in our history.

Is there some way that peop... (Below threshold)
Ann Kaufman:

Is there some way that people "up north" could house homeless people from hurricane areas?






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