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Busy Mom Makes History

You'll never guess what this busy mom of three does on Sundays...

© Baltimore Sun. Photo by Monica Lopossay
© Baltimore Sun. Photo by Monica Lopossay

The answer is below the break...

Molly Shattuck, 38, is a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens.

© Baltimore Sun. Photo by Monica Lopossay
© Baltimore Sun. Photo by Monica Lopossay

Busy mom of three has something to yell about - Baltimore Sun

Comments (12)

yeah, she's so busy. That'... (Below threshold)

yeah, she's so busy. That's the friggin' nanny behind her. This would be a story if she was a struggling single mom, not the bored dilettante living in a "ginormous house" that the story shows her to be.....

Awwwww, caltechgirl ... (Below threshold)

Awwwww, caltechgirl is jealous.

The point is at 38 she's got a hard body and a nice rack. Gotta love that!!! Wonder if her hubby is a gym rat or Sunday warrior??

Sorry caltechgirl, I guess ... (Below threshold)

Sorry caltechgirl, I guess not every feel good story has to be about a crackwhore turning things around, or the teenaged mother of 3 going back for her GED.
Everyonce and a while, it's nice to see a story about someone living a dream on their own. Esp if that someone is a MILF!
MILF... it does a body good.

Please don't give traffic t... (Below threshold)
The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness:

Please don't give traffic to the Sun, they are one of the most rabidly partisan newspapers on the continent.

My bird bites me if I use pages from the Sun to line the bottom of her cage.

Beside, she think she all that but she ain'.

The brunette behind her is prettier.

She's looking mighty... (Below threshold)

She's looking mighty fine for 38..

I'd pour bar-b-que sauce all ova huh, an woik er lak a rib!!

Boob job. Bad one at that.<... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Boob job. Bad one at that.

Me, jealous? Moi?

Total M.I.L.F.yup<... (Below threshold)

Total M.I.L.F.


Bo Derek eat your heart out... (Below threshold)

Bo Derek eat your heart out

Yeah, personally, I like th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, personally, I like the brunette behind her...blondes...yech.

I belive the brunette is Becky..


mmm yummy

If 'taz' wouldn't have said... (Below threshold)

If 'taz' wouldn't have said it, I'd have to...

Total MILF....

Hehe, love some of the reac... (Below threshold)

Hehe, love some of the reactions here...

As mom used to say, "If women ruled the world there would be no war. A helluva lot of assassinations though..."

caltechgirl, sorry, but whining about someone just because they've done ok in life is just sad and says a lot more about you than her. You may wish to dwell in a world where it's a crime to have a family, a nice home, employ someone, and been in physical shape enough at 38 to beat out some 19 year old for a job, I don't.

Sue, at least you recognize your motivation. ;-) BTW, if most men really cared if they were fake boob jobs wouldn't exist.

Now excuse us piggish men as we gaze upon the eye candy...

And here's to you Mrs. Robi... (Below threshold)

And here's to you Mrs. Robinson.






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