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The 10 Spot - Katrina Edition

Ten stories on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina you may not have seen...

  1. Blogging the aftermath of Katrina from DirectNIC's data center in downtown New Orleans. As the author says, "It's the wild kingdom. It's Lord of the Flies.." They're also giving shelter to a policeman who says the force is pretty much gone and nobody knows what is going on... - [The Interdictor]
  2. In that same vein, this Fark thread features running commentary from Farkers who are listening to the NO police scanner feed. The signal to noise ratio is (predictably) high - [FARK - prior thread]
  3. 'Fats' Domino as well as some other New Orleans jazz legends are missing. [FoxNews]
  4. FEMA's hiring, and they're paying $15 an hour! - [Hurricaid]
  5. CNN is reporting that people are dying at New Orleans Convention Center - [Outside The Beltway]
  6. If Bush had met with Cindy Sheehan, this never would have happened - [Asymmetrical Information]
  7. Bush Derangement Syndrome Alert! The Daily Kos community and Media Matters shill Duncan Black (aka Atrios) are knee deep in BDS. Instead of even bothering to follow the links, just take my word for it...
  8. According to AP, white people "find,"black people "loot. - [BoingBoing]
  9. This Salon book review, The Battle of New Orleans, explains the geography and history of New Orleans' journey from above ground to under sea level. The city is sloped from higher to lower elevations (remember water has nowhere to drain naturally - take a guess where the low income people live? - [Salon]
  10. Someone at CNN ought to send the word to the producers to tell Miles O'Brien, Soledad O'Brien and the rest to shut up and quit trying to "manufacture" news and keep the focus where it belongs. - [The National Debate]

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Comments (12)

Regarding the "finding" vs.... (Below threshold)

Regarding the "finding" vs. "looting" issue... See this thread:


The shooter of the "finding" image has posted some background info on the image. Makes sense to me. It's a non-issue...

The "find" picture was from... (Below threshold)

The "find" picture was from AFP, not AP. The comparison makes no sense without further evidence. Different news agencies have different guidelines for the words that they use (e.g. "terrorist" vs. "militant").

Kevin, the Fark thread got ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, the Fark thread got too long and has been restarted here.

You know the whole looting ... (Below threshold)

You know the whole looting and finding thing is messed up. The white person has bread, the black person had non-food items..

The URL submitted with my c... (Below threshold)

The URL submitted with my comment (click my name below) is to a list of relief efforts by universities. Many universities are responding to Katrina by enrolling evacuated students, raising funds to contribute to the relief effort, and offering housing, healthcare, and other forms of assistance. The list is still growing, but already has a lot of information. Contact information is included for the help each university is offering.


A relevant WaPo story

I was firm supporter of Bus... (Below threshold)

I was firm supporter of Bush. I voted for him, and I support the war in Iraq.
However, afterseeing the sheer incompetence of the government in handling all this, I am totally disgusted.
Regardless of the fact that things could and should have been done regarding FEMA and other emergency services during Clinton, the fact remains that under Bush FEMA became focused so much on exterior homeland security threats that it was gutted, literally gutted on a local level. Funds were diverted from local areas to the foreign arena.
Perhaps the time has come to seriously question why $8 billion a month is being spent in Iraq, while our citizens are dying here. For god's sake, we're talking about 11th century diseases like cholera and typhus. this is unacceptable, and it is happening on Bush's watch.

"Different news agencies ha... (Below threshold)

"Different news agencies have different guidelines for the words that they use (e.g. "terrorist" vs. "militant")."

Has nothing to do with it... go read the link I posted above. Chris Graythen's comments are that HE wrote the caption himself based on what he observed. The stuff had floated out of a nearby grocery (a steady stream of stuff was floating out) and they picked it up as they were wading across the flooded area. There's no indication that the AP image was from the same location. The guy in the AP photo also appears to be carrying a garbage bag of goodies with him instead of a couple of loose items.

You know, "whocares," what ... (Below threshold)

You know, "whocares," what you say is idiotic and stupid. Getting rid of a repressive and foolish tax like the state tax, or defunding social programs that don't address key issues, and just throw money at them, is a far cry from a rational reconsideration of where aid in a national emergency will go to. And just so that you know, the rich people that you piss on give a higher proportional per-capita amount of charity than non-rich people

Funny, a couple of hours ag... (Below threshold)

Funny, a couple of hours ago on another forum (non-political) another post like bdg's popped up. It's not a cut-n-paste, but it following the same flow: "I used to be a big fan of Bush, I voted for him, I supported our decision to invade Iraq, blah blah blah, but now Katrina has happened on his watch and he's failed miserably, blah blah blah, this is unacceptable, he must be held accountable, etc."

Anybody been poking around DU or looking at what the Kos Kiddies have been up to lately?

Interdictor's site is amazi... (Below threshold)

Interdictor's site is amazing. He has a live cam pointed out the window that showed looting in the CBD yesterday, LA National Guard troops LEAVING today and the real Army troops moving in.

They are losing their OC3 while their provider struggles to repair their systems so the cam may be down for a while, but his updates continue for now.

There is also a peercast of the LA National Guard Radio at: http://yp.peercast.org/?find=orleans&Submit=Search

Gizmo,as to bdg, tha... (Below threshold)

as to bdg, that is SOP for creeps like this. I was a supporter of bush until (insert latest news event here), but now I think he molests under age alsacians and should be buried in an ant hill covered in spoiled jam.
For your question about DU and Kos... I've been afraid to plumb those depths. The first glance I took at Duncan Black, Kos and DU all led with "BU$H IS EVIL AND TO BLAME" type posts, and I lack the fortitude to hunt for something like: Lets take a brake from attacking the neo-cons and acting superior to the freepers and lizardoids, and HELP THE VICTIMS.
I'm sure somebody over there is a responsible adult, but they're drowning in a sea of hate.

I can't fault the looters, ... (Below threshold)
John S.:

I can't fault the looters, especially if they're looking for food or water. But the armed street gangs, raping their way across the city, need to be introduced to the sound of a mortar round. And a few gunships overhead wouldn't hurt.






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