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The Question of the Day

(I'm leaving this one at the top for a few hours.. It's a big one. Check below for updates)
No matter what condition our homes are in we all want know the same thing... When can we get to them?

Via Ken, a Wizbang reader who has been doing yeoman's work keeping on track of the situation, a letter from Rep. Scalise:

Last night we had another conference call with many federal and state officials. There are still a number of questions that are not answered, but more information is becoming available.

Jefferson residents will be able to return on Monday morning at 6am, but can only go to check on things and remove valuables.  Power is still weeks away.

Parts of St. Tammany are accessible but others have no power or water.  Gas is still hard to get once you get closer than Baton Rouge, so keep your tanks full if you return.

Orleans and St. Bernard are still dealing with a number of problems and no date has been set for anyone to return as of yet.

It ain't much but it's something. I'd just like 20 minutes and that would help a lot. Give me a few hours and I might be down right giddy.

Stand by for next week's post when 100,000 people run out of gas on the interstate. (Hey, gallows humor beats none at all.)


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Comments (6)

I live about a hundred feet... (Below threshold)

I live about a hundred feet from a gas station in Orlando.

It's been... peculiar... at times this week.

I am sure I am not the only... (Below threshold)

I am sure I am not the only one to wonder about the logistics of the Evacuate/Reintroduce/Re-evacuate/ Plan. After seeing what is underway as I write this, I really, really think it might be a good idea for people to start trying to imagine never going back to New Orleans.

At least, for a long, long time and then flying over first before landing.

I want you to keep your home and belongings, Paul, as I do with everyone else, but sometimes you have to walk away. And start over somewhere else. This may be one of those times.

I'm curious how you feel ab... (Below threshold)

I'm curious how you feel about safety, Paul. It seems people are getting a bit crazy, shooting at helicopters and all. Do you think you are safe enough from predators to return home? Are you armed?

Can you tell us if the gay ... (Below threshold)

Can you tell us if the gay labor day party is canceled

what annoyed me most was th... (Below threshold)

what annoyed me most was the interview on tv of some idiot who says "this is america...not some sort of third world country"....


I see reports on Orleans, J... (Below threshold)

I see reports on Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany and St. Bernard.

Any word about Plaquemines? I heard that someone in New Orleans trying to get info a day or two after the storm passed through, said Plaquemines Parish was "eerily quiet."






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