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Wizbang Hurricane Relief Auction: the return of blog-whoring

OK, we've got one auction going, let's keep things stirred up a bit. Last winter, when the tsunami devastated a good chunk of Southern Asia, I engaged in what I called "blog whoring," where I would write a posting on whatever topic the donor chose, from whatever angle they chose. I ended up writing seven pieces from that, raising at least $700 for tsunami relief.

That worked out pretty well, so I'm trotting it out again. But this time I'm doing it a little differently.

It's going to be an auction, with the five top bidders all getting to dictate a posting on a topic of their choice, written by yours truly -- along with a plug for their web site, if they have one, or another of their choosing. The bidding opens now, and will close at 5:00 on Saturday afternoon EST.

Small print follows:

1) I reserve the right to reject any topic, and request another. This will only be done on grounds of extreme poor taste or areas where I simply lack any knowledge whatsoever -- i.e., sports. The winner will have three chances to find an acceptable topic, but I really, REALLY will do my best. For example, last time I had to make a case FOR Daylight Savings Time, AGAINST the Bush tax cuts, and FOR a Rumsfeld/Romney ticket in '08 -- and those were tough as hell.

2) The bought-and-paid-for postings will be published within two weeks of the close of the auction. I have a full-time job away from here, and I learned the hard way last time that some of these will require MAJOR research.

3) The bought-and-paid-for postings will include a mention of the bidder who dictated them, and a link to the page of their choice (within reason -- no malicious sites or porn, for example).

4) This time, I'm not automatically going to argue your position. The winning bid gets the winner choice of topic only. If you want to pick the side of an issue I argue, that will involve a 20% bonus on top of the winning bid amount.


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Comments (7)

Ok, I'll start the bidding ... (Below threshold)
April Dilli:

Ok, I'll start the bidding off at $25.

Okee Dokee! $50!!... (Below threshold)

Okee Dokee! $50!!

Not a lot of cash here, but... (Below threshold)

Not a lot of cash here, but ... $55.

I'll go 65... (Below threshold)

I'll go 65

We'll bid $100 to the Red C... (Below threshold)

We'll bid $100 to the Red Cross for the honor of choosing a post topic. We chose the highly popular daylight savings topic last time (no need to thank us!) and will try to pick something just as lively this time if chosen. Can I take credit for my employers' match of my donation for a total bid of $200?

wow, no one else?... (Below threshold)

wow, no one else?

$75.00 heh (as someone wou... (Below threshold)

$75.00 heh (as someone would say) - this is going to require a little thought.






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