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Wizbang Hurricane Relief Auction: Stealing a page from NPR

We already have two auctions going, but I think we can sell off even more stuff around here. I talked with Kevin, and we're gonna start letting people "sponsor" some of the regular features of Wizbang. So, starting tomorrow, we're gonna start selling off advertising space within some of Wizbang's most popular features.

Wanna plug your business or web site? Imagine the traffic you can garner if next Friday, countless Wizbang readers saw "This Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest is brought to you courtesy Bob's Left-Handed Spanners, who donated generously to Wizbang's Hurricane Relief Fund" and a big ol' link. Or Saturday's Carnival of the Trackbacks, which everyone and their cousin links to. Or even the announcement of the Bonfire of the Vanities, which goes up every Tuesday and Wednesday.

So let the bidding commence, with it closing Sunday at 8:00 p.m. And if it works out well, we may continue it for future weeks. Just pick the feature you want to sponsor for the week, and your bid.

As always, this is within reason. No malicious sites or otherwise suitably vile sites need not apply. But we're gonna be as open-minded we can be.


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Comments (7)

Excellent idea, guys. ... (Below threshold)

Excellent idea, guys.

As a New Orleanian who likely lost everything, I sure appreciate your efforts to raise money for disaster relief.

Thanks again.

How about: A DONATION FUND... (Below threshold)

How about: A DONATION FUND FOR oyster!

We've got the Wizbangers-For-Paul fund going, so how about a Wizbangers-For_oyster fund?

It's a kind thought, -S-, b... (Below threshold)

It's a kind thought, -S-, but I have evacuated and have family and friends-- plus I'm insured. There's people clinging to life right now, who really need the help.

Come on here... I'll start ... (Below threshold)

Come on here... I'll start the bidding at $50.

I know someone out there can do better than that.

BTW, that's to sponsor the ... (Below threshold)

BTW, that's to sponsor the caption contest.

Billski - It's yours!... (Below threshold)

Billski - It's yours!

Excellent! Email comin' to... (Below threshold)

Excellent! Email comin' to ya.






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