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Wizbang Hurricane Relief Auction -- Surreal Estate Edition

Kevin tells me that the PayPal donations for our own hurricane relief efforts are going along quite well, but I think we can do a bit more. And in the spirit of capitalism and our free economy, it's time to go beyond simply asking for gifts, and start offering Wizbang readers a little something in exchange for their contributions. We're gonna start essentially selling off parts of the site, slapping "FOR SALE" stickers on everything but the walls and floor.

First up, we're gonna hold an auction. The prize up for bid: your own posting, at the top of the page of Wizbang! for a minimum of one full day.

Here's how it'll work: You write whatever you want, about anything at all. We will publish it on the date of your choosing, and it will have the prized top spot the whole day. Your words, your title, your links, your graphics, anything at all -- as long as you are the top bidder.

Here's the small print:

1) No profanities in the title.
2) we will edit your piece for grammar, spelling, perhaps a tweaking of style, but absolutely no changing of substance whatsoever.
3) You will have final approval before it gets published.
4) Nothing that will get Kevin or anyone else in trouble with the law.
5) We reserve the right to refund the winning bid and move down the list if winner proves completely unreasonable. This will be a tough one to violate, but if someone wants to put a big ad for kiddie porn or libel someone, we need to cover our own butts.

Kevin and I kicked this one around, and we're pretty much willing to go along with almost anything. You wanna spend a couple hundred words praising your company? Fine. You wanna rip us a new one? Go for it. You feel like denouncing Chimpy McBushitler and Halliburton Dick? Have at it. You got an axe to grind against some politician? Fire away. You have a pet cause or charity you wanna single out? Here, let us hold the ladder for you.

Wizbang! is, as of this writing, the 12th biggest blog in the blogosphere (according to The Truth Laid Bare's ecosystem, which looks like it has a couple of problems -- the #1 and #3 entries look like they have no business being there). That's one hell of a bully pulpit -- and it can be yours, for a full day, for the simple price of helping out the victims of the hurricane.

Place your bids in the comments section below, and bidding will close at 12:00:00 noon Friday EST.


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Comments (16)

I'll start the bidding at $... (Below threshold)

I'll start the bidding at $25.

Come on guys! It's a nice, ... (Below threshold)

Come on guys! It's a nice, low starting bid!

Don't make me bid against myself!

make a bid, or I shall be forced to taunt you a second time!

I'll bid $50.... (Below threshold)

I'll bid $50.

I'll ratchet it up to $100<... (Below threshold)

I'll ratchet it up to $100

Yea! $125!... (Below threshold)

Yea! $125!

$150.00... (Below threshold)


How about $175?... (Below threshold)

How about $175?

$200... (Below threshold)


$250 - I'd rather see chari... (Below threshold)

$250 - I'd rather see charities give the aid than the government. Step up people!

$250... (Below threshold)


I'm an idiot (sorry Troy...... (Below threshold)

I'm an idiot (sorry Troy...)O


Let's raise the level of di... (Below threshold)

Let's raise the level of discussion to $500 with one proviso - as a 28-year auditor who teaches in the field, I want to audit where the money goes. So much of the money after 9/11 never reached the victims. Let's just say my skeptical side - I still have my auditor mentality - just wants to make sure the money goes where it is supposed to go.

Assuming that you people wi... (Below threshold)

Assuming that you people will accept a cheque or wire tranfer from Toronto Canada (in US dollars)...

I pledge $1000

For some reason, my email a... (Below threshold)

For some reason, my email address did not register...it's [email protected] And yes, it's for $1000 US.

Kaspu has it. I'll be cont... (Below threshold)

Kaspu has it. I'll be contacting him details. If for some reason that doesn't workout I'll just move down the list...

WOOWWWWWEEE!!!YEA ... (Below threshold)



That's wonderful!






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