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Good News For New Orleans!! Jesse Jackson Arrives

Well, this is sure to help that tens of thousands with no food, water or sanitation... Jesse is there to blame the Hurricane on George Bush. How helpful that was...

I bet the looters will stop destroying my home town now that Jesse's there.

And Larry King drooling over the thought of talking to that idiot.

Tens of thousands of people dead and CNN is covering all the celebs who are on the scene.

I can't tell you how much this absolutely repulses me.

Pathetic Update: Jesse Jackson is no claiming credit for busses picking people up. Sure, it never would have happened had he not shown up... Some people will believe anything. (/update)

[dirty language below]

Then the Dickhead Larry King interviews some guy who "spent 3 days in the convention center before getting out." When the guy gets on the phone he says that he was still there. (good job guys)

Larry's first question????? (and I quote)

"Did anybody die in there?"

(real dirty language on the way)

This stupid dickhead motherfucker can't think of anything more intelligent to ask then "Did anybody die in there?""

Forget the fact the content (and context) was just stupid but this guy that gets paid millions of dollars to turn words couldn't even ask the question in a way that was not reminiscent or a 9 year old boy?

I was waiting for "Did you see any blood? Huh? Huh? Didya?"

Is this really the best CNN can do?

AND what does CNN do? They give this stupid motherfucker a 3 hour special... I think I'll be watching Fox.

Sorry for the rant, I know I'm a tad stressed but Larry King is an ignorant dick.

(sorry... But if I could choke the shit out of him I swear I would)

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At least jesse actually ste... (Below threshold)

At least jesse actually stepped foot in new orleans. All dubya could do was fly over it in air force one. I guess he didn't want to bump shoulders with poor, sticky people who don't have anything.

Yes, Paul, Jesse will calm ... (Below threshold)

Yes, Paul, Jesse will calm the looters and make everybody left behind feel better.

Never mind that the CNN assholes have no idea of the demographic that comprises most of those who were left behind: tourists, diehard hurricane challengers (yes, I stayed behind in Gulfport during Georges), elderly, and the poor (housing project dwellers)...

Never mind that areas being looted are located near some of the worst housing projects (places where tourists who have been to NOLA would NEVER go out at night alone, even on a calm day, and even NOPD won't go into at times)...

Never mind that once Jesse doesn't do SHIT about the looters, he will label anyone who points this [obvious] fact out to be "racist"...

I read that statement earlier about Jesse coming to New Orleans, and it got my dander up as well. I can't contact my family there, along with a whole lot of people who are in the same boat as I am, and the last thing anyone still stuck there needs is some wanker to glorify how "bad" things are right now.

So instead of trying to figure out why NOLA/State/Fed officials didn't have a "plan B" for if the Superdome got flooded by water AFTER the hurricane, and have resources mobilised quickly to get people out the moment that it DID (assuming wind and rain had slowed or stopped), Mr. King whores himself after Jesse, which gets him more ratings.

Oh, btw, did you see the Larry King interview of JFKerry, where King asked him why Bush signed a full, unconditional SF-180 release of service records, but Kerry would not? Did you see where King probed Kerry to find out why, or when he would do it? Did you see King follow up with Kerry when, because of Larry King's urging, Kerry finally released the held-back "100 pages" that Navy personnel officials said was restricted because Kerry hadn't allowed release before? And did you see how King made all that happen before Nov. 2nd?

No, I didn't either. Larry King was, is, and will always be, a media celebrity whore, not a real reporter.

And these days, most of the media worship King.

So, please let someone in NOLA know that I expect Jesse to stop the looting, coordinate all the rescue efforts, fill the 17th Canal Levee breach, pump all the water out of the city, and restore power, water, and sewer services while he's there.

Or, if he can't do that, roll up his sleeves and actually DO something (even if it's just distribute food and water to people still holed up in the Superdome, convention center, or uptown). Or maybe he'll walk down Canal Street and other places and stop the looting? Will he visit the Desire Housing Project and tell people there that violence isn't the answer???


Hairy, get a f***ing clue.<... (Below threshold)

Hairy, get a f***ing clue.

A. Jesse's being there will accomplish NOTHING that isn't already being done, regardless of where he gives head to a microphone.

B. Presidential security details would have no way to protect the President from looters who have armed themselves (and before you go into the threadworn "see, I told you GUNS ARE BAD!" bullshit, remember that even countries like New Zealand allow rifles and shotguns)

C. If Bush met with officials in person right now, his presence there would delay rescue operations, not help them - at a time where people have been stuck on rooftops for days, in 90+ degree heat, with no food and water - and where getting the levee breaches plugged is essential.

So yes, Jesse actually went down there. Maybe he'll sample the water and tell us that it's really polluted, or some other useless piece of information?

Now go back to Kos or DU and blame it all on Bush there, along with the other people like you.

Last year, when the hurrica... (Below threshold)

Last year, when the hurricanes hit Central Florida, President Bush didn't come here right away. He said he'd just get in the way.

*Everyone* in the area agreed with that, except for the die-hard Bush haters, who didn't really want him here in the first place but needed something else to complain about.

Suggesting that President Bush should show up in the disaster area right now is bordering on evil.

Evil, because if there are ... (Below threshold)

Evil, because if there are looters with rifles (homemade snipers), Bush could be hurt. Then again, that seems to be what they want, or else our friend Hairy is just plain ignorant.

If you want harm to come to a sitting President, Hairy, a few NSA folks could easily give your address to the Secret Service, so that you can explain what you truly mean to them, in person...up for it?

I do think the left is over... (Below threshold)

I do think the left is overzealous to blame Bush for something related to this, even going so far as to make a big deal out of Condoleeza Rice buying shoes. But I don't understand why Bush can't just say, "All the mayors and senators and governors aren't getting it together, so now Person X is in charge." Maybe John Bolton or some similar no-B.S. type. Right now it seems there's no skipper on the bridge.

I was incorrect in my earli... (Below threshold)

I was incorrect in my earlier post. Jesse Jackson found my M-i-L.

Perhaps if the good reveren... (Below threshold)

Perhaps if the good reverend would have gone on the air and told people to GET OUT before the storm hit, we wouldn't be in this position.

As it is right now, he is a little publicity slut.

jc:Even with the mas... (Below threshold)

Even with the massive screwup by the state planners and administrators, trying to do a mid-disaster command change would be a Really Bad Idea.

As it is, the guys who do the actual work have had the time to figure out which morons to bypass and which smart people to work with. That's why we're finally seeing buses hauling tens of thousands of people out of harm's way, and supplies and troops showing up on site.

Unfortunately, due to the previous lack of a plan by the locals in many places, the new guys are having to start from scratch, and that includes finding good routes into the area to haul in the food and water.

Any time someone says "where are the Feds," they should really be asking "why did we elect the local assholes who were supposed to be running things?"

From the Federal Response Plan, which has been signed off on by all of the states (I got my copy from the Louisiana State emergency preparedness site):

"To the maximum extent possible, internal State and local resources should be used as the first line of support in response to a disaster. Intra-State and inter-State mutual aid can provide an additional option for timely and cost-effective resource support that can be executed prior to a Presidential disaster declaration. Mutual aid can be particularly useful in a disaster that depletes the resources of an individual State or community, but does not require a Presidential declaration."

The Federal government just plain doesn't *have* that many people who are dedicated to disaster response. The whole system is set up to prevent that, since the local and state officials are supposed to be the guys in charge of preparing for and responding to a big disaster. Once things go to hell, it's the job of the Feds to help tham, sure, but that's supposed to be further down the timeline.

Katrina compressed the time scale from a week or more to *two days*. Hell, the President announced that the target states were disaster areas before the hurricane hit, two days before he should have (according to plan, he should wait for disaster assessments after the fact).

Wow, Larry King is an dimwi... (Below threshold)

Wow, Larry King is an dimwit talking head, with no sense at all?

Who'd 'a - thunk it?

I mean, I knew it 20 years ago, but I actually watched his show once or twice before figuring it out . . .

cirby,Maybe... (Below threshold)


Maybe you're right that a fed stepping in and taking charge wouldn't necessarily improve the efforts on the ground (if that's what you were saying), but psychologically I'm sure the people standing under freeway overpasses would like to hear that something in particular is being done and it's being headed by somebody in particular, not just that the people driving the food trucks and busses may or may not find a route to get to them under their own volition. People are trying to hijack ambulances because they don't know if any busses are ever coming. I'm reminded of the scene from Blackhawk Down when they were flying around saying on a very loud speaker, "Michael Durant, you will not be left behind." Couldn't we at least do that?

Paul, if you ever do get th... (Below threshold)

Paul, if you ever do get the chance I'll gladly help. A couple of days advance notice is all I'll need. I even have an extra pair of hip-waders, when we get through all that'll be left is suspenders and glasses, the other two ingredients of Larry King.

First off, in comment to Ha... (Below threshold)

First off, in comment to Hairy above:

"At least jesse actually stepped foot in new orleans. All dubya could do was fly over it in air force one. I guess he didn't want to bump shoulders with poor, sticky people who don't have anything."

That's about the dumbest thing I have heard all day (and it's nearing the end of the day). Are you kidding me?! Louisianna has been reduced to Atlantis, and you are wondering where he is going to land Air Force One? Or, should he land his helicopter on top of one of the buildings? Use some common sense, you good excuse for a liberal.

Oh, and Jesse Jackson and seeking publicity...nah...never would happen.

The MSM is avoiding the sub... (Below threshold)

The MSM is avoiding the subject, but don't you think that many of the fires buring in New Orleans were set by the same lawless folks? You know, like the last looters, who must have been frustrated to find the "Foot Locker" already empty?

RE: Hairy's post (September... (Below threshold)

RE: Hairy's post (September 2, 2005 01:04 AM)
At least jesse actually stepped foot in new orleans. All dubya could do was fly over it in air force one. I guess he didn't want to bump shoulders with poor, sticky people who don't have anything.

Unless Mr. Jackson is carrying a gun to help restore order, hauling a load of canned food, dipensing gas cookers with cannisters of fuel, dispensing portable generators for nodes of electricity, or providing usable direction on how the stranded can help themselves and help the authorities help them, his presence merely hinders the process and sets up another round of race-baiting or class warfare. He shows up not to contribute in some directly productive manner but to inflame. If he were to appear and pontificate on how to perform constructive behavior, then kudos and let's not require that he help haul dead corpses and fresh water. However, that is not his typical MO and we should remain quite critical of his motives.

As far as Mr. Bush doing a flyover or other nearby, what is the point? Does anyone not actually believe that he is well versed in the catastrophe? He can get a flyover view from numerous camera angles over television fer cryin' out loud. I'd prefer that Air Force One and its required support infrastructure remain grounded and stood down so that its resources could be diverted where it could actually be directly utilized. Fuel and security personnel are in short supply - don't waste in on a PR campaign. Those of us away from the flood are already aware of Mr. Bush's statements and sentiment... those in the middle of it won't see or hear a word of them. Practicality trumps PR. Further, having Mr. Bush enter the morass will only strain the minimally available resources. I imagine the locals would rather have a convoy of food/water than an entourage of politicians and a gaggle of reporters who enjoy the luxury of leaving once the camera lights go off.

Palmateer,A lot of... (Below threshold)


A lot of the early fires were busted gas lines & shorted electricity. I'm sure a lot of the current ones are looter related. (The chem plant in Algiers I suspect is just the result of whatever they made there just sitting in the sun for days.)

If people had evacuated, li... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

If people had evacuated, like Paul, when it was ordered, then we would have a totally different story. The surrounding cities/states would be hustling to find temporary housing for the "refugees" while everyone on the ground in New Orleans would be working on repairing the levees, pumping water out, and restoring power/water/sewerage. But because thousands decided to ignore the warning, the main effort has had to be getting people out.
This was not an unpredicted disastor. Days before this exact scenario was predicted. But crews that were ready to move in and work on the place have had to work on the people.
The MSM story line is that these impoverished people didn't have the funds to evacuate. BS! This is not a third world village where the average family survives on $5 a year. Most of the people we are pulling out were on government assistance already. Every family should have had the price of a bus ticket out of there. Check into a homeless shelter in St Louis if you have to. Sleep under a bridge in Houston and eat at Salvation Army.
Every hurricane has some people staying behind to loot. How many of the "victims" are there because they saw their opportunity to get some "good stuff" and got caught in their own poor judgement?

as far as i am concern this... (Below threshold)

as far as i am concern this is not about jeese or
cnn or fox or any other this is about a piece of america that is strugling

Get Off your ASS Mr president DO SOMETHING>>>>>>>>

And dont be Chicken and face the problem like a president

RE: Lucas' post (September ... (Below threshold)

RE: Lucas' post (September 2, 2005 12:53 PM)
Get Off your ASS Mr president DO SOMETHING>>>>>>>>

And dont be Chicken and face the problem like a president

On CNN I saw Mr. President listening intently to several political and FEMA heads with mobilized rescue helicopters from around the nation as a backdrop. I've seen him make several speeches about addressing this problem. Needless to say, he wasn't on his ass. Congress must convene and pass legislation to allocate public funds to that state issue. I don't know that they have yet but they will soon. The President has pledged Federal support and appointed Cabinet and sub-Cabinet individuals to a central command to get control of the mess.

But since you seem to be a critic, what would you suggest the President do right now? Would you like for him to drive a rescue bus? Would you like for him to dig a latrine? Would you prefer for him to give IVs? How about a campfire with holding hands and a grand refrain of kumbaya? What do you suggest he do to facilitate the mission and not appear "chicken" in your eyes? Define "SOMETHING".

And what, precicely, should... (Below threshold)

And what, precicely, should the President do that he hasn't done? Somehow the lefties seem to mistake GW for GA (God Almighty).

The only other action he can take at this time would be to claim emergency powers, displace the state and local government, and appoint a millitary territorial governor to handle the situation. That is a step that CANNOT be taken lightly or quickly, as it would take an act of Congress to enact.

Logistics issues cannot be magically solved. The problem isn't enough assets, it's getting people who are shooting at their rescuers out of the way so the real work of recovery can begin.

The left is screaming that Bush isn't stopping the work so he can glad-hand with the rescuers. That is not only stupid, it's murderously stupid.

The Guard showed up in forc... (Below threshold)

The Guard showed up in force today, and in the areas they were at, the violence and unrest went off like turning a switch.

funny, I don't remember that happening yesterday with Jesse.

Horribly, awfully, liberals... (Below threshold)

Horribly, awfully, liberals use the Hurricane Katrina Apocalypse to denigrate President Bush, just as anarchists and crazed individuals used the Hurricane Katrina Apocalypse as excuse to maim, murder, loot and pillage.

I agree with AnonymousDrivel again, as I have as to other comments, other issues -- but from the look of things, three/four days to get emergency supplies to stranded people numbering thousands is a pretty good response. The people IN the emergency services have lives of their own and many had to make long treks (also on their own) from distant places after first making arrangements to get there, and THEN figure out how to get to the stricken areas.

I'd have been concerned if Bush had landed at the Stadium in New Orleans, don't mind saying. I think he's been doing a good, steady job and my only complaint is that there was not an emergency evacuation process in place BEFORE the disaster for people who were/are incapable of taking care of their own safety.

Something the country should consider seriously for future disasters.

Snipers/armed gangs firing upon firefighters and their families and sheriff deputies in New Orleans...how anyone can attempt to blame President Bush for this type of anarchy is something they can try to explain (no, on second thought, don't) but the blaming going on is based in nonsense.

The ONLY blame I think is reasonable is that humankind has had knowledge that the City of New Orleans was below sea level, on a coastal sea with a large lake on the other side and millions of impoverished people packed into the city limits, many disabled and elderly among them, and no evacuation plans established prior to a Hurricane Five approach and impact.

"How many of the "victims" ... (Below threshold)

"How many of the "victims" are there because they saw their opportunity to get some "good stuff" and got caught in their own poor judgement?"

Nice to see the worst natural disaster in our history isn't enough to stop the Right from blaming the victim, as usual. Please show me where you got the information that it would be no problem for everyone to leave NO. If all of these people bought bus tickets, as you suggest, do you know for a fact that the bus companies were running enough buses to add about 250,000 people to their usual anticipated load? I'm sure they keep a few spares around, but please. Of course there were people who were stupid and stayed when they shouldn't have. That can partly be attributed to the many false alarms we've all seen with "Storm of the Century" TV coverage. Remember all of the charges of "Hurricane Porn?" Remember how on Monday it looked like another false alarm after all? Do you really think every one of those people should have said "They're saying it's going to be a big storm. Let's leave everything we have and go live in a homeless shelter in a strange city?" Nice compassion there. And do you really think all of those people accurately predicted that the conditions would be ideal for massive looting, so they cunningly planned to stay behind?

I don't necessarily think Bush needs to go to New Orleans, but I don't think it's as big a deal for the President to go somewhere as you all make it out to be. I guess it was irresponsible for Bush to go to Ground Zero when rescue operations were still going on. I hope you all criticized him for the distraction. One of the President's primary jobs is Communicatioor in Chief. In times of disaster it's imperative that the President communicate that the disaster is of paramount importance to him, and that he's throwing the full weight of his office behind the rescue/ recovery effort, however that may actually play out. I think Bush has shown a real tin ear in this case, and has done a good job of appearing less than involved, even without criticism from the Left.

I also think Jesse Jackson, while undoubtedly a publicity hog, has done some good things in the past due to his ability to gain an audience with people. I'm sure that many hostages he's helped to free could care less if he's a camera hog. Before condemning him for not stopping the looting, realize that it's possible that he could have a positive effect. He's highly respected in the Black community, even if you don't care for him.

Can Al Sharpton be far behi... (Below threshold)

Can Al Sharpton be far behind?

"He's highly respect... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

"He's highly respected in the Black community, even if you don't care for him."

He is respectd by some of the inner-city black community, most middle class blacks I know think he is a fucking joke.

Hey Jesse,Why don'... (Below threshold)

Hey Jesse,

Why don't you donate some small percentage of your vast fortune from corporate shakedowns to the relief effort?

That'd be a lot more helpful than following the spoor of television cameras around and getting in the way.

How many of the "middle cla... (Below threshold)

How many of the "middle class blacks" you know are stuck in New Orleans?

RE: Chris' post (September ... (Below threshold)

RE: Chris' post (September 2, 2005 06:01 PM)

I think Bush has shown a real tin ear in this case [communicating his deep concern and commitment], and has done a good job of appearing less than involved, even without criticism from the Left.

He has appeared on (inter)national television several times to express his opinion and make statements. Complementing Bush's "tin ear" are your glass eyes. What do you need for him to do... infiltrate the NBC studios and hijack the Jerry Lewis Telethon a couple of days early?

I also think Jesse Jackson, while undoubtedly a publicity hog, has done some good things in the past due to his ability to gain an audience with people. I'm sure that many hostages he's helped to free could care less if he's a camera hog. Before condemning him for not stopping the looting, realize that it's possible that he could have a positive effect. He's highly respected in the Black community, even if you don't care for him.

He was able to "free" hostages because he was a useful idiot. I figure it was only because foreign entities exploited the man that he met with any success. I don't know how respected he really is with his kin. He preaches perpetual victimology to his followers and must perpetuate and amplify all things under the guise of racial disharmony. It is his currency and without it, his Rainbow PUSH Coalition goes bankrupt. Is that a philosophy that helps others break the shackles of poverty and self-sufficiency? Hardly. By the way, how much is his Coalition donating to this cause? His website does not yet mention any monetary contributions or list any funds with/without appropriate transparency.

However, he has had time to prepare a not unexpected statement on this natural disaster. In it he:
1 - Praises Hugo Chavez and his "amigos" (can you say patronize),
2 - Insinuates that global warming contributed to this and other disasters,
3 - Pleads(?) that "we must free our public scientific research from the grip of right-wing ideology and theology",
4 - Proclaims, with amazing insight, that Homeland Security means more than frisking air travelers,
5 - Criticizes "an unnecessary war in Iraq" that has "devastated our public infrastructure, forcing cuts at every level—including levee protection and maintenance",
6 - "Wonder[ed]" on behalf of our National Guard the U.S. presence in Iraq,
7 - Perpetuated the war based on lies meme,
8 - Subtlely introduced 3$/gal gasoline as a contributor to the deaths of the poor, and
9 - Offered prayer.

I didn't see anything about monetary contributions though. Maybe he'll start and distribute a fund like he supposedly did for the southeastern tsunami victims.

So, why do I criticize Jackson for race-bating and dividing/not uniting? Gee, I dunno. Wait, yes I do. In perfectly timed fashion and like the rising of the sun, Jackson Blasts Bush Over Katrina Aid [Sep 02 3:48 PM US/Eastern - DOUG SIMPSON - AP]. Some excerpts:

Racism is partly to blame for the deadly aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, calling President Bush's response to the disaster "incompetent."

Jackson questioned why Bush has not named blacks to top positions in the federal response to the disaster, particularly when the majority of victims remaining stranded in New Orleans are black: "How can blacks be locked out of the leadership, and trapped in the suffering?"

"It is that lack of sensitivity and compassion that represents a kind of incompetence."

Yawn. Haven't we seen this movie before? Repeatedly?

It was also interesting to read his comment that "[t]oday, as the President comes to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi for his ceremonial trip to look at the victims of the devastation, he would do well to have a plan more significant than a ceremonial tour." Does anyone notice the irony of Jackson making this public rebuke while on a ceremonial tour of his own? Just how stupid does he think the public is? His transparency and relevance continue to diverge at the expected pace.

Followers would be wise to latch on to more productive and less selfish guides. I'd recommend Rev. Jesse Peterson or comedian/social commentator Bill Cosby for brutally honest assessments that will provide the tough love and introspection required to escape the decades old and dated victimology mantra the J. Jackson's of the world milk for their own profits. He uses "his people" as props and steps for self-promotion. That is why I dislike Jesse Jackson. But by all means, keep promoting his agenda since he "sticks it to the man". But don't forget that with all of that sticking, he's poking his associates in the ribs and crying all the way to the bank.

Hmmmm.1. If Bush h... (Below threshold)


1. If Bush had landed he would have ended up taking resources *away* from the relief efforts. Otherwise the potential danger to the President would be too much to risk. This is the same decision that any President would make under the circumstances.

2. I saw that Houston has a room set aside for "Lost Children". There will be an inquiry, which must be better than that craptastic 9/11 Commission, and whomever is found at fault needs to be hanged.


RE: AnonymousDrivel's typo ... (Below threshold)

RE: AnonymousDrivel's typo (September 2, 2005 11:27 PM)

Oops. "...and into self-sufficiency?"

Thanks for this post. It is... (Below threshold)

Thanks for this post. It is nice to see that there are some people left in this world who know how to think for themselves and not have to rely on what Jesse Jackson or Larry King have to say. There is hope for this country!

It sickens me to watch all ... (Below threshold)

It sickens me to watch all these numbnutz coming out and publicly blasting the authorities over non-response to a huge disaster. These are people who have zero idea what the heck they are talking about! To pursue political goals during this time is truly abhorrent behavior, especially when race is being used as a weapon.

Katrina left behind, quite possibly, the largest swath of destruction this country has ever seen. The storm destroyed 90,000 square miles in a highly populated region that just happens to have some of the nations largest shipping ports and oil infrastructure. It's been stated that 50% of the nations imported oil flows through the region. There were approximately 400,000 people left in New Orleans when the storm made landfall. It is unknown just how many of those are dead. The survivors who took refuge in their homes are still being rescued. 1,200 of those people were rescued over a 24 hour period by helicopters manned by the military and the coast guard. Only one road remains passable in and out of the city the rest are under water or destroyed and impassible.

One of the biggest problems is the destruction of the communications infrastructure. All the radio towers are dark and the police and rescue workers cannot communicate with each other. The second biggest problem is the water which receded from Alabama and Mississippi but remains in New Orleans. This is seriously impeding the rescuers from getting in and getting people out. As to the busses, there are not enough busses to get these people out. There have also been serious fuel issues for the busses! Many of the gas stations between New Orleans and Texas are empty! Already thousands have been transported to the Astrodome (which has stopped taking survivors, there is spill over to surrounding large buildings) and there are many thousand more stuck in the Superdome in New Orleans. The problem of what to do with all these people is more then most can comprehend!

Add into this the looters, shooters, rapists, etc. who are making it difficult to respond is just disgusting. Many police just quit their jobs and left because they were being shot at. The police officers lost everything they own as well. They were trying to control the situation while not knowing about their own families. It was too much for more then half of them. The fact of the matter is that when the infrastructure fails (food, water, electricity, communications, and health services) that chaos will reign and violence will surge. These disasters always bring out the worst and the best in people. Without our technology we become reduced to animalistic behavior. The alpha males begin to exert their authority by establishing a power base built by taking what they want with force and killing anyone who gets in the way.

It is tragic that the rescue workers, local and state authorities were overwhelmed and that it took a long time for the government to full kick into gear and get started in a big way. National Guardsmen needed to be called up and organized from many surrounding states and then transported to the area. Mistakes have been made and people have died because of those mistakes. The authorities didn't even know about the tens of thousands hold up in the Convention Center until the other day! I suspect there are too many people involved in decision making and the lack of efficient communications is making it almost impossible to give orders or to receive valuable accurate information in a timely manner.

There will be plenty of time to figure out what went wrong and to lay blame later. But now is not the time to lay blame but to rally support to save the remaining people before it truly is too late!

Thank God that the military finally arrived in force in New Orleans! Watching footage of the 3 star general on the ground barking orders and telling his men as well as the police to lower their goddamn weapons! This is not Iraq, this is a humanitarian mission. The troops still carry their weapons but they are not to appear in a defensive posture. They are calling him the Raging Cajun! He's kicking ass and taking names! About freaking time! This is exactly the type of man you want in charge of a serious situation.

Hmmmm."local and s... (Below threshold)


"local and state authorities were overwhelmed"

I'm sorry to say that this is both true and not-true.

They were overwhelmed, but they weren't surprised as they've been planning for this possibility for years now. Only last year Ivan almost caused the same exact thing, and the actions undertaken by the mayor and Gov Blanco were *exactly* the same.

Even before the hurricane struck Mayor Ray Nagin was talking about how the storm surge would overtop, i.e. go over, the levees and flood the city. Did they expect the levees to collapse this time? No. Have they been expecting, and planning for it to happen for years now? Yes.

The place to read about this is JunkYardBlog. The state and local authorities are completely out of their league.

Jesse jackass Jackson I ... (Below threshold)

Jesse jackass Jackson I was wondering when this roach would climb out of the woodwork and use the katrinas victims as a race issue and sure enough has has done it. While saying that the white people are being taking care of and the black are not makes me sick to my stomach. Does this jackass no what a cat 5 hurricane even is. Does this filth verment of the earth no how it feels to put your life on the line to help people and be shot at. Could thing have been done better yes maybe, but we learn from this. This is not a race issue at all. Hey jackass go roll up you pants and go downtown New orleans side by side with the police officers, firemen, ems and so on and see how things can be done better down there when you being sniped at. you couldnt even shine the policemens shoes down there you jackass. Crawl back in your hole with your brother Al
sharpton and wait for the next big storm that the white man must have created.Give me a brake

Now the NAACP is calling fo... (Below threshold)

Now the NAACP is calling for congress to implement some type of "recovery fund" for the hurricane victims in the same magnitude of the fund set up for 9/11 victims. Give me a break! The 9/11 fund paid approx. $1 mil per family. Doesn't this open the door for us, the taxpayers, to have to compensate victims of all future acts of God in our country? That is what insurance is for. This is a free country and the last time I checked, everyone had the same opportunity to go out and make money and take the necessary precautions to secure their goods and their future. I am not saying I don't feel for the people who lost everything, however, it is not up to us to up the ante on their welfare to that of a millionare.

It's fascinating how you ne... (Below threshold)

It's fascinating how you neo-cons can't make your points without name calling and insulting those you don't agree with. Obviously you are all there and know exactly what's going on, what should be done, and that liberals are the ones screwing up. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA






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