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The 10 Spot - Friday Katrina Edition

Ten Katrina stories you should know about...

  1. Michelle Catalano shares an e-mail from her friend Dan who went to the Astrodome in Houston to volunteer. [A Small Victory]

  2. Smash is proposing that folks support Katrina relief efforts by observing "Lent in September" - [IndePundit]

  3. Advice From a Former Recovery Worker - [Hurricaid]

  4. Pennywit wonders where mental-health professionals who want to get involved (they most certainly will be needed) should turn to. [Pennywit]

  5. InstaPundit links to the Federal Reserve statement on the ways financial institutions can help. For customers in affected areas I recommend printing a copy of that page and taking it with you when you visit a bank location. [Federal Reserve]

  6. The Wall Street Journal is running a Katrina news tracker that's frequently updated by wire services and WSJ reporters. No registration required... [OnlineJournal]

  7. 'Fats' Domino has been located! Others are still searching... [Michelle Malkin]

  8. A compilation of all the meanness, stupidity, and political attacks in the wake of Katrina. [Chrenkoff]

  9. NZ Bear and Hugh Hewitt are extending and expanding the Blog Relief Day concept. - [Hugh Hewitt, TTLB]

  10. Rogers Cadenhead notes that liberal bloggers have raised $100,000 for disaster relief via BlogAds, wondering where conservative weblogs are. He should checkout the leaderboard at TTLB - [Workbench]

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Comments (7)

I copied <a href="http://wi... (Below threshold)

I copied Paul's message over on my blog and this is the response I received:

Emergency Listings

Police, Fire & Medical Emergencies -- 911
Search & Rescue -- (225) 925-7708
Crescent City Connection Police --(504) 364-8180
NOPD Non-Emergency --(504) 821-2222
Louisiana State Police-- (504) 471-2775
Office of Homeland Security-- (504) 658-6900
Office Of Emergency Preparedness --(504) 658-8700
Poison Control Center -- (800) 256-9822
Public Adovacy --(504) 658-4015
FEMA: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)
Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW
American Red Cross: Southeast Louisiana Chapter: (800) 229-8191

I have called the FEMA number and the Red Cross Number. FEMA has a fairly straight forward automated system for requesting relief and it is easy to get to a representative to talk to someone. I could not get through to the Red Cross because the system is so messed up right now. If you can't get through to a number with a Louisiana area code just keep trying, I got calls to go through in about 5/100 tries.

I don't know about keeping your phone number if you get it shut off, I suspect there is a grace period after you cut off service until they can give it out again. People who have service cut off for nonpayment get their number back.

If it is a cell phone, several of my friends are calling their cellphone companies and asking them to change their phone number to a different area code so people can call them with more success. I haven't asked whether or not they can get their old number back.

The FEMA site actually has a lot of good links:

I have no idea how flood insurance works, I assumed you had to purchase it yourself from a private company and file a claim like with other insurances, though I could be very wrong.

You could try cancelling your phone so autodebit doesn't take money. Automated systems are not set up very well to address situations like this. I suspect they company will give you some grace and refund your money after the fact, but that always takes a lot of calling around and waiting on hold.

That is all I have off-hand
foreigner | 09.02.05 - 8:32 am | #

Hmmmm.Anybody have... (Below threshold)


Anybody have a timeline on Katrina?

I'm stuck in a room full of liberals all screaming that Gov Blanco demanded military aid from President Bush as of Monday. Frankly that's nonsense but that's the developing meme.

So. Anybody got a timeline? I've been busy dealing with server problems at the office to keep up.

What will the democrats mak... (Below threshold)

What will the democrats make of this? That Bush was trying to get the rich/Conservatives out and leave only the "poor" democrats behind?

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said that President Bush had called and urged the state to order the evacuation.

Isn't the LOUISIANA ... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Isn't the LOUISIANA National Guard under the direction of the governor in this case? Why is Bush being blamed for not using the Guard in a timely manner? I don't really think any one should critisize the actions so far based on what little info we are getting, but whose responsibility was it?

Hmmmm.That is exac... (Below threshold)


That is exactly what is going on in my office and I think they're getting it from lefty sites. The meme is that Blanco asked for federal troops during her State of Emergency request, even though that request doesn't mention federal troops at all. Her request reads like a laundry list of things to have *after* a hurricane that just leaves a lot of crap lying around that needs to get cleaned up.

From my reading Blanco didn't ask for additional soldiers until Wednesday afternoon, and even then specified National Guard rather than the more appropriate and logical USMC. The National Guard has vehicles that can operate in relatively high water, but the USMC has the amphibious LAV. A single MEU accomplish miracles in the post-tsunami relief because it was able to operate in both wet and dry areas easily.

A single LAV can handle about a dozen armed Marines and is itself armed with a couple machineguns or a light cannon. A single LAV with a 3 man crew and a couple extra Marines to do rescue operations could easily handle 15 or more survivors.

It's just so frustrating sometimes having to explain, over and over again, the limitations placed on Bush when operating domestically. You can't just order the Marines or the Army to anything independent of state and local authorities because it takes their permission, a bunch of officials signing off and a Presidential edict to use the Army or the Marines inside the US. And then you have to explain that the limitations are there to prevent anyone from grabbing power and trying to become a dictator.

But yes the growing meme is that Blanco can't be blamed for anything because she asked for troops and it's Bush's fault for them not getting there earlier. Any mention of the fact that Blanco didn't ask for troops until Wednesday is merely met with a blank stare and a quick dismissal.

So I think I know where the MSM is going to head towards. Frankly there's a lot of reason to not like Bush, I don't on immigration issues, but this isn't one of them. Personally both the Mayor of New Orleans and Gov Blanco have come across as complete twits.

I suppose it's that bizzare mentality that so many liberals have that reality can be changed by having the right attitude. Could that be the difference between 9/11 and NO?

Re: #3 "Advice From a Forme... (Below threshold)

Re: #3 "Advice From a Former Recovery Worker". The advice sounds good if you are such a wuss you can't do a damn thing for yourself. Follow it and you will end up in the "Super Dome" of whatever disaster befalls you. Depending on "THEM" to save you; wringing your hands and crying, "When are they going to bring me food? When are they going to bus me to a flush toilet?

I'd suggest would-be survivors to start by reading "Ragnar's Urban Survival: A Hard-Times Guide To Staying Alive In The City". And stop waiting for them to tell you what you need to know.

A lot of pundits have said ... (Below threshold)
Greg P:

A lot of pundits have said that the Feds can't send in troops ahead of the state requesting it. That's false. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security's December 2004 National Response Plan clearly indicates that in exactly these situations, the federal government will pre-empt state and local efforts and provide immediate assistance (including military) to the affected area. See http://www.fema.gov/

You can read more about it here http://mediamatters.org/items/200509080002
(warning - its a lefty site with lots of facts)






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