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Beantown: Better late than never

Last April, Boston's mayor, the honorable Thomas M. "Mumbles" Menino, wanted some new wheels. And Hizzoner can't bee seen tooling around The Hub in just any old piece of junk, so he got the city to fork over the bucks to lease him a seriously fly ride -- a Ford Expedition.

But now that gas prices in and around the Bay State are over $3.00/gallon (I saw a station in Lawrence that was up to $3.48 last week), Da Mayor is starting to feel the pinch. Well, not directly -- the city covers all the expenses of his land yacht -- but the PR hit was starting to fry his nose (to use one of his Meninoisms -- see here for samples). So he's turning it in, and he's going to get something that gets better than it's rated 14 MPG.

When Mumbles first snagged the Ford Expedition, I suggested he could get just as much benefit from a minivan, with considerably better fuel economy. But we'll all be eagerly watching to see just what Mumbles chooses.

I'm willing to bet, however, it won't be a little four-cylinder econobox, like a Ford Focus or a Toyota Corolla. After all, we're talking about The Mayor here.

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The local news last night (... (Below threshold)

The local news last night (Fox 25 maybe?) reported they were trading in the SUV's for hybrids.

We shall see.

They can have my SUV when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Thanks for providing the li... (Below threshold)

Thanks for providing the links to Meninoisms. I've been seeking the "Much like a cookie" audio for a year.

You'd have mor credibility ... (Below threshold)
David Golden:

You'd have mor credibility w/o using stupid nicknames, and as for the so-called malaprops, most are urban legend!

Anyway he runs a great city!

Anyway he runs a great c... (Below threshold)

Anyway he runs a great city!

No, he runs Boston.

I am all for voluntarily re... (Below threshold)

I am all for voluntarily relinquishment of SUVs (free market economy). Not to keen on the liberal tendency to demonize, overtax, or ban them.

A few of us own businesses and really need big 4wd trucks.

"Anyway he runs a great... (Below threshold)

"Anyway he runs a great city!"

Yeah, he's really accomplished a lot in his more than 4,400 days serving as mayor. That's why people can walk the streets at night without fear of being cought in gang crossfiree or knifed over a chicken cutlet.

Oh, wait, no they can't.

At least the law-abiding ones anyway.

If I were to list his greatest accomplishment, it would be his getting his name emblazoned on more signs, plaques, buildings, and park benches than any other mayor in the city's history.

If you think this city's so "great" what say you join me for a stroll down past the projects on Archdale St. in Roslindale some night. You wear an "I (heart) Boston" t-shirt. I'll wear a .45.

If you, in fact, live in Boston, I'd be curious as to where exactly, and how much time you spend walking around the city's different neighborhoods.

Y'know, most Toyota vehicle... (Below threshold)

Y'know, most Toyota vehicles get 29 highway MPGs... even the big ones. At least, according to research I did two years ago when I was looking for a new car. Perhaps he should look into one of those.






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