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Catching up on old business

Today, I found a couple of stories I'd covered previously have new developments.

First, in the case of the Marine arrested for firing a shotgun at a mob outside his window who smashed his window, Daniel Cotnoir, he has been released on bail. (Prior coverage of the Cotnoir case here, here, here, and here.)

Secondly, in reaction to the Supreme Court ruling in the Kelo case, the selectmen of the town of Atkinson, New Hampshire are considering a measure to prevent the use of eminent domain laws to benefit private businesses. They say that it will need state legislative action to really make it stick.

Finally, this one isn't really an update, but it kind of fits in with theme. Around Boston, a guy decided to start a fitness business. Fred C. Velez coined it "FCV Enterprises" and started handing out business cards and everything. But for those who were more interested in "better living through chemistry," he also marketed some items not commonly associated with healthy living -- such as cocaine and marijuana.

And that's the latest from New England.

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