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An ethical dilemma -- resolved

A while ago I mentioned a bit of an ethical dilemma I had -- without intending to, I had come into possession of a large number of cans that bore a Massachusetts deposit stamp, yet I had not paid the deposit. I asked the Wizbang readers what you thought I should do with them. There were many suggestions, as well as a few aspersions, but in the end I did something very similar to what a number of commenters suggested.

So yesterday I unloaded over 200 cans into a recycling machine in Massachusetts and got a smidgen over $10.00 (209 cans, for a total of $10.45, if you must know). I took that money, rounded it up to an even $20.00, and gave it to the Red Cross for hurricane relief.

I like to think I was inspired by George Carlin, who once said he never has problems with counterfeit bills: he puts them in the collection plate at church.

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Well that's nice, but reall... (Below threshold)

Well that's nice, but really the state's purpose is to recycle cans and there was no ethical dilemma. Let's say you scavenged them from the roadways. The state benefits from beautification and recycling. So that's a two-fer

Excellent point, Don. Payin... (Below threshold)

Excellent point, Don. Paying the deposit is irrelevant. Delivering the recyclable content is the whole point.

Side note: George Carlin is a pig, not an exemplar.

It would be hard to believe... (Below threshold)

It would be hard to believe that someone as foul as george carlin has ever set foot inside a church?

Seems to me I heard somethi... (Below threshold)

Seems to me I heard something about some folks getting arrested last year for trucking sem-loads of recyclables into California for the deposit.

Here is a webpage the CA gov has set up for reporting that sort of thing.

Interesting fraud categories are "hiding large quantites of used beverage containers" and "recycling beverage containers that were never filled with a beverage"

TheEnigma: Of course he did... (Below threshold)

TheEnigma: Of course he did... when he was a kid and forced to go.

For the best anti-religious spite, you've got to have been forced to attend church for years. Man, can those people be bitter about religion -- all that time sucked up when they could have been sleeping or watching football.






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