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Blog-whoring for Katrina: The winners

OK, it's about 12 hours after the end of bidding, but we have the winners of the Blog-Whoring for Katrina auction. The following people have won the right to tell me what to write about:

Greg and Diane -- $100.00
Plum -- $75.00
Zach -- $65.00
Pennywit -- $55.00
Jewels -- $50.00

Although I said I'd take the top five bidders, there were only six total entries, so I'll also take on the one who got the whole ball rolling:

April Dilli -- $25.00

So, once your donations are made, e-mail me your topics and I'll get working on them.

And remember, you only paid for the topic -- choosing the side I'll argue will cost you an additional 20%.

Thanks to all of you, and feel free to kick in more above your bid. And please be kind in your topics.

(A plea I know will fall on deaf ears in Pennywit's case -- he's already warned me he's going to be a vindictive SOB.)

Comments (2)

Wow, I feel like I should b... (Below threshold)

Wow, I feel like I should be wearing my black leather bustier and holding some sort of riding crop for this.

Not to worry. I'll be kind. Me email is Jewels {at} JewelsJungle {dot} com.

I'm actually out of town right now and won't be back until tomorrow night sometime, but I'll try to get everything sorted out before then. ;o)

Wow, I feel like I shoul... (Below threshold)

Wow, I feel like I should be wearing my black leather bustier and holding some sort of riding crop for this.

Were do I dontate to make that happen? :-)






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