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Criminally stupid

While not quite as popular as dumb criminal stories, odd crime stories still jump out at me. And this morning's papers had a positive surfeit of them.

First, we have a particularly vile specimen of voyeur who was busted at the Boston Aquarium. He was caught taking the infamous "upskirt" pictures with his digital camera. But this fine representative of humanity was targeting young girls. He tried to destroy the memory stick he'd hidden in his shoe, but police recovered it in time. This 45-year-old alleged perv is now facing charges of disorderly conduct, disseminating sexually explicit materials depicting children, annoying and accosting a person of the opposite sex, obscene matter distribution (third offense), and secret video device surveillance of partial nudity. Here's hoping he has a grand old time in prison.

Next up, we have a reputed stick-up artist who got away with his crimes far longer than he had any right to expect. He is accused of robbing at least 14 Dunkin Donuts shops, and not once was there a cop present. With that kind of luck, he shoulda quit after a dozen or so and bought a lottery ticket.

Finally, we have a story of a guy who supposedly shot a gun into the air. We don't know if he was trying to get even with a pigeon, celebrating, or just a generic dumbass, but he got the attention of the police. He ditched the gun at a school (!), but the cops still caught him. Unfortunately, before they could haul his sorry ass off, a mob of almost 200 gathered and tried to liberate him. In the end, seven other people accompanied him to jail. This story was big enough to get the attention of both the Herald and the Glob.

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In my town a couple of week... (Below threshold)

In my town a couple of weeks ago, a
genius took his computer to the computer repair store and said he hoped they wouldn't have to look through his files in the process of fixing it, since he had some illegal files. Sure enough, he was arrested with kiddie porn.

"..annoying and accosting a... (Below threshold)
B. J. Clinton:

"..annoying and accosting a person of the opposite sex"?

There's a law against that?


Ok..here's another story fr... (Below threshold)

Ok..here's another story from my own office under the category of "Too Clueless to recognize Lucky Stars"

My issuing DDA turned down filing an autotheft charge against a young man because when the police came upon him he was outside of the vehicle (he spotted police and bolted, which of course made them suspicious) and no one could positively place him INSIDE the stolen vehicle.

Turndown on a Monday. On Friday brilliant young man CALLS the police department to ask what he needs to do to get permission to get inside the still impounded car to recover some of HIS property he left INSIDE.

My my my.... What a surprise awaits him when he shows up at the PD tomorrow to claim his property. :-)

A school? I must have miss... (Below threshold)

A school? I must have missed that in the articles...

Ian, it's in the 5th paragr... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Ian, it's in the 5th paragraph of the Boston Globe story:

"Rivera ran up the steps of the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School on Lawrence Avenue, threw the gun into a corner, then walked back to the street, police said."

And the gun was not recovered...


A guy with the same name ju... (Below threshold)

A guy with the same name jumped off the Piscataqua River Bridge yesterday around noon. The Portsmouth Herald thinks it's the same guy, but the police will not confirm that.
If it's him, he's not only a pervert, but very rude. To back up southbound I-95 traffic on Labor Day is unacceptable.






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