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Everyone has a purpose in life, it seems

Earlier, I did a little roundup of some interesting crime stories out of New England. One of them was about a 45-year-old man arrested for taking pictures up the dresses of little girls.

It turns out the story has a semi-happy ending. Mr. Harrison Vieira apparently decided to spare the Commonwealth the cost of a trial, and jumped off a bridge.

One commenter, Melissa, updated the story with his suicide, adding her irritation that he didn't do it quietly, but in a manner that snarled up traffic on I-95 on Labor Day. And angry soon-to-be-ex-Masshole Bruce decided to hold a little contest on the best way to blame President Bush for his death.

It appears that, in death, Mr. Vieira has contributed more to society than he did in life: he gave a few people something to laugh at.

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I had to submit my own "bes... (Below threshold)

I had to submit my own "best way to blame Bush" story. They're worth reading. Some are pretty good.

AW! Now I got that goddam ... (Below threshold)

AW! Now I got that goddam Bobbie Gentry song in my head...curse you spurwing ;) !!






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