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Quote Of The Day - Talking Head Edition

"An interesting dynamic is taking shape in this city [New Orleans], not altogether positive: after days of rampant lawlessness (making for what I think most would agree was an impossible job for the New Orleans Police Department during those first few crucial days of rising water, pitch-black nights and looting of stores) the city has now reached a near-saturation level of military and law enforcement."
NBC's Brian Williams complaining that New Orleans is too secure. Translation - Chaos=ratings. Bring back the looters and gangs...

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disturbing... (Below threshold)


In a month or so we're all ... (Below threshold)

In a month or so we're all going to be treated to pictures of unused relief supplies and told how the feds wasted taxpayer money sending too much food and water, and that resources would have been better used elsewhere.

Why do you think that the m... (Below threshold)

Why do you think that the media has moved on to Gulfport, Waveland, Biloxi, and small towns not named New Orleans.

They're hoping to find chaos and areas that the feds, let alone state and local officials haven't gotten to as yet.

Actually if you read the en... (Below threshold)

Actually if you read the entire post what Mr. Williams is complaining about is the denial of access and threatening actions of some members of the Ntaional Gurad and Police agencies. Whether or not those actions actually occured is a different matter. I tend to take anything not actually on tape coming from any of the big 3 networks as a lie.

Speaking of on tape and news networks this one is great. This lady basically tells Soledad O'Brien she has her head up her butt:


MurdocHow prophetic!... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

How prophetic! You're so on the money.
I can only imagine the E-bay action in the months ahead: "Mystery Auction",Guess how many MRE's are in the bag? or "Hey,Hey,Hey...Real Estate's where it's at and you can get in on the action today! Downtown entertainment facility available NOW! (needs some tidying up).
Also,that NO has become a police state is appalling. On the other hand,I guess a city can never be too safe! Huh?






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