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The Case Against Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco

Yesterday we reported that one source is reporting that Governor Kathleen Blanco kept the Louisiana National Guard from assisting the New Orleans police department, leaving their force of 1,500 (less those who fled duty) to vainly attempt to restore order in the wake of last Tuesday's devastating flooding. About the the same time Louisiana state police were preventing radio repair technicians from entering the city to repair the damaged police scanner system, leaving the NOPD unable to communicate.

It's pretty hard to miss coverage of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin's order for forced evacuations of those who remain in New Orleans - it was all over the news. Guess who has already subverted that effort? In a Fox News interview this evening Governor Blanco said Nagin might be the one to order an evacuation, but she controls the resources necessary to enforce it and she will not sign off on the decision. Reuters reports, Not all will help in forced evacuation of New Orleans.

Art Jones, a senior official with the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said state authorities, who are in command of the Louisiana State Police and National Guard, have no plans at the moment to participate in a forced evacuation.

"We personally will not force anyone out of their homes," he told reporters at a briefing

Then this evening Fox New's Major Garrett broke what may be the most damning story of the post hurricane period - The Red Cross was blocked from delivering supplies to the Superdome by Blanco's Louisiana Department of Homeland Security. Read that again... The Red Cross was prevented from getting supplies to the Superdome and the convention center.

Governor Blanco's administration ensured that there was no (or minimal) state presence in New Orleans; no food, medicine, or other need supplies for hurricane victims; and that vital repairs to the city's police scanners could not be completed. All of which would lead one to only one natural conclusion:

It's all Bush's fault...


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Comments (40)

In related news, Nagin was ... (Below threshold)

In related news, Nagin was seen disguising himself as Osama bin Laden, saying "it's gotta be safer, right?"

Yea, I saw that on Fox News... (Below threshold)

Yea, I saw that on Fox News with Brit Hume as well.

Talk about damning.

Yeah, I also saw M... (Below threshold)


I also saw Major Garret report that on Fox News and I used an explitive out loud; almost dropped my muffin.

%$&#! Son of a #%^#@... (Below threshold)

%$&#! Son of a #%^#@! I meant expletive. And it was a chocolate muffin.

Allow me. GOD DAMMIT!</b... (Below threshold)

Allow me. GOD DAMMIT! when will Gov. Blanco's ass be impeached and thrown into JAIL!

It gets worse.<a h... (Below threshold)

It gets worse.

Much Worse.

(via Protein Wisdom)

Macker,For get imp... (Below threshold)


For get impeachment & jail. Let's see if we can find a tree that's still standing.

Macker -- lynching is not t... (Below threshold)

Macker -- lynching is not the proper response to this. Blanco should be tarred and feathered and carried to the state line on a fence rail.

Cato: Just so long ... (Below threshold)

Just so long as she is carried to the southern border, and thrown out of the state there - rail and all!

Brian: Why waste a perfect... (Below threshold)

Brian: Why waste a perfectly good rail? I'm certain that others in that state deserve the same mode of transport.

The <a href="http://64.233.... (Below threshold)

The Press Secretary of the former GOP Governor of Louisiana, Mike Foster, disagrees with you.

"I am writing to express my admiration for the way Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and those under her chain of command responded to Hurricane Katrina.

The first rescue efforts were by state agencies. The Louisiana National Guard sent helicopters in, and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries sent in boats. The Department of Health and Hospitals created hospitals from scratch. The Department of Social Services is feeding, clothing and caring for 50,000 evacuees in shelters across the state, tracking 45,000 in out-of-state shelters and working to reunite families separated in evacuation.

If the federal response had been half this pro-active, organized and dedicated, there would have been much less suffering."

Gee. It must suck being wrong all the time. How you can manage not to put a gun to your head, is beyond me.

There's an interesting comm... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

There's an interesting commentary thread at Captains Quarters that ties very nicely to this one (http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/005397.php#comments).

Of particular note is the comment of “jpstaff” who includes the following:

“the governor of that most southern of states is the de facto owner of every parish, town, and bayou fish camp, and has been since reconstruction…

“Governor Blanco will allow the city and citizens of New Orleans to disappear without a trace before she bends to the will of "them damn Yankees."

There are still substantial areas in the South where one hundred plus years of one-party rule and the attendant political in-breeding have resulted in exactly this situation. That the Governor happens to be a woman in no way mitigates. That the mayor is black only compounds the issue.

Gee. It must suck being ... (Below threshold)

Gee. It must suck being wrong all the time.

You would know.

You needn't quote Major Gar... (Below threshold)

You needn't quote Major Garrett.

(I hate it when people report what other reporters are reporting.)

Go directly to the source. It's right here:


The Red Cross says, directly, that Kathleen Blanco is CURRENTLY preventing the Red Cross from entering New Orleans. This is ASTOUNDING.

The Red Cross says, directly, that Kathleen Blanco PREVENTED the Red Cross from entering New Orleans BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the hurricane.

The Red Cross had food and water PREPOSITIONED and could have moved it INTO THE SUPERDOME, but was PREVENTED from doing so by the Governor of the State of Louiisiana.

The Red Cross states directly on its website that the Governor of the State of Louisiana is CONTINUING to prevent the Red Cross from giving aid to those who are currently starving to death in New Orleans.

Why is NOBODY INTERVIEWING the leader of the Red Cross and asking her these questions?


Man, I am livid.Pe... (Below threshold)

Man, I am livid.

People: The New Orleans metropolitan area had about 1.2 million residents.

80% of New Orleans was flooded. That means, unless I cannot do simple fucking math, that 20% of the New Orleans metropolitan area was NOT FLOODED.

People are IN NEW ORLEANS in areas that had little to no damage. Those people are NOT LEAVING. Those people cannot be forced to evacuate, regardless of what Mayor Moron dictates. And many of these people have stated categorically that they are NOT leaving.

The FORCED EVACUATION is a MYTH. It is an effort to get uneducated people to leave the FLOODED areas, which is good, but it means NOTHING legally, and the educated know it. They have no intention of leaving perfectly good homes to burn or be looted.

There are THOUSANDS of people who need Red Cross help in New Orleans. And it is CRIMINAL that the Red Cross is being kept OUT.

Blanco has BLOOD on her hands and should be relieved of her responsibilities before more people die.

Most thoughtfull folks, eve... (Below threshold)

Most thoughtfull folks, even GOP Leaders like Frist, recognize that there was a failure at each level of government.

Your incessent defense of POTUS and redirection of attacks at Blanco and to a lessor degree, Nagin, seem stikingly partisan, and dismissable as such. You indict FEMA, but they are directly answerable to the President.

You guys are better than that, really. There's plenty of blame, enormous amounts, and not only do all levels of government share in this shame, we all, as Americans who can let the cancer of poverty and racism fester -- ignored -- are also to "blame."

There are spectacular stories of courage and heroism out there, also to be ignored unless you simply stop, shut up, and resist the natural urge to use tragedy to somehow "prove" you were right and your ideological opponents were wrong all along.

I'm just as guilty of this. Which is why I shake my head when I agree with your stance, shared by Pelosi, that FEMA Director Brown must go -- yet you dismiss that opinion as a given then have the audacity to defend POTUS and try and look for a local democratic scapegoat.

The logic defies explaination. Bush's actions, in not holding "Brownie" accountable, and sending an unambiguous message that performance counts in this administration, speaks volumes about the problems with this government and those who defend it.

FEMA Director Brown serves at the pleasure of the President. So far Bush must be pleased. I am not pleased with him. I am not pleased with Blanco. Nor with Mayor Nagin once I saw the inexplicable pictures of unused busses sitting in a flooded parking lot.

I am not pleased with the Sheriff of Gretna across the bridge from New Orleans who kept would-be evacuees from leaving the city on foot -- at gunpoint.

I am pleased with those who were effective, like the Coast Guard, General Honore and his staff, the countless doctors, nurses, ems and other medical personnel who manually ventalated patients once the power went out or just held the hand of the sick to give comfort when the medicine ran out. I'm pleased with the folks at Wal-Mart who were more effective than any government body, the police and firemen who stayed at their posts without rest and without knowing whether their families or homes were safe. I'm pleased with those who volunteered but were sent to sit in Atlanta and were used as propaganda props by FEMA and the White House, just as I'm pleased with the Red Cross folks, even though they were kept out of where they were needed most by the Governor.

Few if any of those heroes will get medals, but "Brownie" probably will, and Nagin and Blanco will get to run for re-election standing in front of pictures of the suffering -- just like Bush did with 9/11. Please keep in mind however, that the dismal Federal response to this catastrophie is in no way ameliorated by mistakes locally, and visa-versa.

We should learn great lessons from this, but we won't, any more than the lessons of 9/11 have been acted on (which if they were, this situation would have been handled better). What will happen is this will be reduced merely to partisan sniping and recrimination filled hearings which resemble white-washes more than responsible government leadership.

Wow! That sure justifies th... (Below threshold)

Wow! That sure justifies the federal government's slow response, Bush's slow return from vacation, his absurdly out-of-touch 'speeches' on this, his jokes while people were dying, his mother's disgusting comments, his appointing a former (failed) horse-race-judge commissioner to oversee the Federal Emergency Management Agency, let's see what else does this eliminate...

Give me a friggen break already!

I'm sure there's a good reason and that this is not all of the story. If not, then she should be held accountable - not instead of federal agencies, but just like them and everyone else who could have done a better job.

Do you seriously think Blanco is sitting there intentionally preventing food and water from getting to those whose lives could be saved by it?

It makes me sick that there are actually people in this country who will support a president who clearly, blatantly, shamelessly seems to think that the perks of his job are actually all there is to his job.

You actually think that a president who promotes a former Arabian horse show commissioner to head up FEMA - Michael Brown, who wasn't even considered comepetent at that job - is less responsible for this crisis when Blanco actually did request help, the proof of which has come from Honore and is also available on the governor's website?

I'm sorry but George W. Bush ran on the platform of 'homeland security' and 'preparedness', not Blanco, and not Nagin.

If you're going to blame, blame all who failed.

Passing the buck, for this administration, just looks weak and childish, and certainly not prepared for much of anything

the reason for this harping... (Below threshold)

the reason for this harping against blanco is because NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT. OF COURSE all levels of government should be held accountable IF there WAS a slow response. But the MSM keeps harping against Bush and federal, while saying local and state are "heros".

we all beg to differ.

[email protected] Mark Adams... (Below threshold)


@ Mark Adams

"Your incessent defense of POTUS and redirection of attacks at Blanco and to a lessor degree, Nagin, seem stikingly partisan, and dismissable as such. You indict FEMA, but they are directly answerable to the President."

Ok then. I won't bother educating you, but could you go through the trouble of explaining the effect of the Posse Comitatus Act on limiting the possible responses by the President and the impact of the Stafford Act on the federal response in general?

Also explain, in detail, the legally required coordination between state and local officials and FEMA, and how FEMA is required to conduct itself.

Also please explain the Constitutional and legal framework that governs the interaction between the govenor of a State of these United States and the President of the United States.

Then perhaps cover the aspects of American federalism that governs the relationship between the various States, the federal government, the President & Executive Branch agencies and Congress.

Make it as lengthy and detailed as you can please.


Blanco arrested? <... (Below threshold)

Blanco arrested?

Yep, she was picked up by the fuzz...and then swung around by the tits....

Hmm, well, I assume that by... (Below threshold)

Hmm, well, I assume that by educating me, you are referring to the fact that under this President, the director of FEMA has become subservient to Homeland Security, but the Director nonetheless serves at the pleasure of the President.

As for the Stafford Act: being a "duly enacted law of congress" as contemplated in the Posse Comitatus Statute -Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1385, it trumps Posse Comitatus (at least for 10 days) and does indeed allow military forces of the United States to assist with law enforcement under the direction and athority of FEMA. Three days before Katrina hit land, POTUS fully authorized the director to invoke whatever actions he deemed necessary in the disaster declaration.

For your further amusement, you can look at my comments here and a more complete analysis at my blog.

typical conservative tactic... (Below threshold)

typical conservative tactic - only report the facts that help your case, ignoring the rest that reveal the entire story. go to that red cross link listed above and you'll find the truth. the website clearly says that the national guard REQUESTED that the red cross did not enter because it would ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO STAY. oh my god, its amazing what can happen if you read a little further.

also, even if the national guard did tell them they couldn't enter the city, who is ultimately in control of the national guard? huh? what elected official has the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY over the NATIONAL GUARD?? is it the governor of louisiana? no, not her. who could it be? oh wait, i know!! THE COMMANDER AND CHIEF!!! your ignorance sickens me.

"what elected official has ... (Below threshold)

"what elected official has the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY over the NATIONAL GUARD?. i know!! THE COMMANDER AND CHIEF!!! your ignorance sickens me."

Where does one even begin to attempt to educate people with this level of stupidity about how their own government operates?

Disgusted ... maybe you wouldn't be so disgusted if you would pick up an 8th grade civics book and read it from cover to cover.

Then you will know about why Governors, and not the federal government, control the National Guard.

how republicans doing thing... (Below threshold)

how republicans doing things?
Keep reading the full article on that link of Red Cross, u will also find out that
"The Red Cross does not conduct search and rescue operations. We are an organization of civilian volunteers and cannot get relief aid into any location until the local authorities say it is safe and provide us with security and access.

The original plan was to evacuate all the residents of New Orleans to safe places outside the city. With the hurricane bearing down, the city government decided to open a shelter of last resort in the Superdome downtown. We applaud this decision and believe it saved a significant number of lives.

As the remaining people are evacuated from New Orleans, the most appropriate role for the Red Cross is to provide a safe place for people to stay and to see that their emergency needs are met. We are fully staffed and equipped to handle these individuals once they are evacuated."

So why you people only read first sentence of the full article? Do u think you should just read a little bit further and be fair a little bit?

check my blog for detailed ... (Below threshold)

check my blog for detailed analysis about this lie

<a href="http://howrepublic... (Below threshold)
After seeing Fox reporter M... (Below threshold)
Bob G.:

After seeing Fox reporter Major Garrett on TV, I went to the Red Cross FAQ website yesterday 9/7/05 and read how Louisiana officials denied the Red Cross access to the Super Dome to hand out relief supplies right after the hurricane passed. I went back to the Red Cross site today and the FAQ web page was totally different.I may be wrong but it appears to me someone got to the Red Cross to make the page seem less critical of Louisiana officials, and contained less information such as how the Red Cross was ready to go in but were denied by state Homeland Security Department. Maybe one of your Blog audience saved or printed out yesterdays page.Keep up the good work. Bob G.

There IS no Louisiana Homel... (Below threshold)

There IS no Louisiana Homeland Security Department.

You guys are so gullible.

Anyway, the National Response Plan gave DHS the powers to do what needed to be done.

So why didn't Bush order the right things to be done?

There is no Louisian... (Below threshold)

There is no Louisiana Homeland Security Department?

Who put up this web page?:


Wow Turbino, make that one ... (Below threshold)

Wow Turbino, make that one up yourself? Hey, how about this one. "There IS no state of Louisiana, so there couldn't be a governor who forbade the delivery of relief supplies to New Orleans."

For the unbelievably stupid people, here's the homepage for the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

You might also want to read this article in the New York Times, which details how the federal government was forced to contemplate invoking the INSURRECTION ACT to get around Governor Blanco's footdragging. She stalled. They balked - can you imagine the repercussions if they'd used it? People died.

wf,I believe you h... (Below threshold)


I believe you have missed the point: Gov. Blanco ordered those under her command to stop the Red Cross from providing food and water that would have saved lives, and the media isn't reporting it besides Fox News. What does your post do to address this? The fact that Red Cross officials believe opening the Superdome saved lives isn't in dispute. The fact that lives at the Superdome were lost because of dehydration isn't in dispute either, at least based upon early analysis of the situation and first hand accounts by city and state officials. The fact that water will prevent dehydration isn't in dispute. So, I fail to understand how you can justify the loss of life the Gov. caused by her orders by providing evidence that the Gov. also saved lives by some of her other orders.
Moreover, the fact the media keep harping on Bush and congratulating themselves for "getting a spine" again while not reporting on the direct loss of life caused by the Dem. Gov.'s decision is scandalous, in the context of the crap thrown at Bush anyway and propelled by CNN especially.
Where am I wrong?

Holy smokes!Okay, ... (Below threshold)

Holy smokes!

Okay, it's like this: from the moment Bush declared an emergency, FEMA was responsible for coordination.

FEMA was MIA. It did not coordinate on the ground.

The whole bit about a "struggle" is just the effects of the federal govt failing to implement its own National Response Plan (NRP), which was accepted December 2004.

Bush's admin crafted a plan to avoid all the problems you Bush defenders are trying to hide behind now. Here's the chart of state vs. fed responsibilities from the NRP:


You guys are so pre-9-11 in claiming all these obstacles to federal involvement.

I also posted this in the S... (Below threshold)
A. Patriot:

I also posted this in the September 06, Nagin thread but it also pertains to Blanco.

Nagin is a bullsh*tting, incompetent punk [adjective: Slang: Of poor quality; inferior] whose only qualifications for the job is that he's as corrupt as the rest of the local government.

Blanco is a bullsh*tting, incompetent punkess [adjective: Slang: Of poor quality; inferior] whose only qualifications for the job was the (D) next to her name on the ballot.

I lived in the Gulfport/Biloxi area for four years from 2000-2004. I'm more then familiar with that whole area and New Orleans as well.

New Orleans is a turd bowl reeking of sh*t, piss, vomit and decay. Oh... did I mention this was before the hurricane.

The corruption of New Orleans local government and police force rivals the best (worst??) that Mexico has to offer (I lived on the Mexican border as well for 5 years).

I am all for spending federal funds (our tax dollars) to help in the aftermath, whatever it takes. However, I don't want one thin dime of my taxes going towards any rebuilding of that turd bowl city. Not one dime.

Common sense says don't build below sea level in hurricane prone areas. By the way, don't forget to thank the French for New Orleans (and also thank them for the couple of tents and cots their donating now).

I applaud House Speaker Dennis Hastert for having the gonads to say publicly what I and many others feel about rebuilding that turd bowl city.

It would take many Billions of dollars, possibly 100's of Billions to rebuild. It would surpass the Big Dig in Boston for the amount of corruption, scams, cost overruns, thievery and once again, incompetence.

And after all that waste of money the following week could bring another Cat 4 or Cat 5 hurricane.
I say NO!

Give the Big Easy the Big "Final" Rest.

Okay...why is the expectati... (Below threshold)

Okay...why is the expectation that the Federal Government and it's attendant bureacracy could move at anything other than a glacial pace? Isn't that why Homeland Security invested so much $$ into state and local First Responders?

Why is it that so many people who ask "Why didn't Bush do more?" cannot understand that in order to have gotten anything else done (i.e. quell civil unrest and put down the lawlessness that kept local land state first responders from being able to do their jobs and help the helpless in the first 72 hours after landfall of Katrina) it would have amounted to a GROSS breach of his prescribed constitutional authority. Sure Brown wasn't the best man to have directing in the field...but moving men and equipment to cover an area roughly the same size as the nation of ENGLAND cannot happen rapidly in even the best of circumstances. And anyone with any reasoning capability can recognize that Blanco is befuddled and standoffish...is it so far off the mark as to surmise that in a state that is run from top to bottom by deeply entrenched democrats, that co-operation between those officials and the Bush white house would be anything BUT smooth?

wjb67,You are so r... (Below threshold)
A. Patriot:


You are so right... "And anyone with any reasoning capability can recognize that Blanco is befuddled...". I was going to use that exact term 'befuddled' when I described her but I chose to go another direction with Nagin. Kudos.

A. Patriot

I am so very sorry to see a... (Below threshold)

I am so very sorry to see all the knee-jerk responses to deny any responsibility on the part of the Bush administration and to pile hate and bile on the Governor and Mayor.

The real world is not this black and white. You may feel like you are part of the loyal troops defending the President against the evil liberals.

But when you post this kind of hateful crap about people you are just part of the coarsening of the culture. Taking joy in being mean is a sliperly slope people.

Try to maintain your humanity. Being used by Karl Rove is not a service to conservative causes or a better future. Karl's path is not good for you or for the country.

Keep your humanity. Remember the golden rule. Don't just repeat the Heritage Foundation talking points of the day. Think for yourself.

We Republicans cannot afford to fall into the Bush administration's bubble of denial and fantasy. We can actually handle reality if we keep our wits about us. It is our job to push back against this administration when completely lose their way. You have to rely on your best friends to tell you the truth. And the truth is that the American people are completely fed up with tranparent spin and attacks as a substitute for real thinking, real plans, and real results.

Gov. Blanco must be a democ... (Below threshold)

Gov. Blanco must be a democrat,otherwise she couldnot be so stupid. She needs to be expelled from office & anyone ele that has caused the rescue & aid to be impeded including the N.O mayor.

* the federal government is... (Below threshold)

* the federal government is not supposed to, and not intended to be, the first responder in emergencies

* IIRC, Lousiana didn't have an evacuation order until Pres. Bush called the LA governor

* IIARC, Bush declared both LA and Mississippi disaster areas WHILE the hurricane was still raging

Who was it who said that half of New Orleans is under water and the other half is under indictment?

IIRC, several LA officials were recently indicted for misuse of emergency funds.

Comparing the federal Hurricane Katrina response to the federal 9/11 response is rather like comparing apples to oranges. Nobody commandeered the hurricane and steered it toward the coast. Sept. 11 WAS a federal responsibility from the git-go because of the terrorist nature of the events.

What amazes me is that peop... (Below threshold)

What amazes me is that people are so quick to bash Nagin and Blanco for a slow response, yet people in Mississippi are still suffering and you give strong pats on the back to their state and local REPUBLICAN leadership.

Blanco requested Federal assistance PRIOR to Katrina coming to our shores. Also, PRIOR to Katrina hitting our shores, President Bush, in an unprecidented move, declared an emergency so that Federal resources would be at our disposal immediately, with no red tape. Hours AFTER Katrina, Brown requested 1,000 workers to report in 48 hours. 1,000 workers for over 1,000,000 survivors throughout the affected regions. Like Brown, I have no disaster administrative experience, but common sense tells me that 1 worker for every 1,000+ survivors searching for supplies and shelter will fall desparately short.

According to earlier transcripts, the Red Cross admits that they did not go into the city due to safety concerns -- the Red Cross is not equipped to face sniper fire. When Karl Rove planned the Bush Administration's PR response to Katrina (because, face it, the Federal response to this disaster could not have instilled confidence that FEMA could even handle an interstate pile up during rush hour traffic), the tune changed to say that they were "blocked" from providing services.

Please understand that our area NEEDS to be able to trust local and state officials during the rebuilding efforts. The blame game is only hurting our people when they're already down. We also need to be able to trust our Federal government. We all need for our elected officials to be accountable for mistakes: to take full responsibility for their mistakes without shifting blame to others. In addition to that, a good, old-fashioned apology would go a long way -- that's being accountable.

Finally, if any of you feel that you could have evacuated the entire Gulf Coast with your after the fact plan, please do not hesitate to share your insight with officials who can put your ideas to good use. It beats the hell out of what you're doing here.

<a href="http://howrepublic... (Below threshold)

check my blog
Faux News and NewsMAX kept comment on the news fact and misleading people, what surprised me is that there are so many dummis believe them, thats so sad. Its so simple for them, blam Blanco and Nagin to free FEMA and President. Just wonder if they will ask themselves, in a historical natural disaster, if to happen at their hometown, will they just say to themsleves: "this is not happening all around the country, so President does not need to care about me, even if the my mayor and governor does not have resources to handle", republicans, always standing at the high ground and blame people who is struggling in the low land, flooded, this is so brutal, and yet, they are not ashamed of themselves, thats just so "impressive". Wish you guy someday can experience this kind of situation to know that how dum you are now






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