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Big Bad Momma

Pregnancy sometimes does odd things to women. They find themselves experiencing odd cravings, as their bodies react and adapt to the amazing experience of creating and growing a new person within them. Pickles are the most commonly discussed craving, but I've heard accounts of strawberries, salsa, steak fat, even cigarette butts and grass.

But one Massachusetts woman has a truly unique problem. When she starts getting along in her pregnancy, she is overwhelmed with a craving to steal things.

I am SO glad I'm a guy, and don't have to worry about that sort of thing...

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"I am SO glad I'm a guy, an... (Below threshold)

"I am SO glad I'm a guy, and don't have to worry about that sort of thing..."

Unless you're married to it.

Marriage? She has four othe... (Below threshold)

Marriage? She has four other kids that don't even live with her. She probably ate the fathers.

All five of these kids will likely have developmental disabilities due to her "lifestyle".

I suppose tubal ligation would be too appalling for liberal MA sensibilities.

True story: a woman I know... (Below threshold)

True story: a woman I know got pregnant (no, not by me) and started craving jalepenos and ice cream.

My High School english teac... (Below threshold)

My High School english teacher craved chalk. If you were observant enough you could catch her hoarding the little left over pieces and eating them.

Dude, it's not cravings. It... (Below threshold)

Dude, it's not cravings. It's just that all those food commercials become a lot more convincing. And you begin to appreciate the nutritional value of a wide variety of susbstances.

Well now THIS is scary. Th... (Below threshold)

Well now THIS is scary. The Wizbang main page is coming up blank when I try to display it, even when I drop my firewall. Direct links to individual Wizbang blog entries work ok, though.

Well, for many of us, we ac... (Below threshold)

Well, for many of us, we actually lost our taste for some foods.

Chocolate and coffee (two of my main food groups) became tastless and ...

the smell of frying hamburger or bacon would send me reeling to the bathroom.

One good friend of mine cra... (Below threshold)

One good friend of mine craved cat litter. yes, she really did. No, not used. No, she never did try to eat it, but she bought a bag and used to walk around and smell it.

Yes, very strange.

I've also heard of people craving soap flakes- like the old kind of laundry detergent. And clay/ dirt. Actually, a lot of people who live in third world countries suffer from that. It has to do with a nutritional imbalance and the body trying to correct it.

Matter of fact- once my friend started taking pregnancy vitamins, the cravings for the kitty litter went away.

Oh yea, forgot to mention. ... (Below threshold)

Oh yea, forgot to mention. I think the woman is totally full of it. I hate it when people try to make excuses for their crimes by blaming it on some sort of physical condition or "illness". That goes a thousand fold for people who blame what they've done (do) on their being pregnant. This lady has a long criminal record- how much you wanna bet that includes periods of time when she was *not* pregnant?






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