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Radical gays' threats outrage nearly everyone

Yesterday, I wrote about a gay couple that was organizing a web site to list everyone who signed a petition to put the question of gay marriage before the voters of Massachusetts. I thoroughly denounced the idea, and even considered posting the name, address, and phone number of their business. (I didn't, but a commenter did the same "research" I did and posted it to his own web page.)

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who saw that as an incredibly vile thing to do -- and are willing to set aside their differences to condemn it.

The spokesman for MassEquality, a coalition of gay-rights groups, yesterday joined the spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Family Institute, who are sponsoring the drive, to denounce the efforts of Tom Lang and Alex Westerhoff.

At times like this, I almost wish I lived in Massachusetts. I'd sign the petition, because I believe that this is a matter that needs to be settled by the people, not three judges. And then when it actually came up for a vote, I'd speak against it and vote against it, because I believe that recognizing civil marriage for gays IS the right thing to do. And if the amendment passed anyway, I'd support efforts to change it -- because that's how I think our system is supposed to work, and that's how I think is the only way it will work.

I'm sorry, did I just say I almost wish I lived in Massachusetts? I think I better go check my temperature or lie back down for a bit or something...


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Comments (7)

Boston.com quotes the Madel... (Below threshold)
Mark Cody:

Boston.com quotes the Madelyn Shields, who actually spoke to Westerhoff: "Shields told the Herald she found the meeting 'a bit odd,' but described Westerhoff as gracious."

LaShawn said this, "There are laws against trespassing, and the last time I checked, it was legal to own a gun in Massachusetts."

LaShawn is implying that she'd wave a gun at gay men or women who knocked on her door, and she "updates" her blog with self-righteous mewing about the Biblical basis for self-defense.

Do you seriously think that a neighbor knocking on your door is trespassing? Are you "intimidated" by these people that your peers have called "gracious"? Do you think it's appropriate to start waving a gun and ranting Bible verses about self-defense when they knock on your door?

If so, then suit yourself. I hope noone gets shot.

Wow - I just read your very... (Below threshold)
Todd Breasseale:

Wow - I just read your very thoughtful, reasoned approach to the archane notion of publishing the names of the folks in MA who sign the petition against equal marriage rights for all. Of course, that those names and addresses are all a matter of public record is a given. But that they would be published is clearly an attempt to threaten or otherwise cajole the petition signees. As for what LaShawn wrote in her Blog about it being legal to own a gun in Massachusetts, I'm literally stupified by how dangerous her comments are. Lets say this is the early '70s and a petition is going around to maintain the illegality of inter-racial marriages. How would LaShawn advise her readers to brandish weapons then? Sad when one minority class of individuals rises in social standing due solely to so-called "judicial activisim," only to cop a "we got ours" attitude and deem herself fit to bestow rights on other minorities. To think that Louis Farrakhan of all people is willing to sit down and discuss the homophobia that exists in the black community but LaShawn only apparently lives to further it.

So. We're talking about gay... (Below threshold)

So. We're talking about gays posting the names of people signing petitions online (which, one could argue- is a much larger arena, and likely to gain more attention, than the "public record". ) and the comments get hijacked about what some other blogger posted on her blog about gun rights and self defense?

uh huh. kay.

take it someplace else fellas.

Todd Breasseale makes a goo... (Below threshold)
Mark Cody:

Todd Breasseale makes a good point, that you can't separate that "good" intention of that post from the many immanent possible negative uses of such a posting, one of which is to cajole just as he says. Good insight and thanks.

Actually if they show up on... (Below threshold)

Actually if they show up on your doorstep uninvited and haranguing you and otherwise harrassing you it is tresspassing. Their stated intent is intimidation.

And NOTHING came of this po... (Below threshold)
Tom Lang:

And NOTHING came of this posting of names, did it? Except numerous fraud reports and a sense of empowerment on the behalf of those who would have their rights taken away

Well, Mr. Lang, you pissed ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Well, Mr. Lang, you pissed off a LOT of people who support gay marriage -- myself included. You also pissed off a lot of those who oppose it, giving them a rallying point. If that was your goal, congratulations.

And I still think you're an asshole for doing this.







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