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Site Updgrades

I'm upgrading the software that we use to run Wizbang, which means comments and trackbacks will be unavailable for a few minutes...

Update: Upgrade complete. Let me know of any wonkiness...


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Comments (8)

-points at mcgeehee-<... (Below threshold)

-points at mcgeehee-

does that count?

Sort of...... (Below threshold)

Sort of...

Dude, you broke Wizbang.</p... (Below threshold)

Dude, you broke Wizbang.

Neither of my browsers like the new edit stuff and the browser that has built in spell check won't let me most at all....

That means, I'm doomed.

I dunno, so far it ain't nothing nice.

OK I turned off that editin... (Below threshold)

OK I turned off that editing format by default. Happy now? :-).

Trackbacks work.... (Below threshold)

Trackbacks work.

Kevin,Firefox 1.06... (Below threshold)


Firefox 1.06 popped up a warning message that "a script on this page was causing Mozilla to run slowly" and asked if I wanted to abort said script.

I took a screenshot if you want me to send it your way.

It may be a Site Meter issue though - just my guess.

The periodic problem I spok... (Below threshold)

The periodic problem I spoke of yesterday in another comment where Wizbang loads as a blank page appears to have been resolved for the time being.

Yeah, I had that same probl... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I had that same problem as OregonMuse describes (and as I've seen here on previous occurences, already communicated).

About firefox, I've downloaded and installed it twice now and both times there are slower loading pages, other general problems in browsing, such that I return to IE use in irritation afterward. Wizbang looks alright in IE, if that matters.






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