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Stoned drivers hauling rocks

"The Big Dig," Boston's eternal public-works project, has been a great source of entertainment for those of us who prefer to laugh through our tears. The $2-billion-dollar project (original projections) is closing in on 15 billion dollars, it's still not done, and large parts are already falling apart. It's become a full-employment project for so many industries.

Including journalism. It seems whenever someone thinks they might get laid off from a newspaper or TV station, they go down to the Big Dig and pick a scandal off the top of the pile to expose.

The latest media outlet to "go to the well" is the Boston Herald, which noticed a large number of Big Dig truck drivers were making unscheduled stops on their runs.

Now, if it was a Dunkin Donuts or something, that might be understandable. Everyone does that.

But a methadone clinic?

Apparently it's so bad that the Teamsters have an on-staff drug counselor who accompanies some of them to the clinic.

Initially, there was some question about whether driving a big truck while taking Methadone was against federal law or not. But a little checking discovered that Methadone was specifically listed as a banned medication for drivers of commercial vehicles.

But we have to UNDERSTAND, you see. These truckers are VICTIMS, and they're just trying to support their FAMILIES while they struggle with their DISEASE of addiction.

Further, they're UNION MEMBERS, and to take them off the road would be to punish all workers, and engender a climate of fear among those who would seek TREATMENT for their CONDITION.

And if anyone happens to get crushed by a driver who starts getting a little glaze-eyed while driving 80,000 pounds of truck, well, that's a small price to pay for being such a compassionate society.


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Comments (11)

"Understand"--liberal for b... (Below threshold)

"Understand"--liberal for bleeding heart. "Victim" of their own doing. "Families" would be fine if they did not spend thier money on drugs. "Disease" that they infected themselves with. "Union member"--the ones that the bigwheels line thier pockets off of.
"Treatment"--give them more drugs. "Condition"--dumba*%

I just want to know: How ma... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

I just want to know: How many levees could have been modernized or improved for the $13 billion in cost-overruns over the "Big Dig"?

Is Teddy Kennedy going to be held responsible for the deaths in Louisiana?

Didn't think so....

Only in America!... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Only in America!

You guys are pretty hard on... (Below threshold)
Sandra Shore:

You guys are pretty hard on people who are legally trying to manage an addition problem.


You guys are pretty hard... (Below threshold)

You guys are pretty hard on people who are legally trying to manage an addition problem.

Their arithmetic skills also need support? Jay, how can you be so cruel???

Methadone was specifical... (Below threshold)

Methadone was specifically listed as a banned medication for drivers of commercial vehicles.

Perhaps you missed that part, Sandy?

The big dig is not an addit... (Below threshold)

The big dig is not an addition problem, it's a subtraction problem!

Someone told me that Ted Ke... (Below threshold)

Someone told me that Ted Kennedy actually fought against the 'Big Dig' commencing, because he knows where all the bodies are buried around the excavation site!

in living up to my name, I ... (Below threshold)

in living up to my name, I just wanted to jump into Jayteas remarks, and just ask a question off the topic. To all adult males ( over 21) scenerio as follows.. sexy attractive 16 year old starts asking for advice and wisdom about life in general to you, Being flattered and caring very much for this young lady as if she was your daughter, you get on a role both talking and encouraging her to talk, when the topic shifts.. by her efforts to sexual questions.. general ones of course, but you note the change, then to have this 16 year old mention to after being raped ( which you would already know of from previous talks) she finds herself attracted to men over the age of 40 in general and otherwise prefers to date girls instead of boys. Bad enough this young woman is sexy enough to make teenagers drool, and that she doesn't even realize it, Now of course most counselors will say that growing up will be a time of curiosity and some experimentation and that being unafraid to explore is a good thing, but as a red blooded guy, which of these choices do I fall to..
a, Run out of the room
b get out a camera and film it
C get an ice pack and tough it out
d try and help her find some information to help her understand her interests and offer unconditional acceptance

any suggestions

any suggestions?... (Below threshold)

any suggestions?

Ye: "Die, pr0n spammer."

A couple of years ago, I ha... (Below threshold)

A couple of years ago, I had a big truck driver run into my lane, almost rip the side of my car off while he actually RIPPED my bumper off....had to chase him down the highway to get him to stop while phoning 911. Then he said he didn't hit me, that I made it all up (meanwhile the highway patrolman was looking at my bumper dragging the ground and my turn signal lens poking out of his tire). NOW, I know what his problem was!






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