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Impeachblanco.com - Taken by Bush Hating Kerry Supporter?

I noticed in the Carnival of Trackbacks, that impeachblanco.com was taken. The obvious question is was it taken by someone annoyed by her abject stupidity or a hopeless sycophant? As the bizzy blogger noted, it was registered to one "Polly Stewart" of Lake Charles Louisiana. He tracked her down via domain registration and found anti-administration material on another site, but he couldn't nail the whole thing down. (follow his links)

I wanted take it a step further... We needed to find a "Polly Stewart" in Lake Charles who is moderately politically active and has some knowledge of how to buy a domain.

A simple google search shows a Polly Stewart in Lake Charles that seems to fit the bill.

She sold bumpers sticker for John Kerry on meetup.com

She used to run a BBS in the 318 area code so she has the tech background to be able to buy a domain.

Then a "Polly Stewart" from Lake Charles made a post on "embarrassedbybush.com" that started, "What did Americans do to deserve this arrogant and hateful president, wearing a mantle of Christianity while caring About no... (see google search)

But there is something even more interesting.... The domain was registered Tuesday, exactly 1 day after the storm blew through. So this charter member of the loony left knew Blanco was dropping the ball, but (apparently) was jumping in to keep a woman in office who killed hundreds (if not thousands) of people.

What a kind and caring liberal Polly Stewart must be. Who cares what happens to black people as long as Democrats stay in office, right? What a picture of compassion.

Is it the same Polly Stewart? Follow all the links and decide for yourself... I know what I think.


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Very nice work. I saw the L... (Below threshold)

Very nice work. I saw the Lake Charles Google and the BBS history, though the phone number on the BBS isn't active.

The better question is how many degrees of separation she has from Blanco or her staff. In other words, is she just a conduit? Or, to use a tired paraphrase, what did Kathleen or her staff know about this and when did they know it?

I had some doubt that it's the same Polly Stewart when I posted. I have very little now.

I agree with the thought, "... (Below threshold)

I agree with the thought, "Now is the time to help, not lay blame." However, I have been angrier than hell the citizens of Louisiana had to sit waiting for help that seemed to never come. I have been as guilty as the next person of pointing out how that happened. That being said, I wanted to share something with you I came across yesterday.

Here is a great timeline of the events as they occured complete with irrefutable evidence of the federal govt. dropping the ball. (the evidence is links to The White House, DOD and Office of the Governor websites that show the original memorandums)


You can see where the Governor requested Federal assistance on August 27, two days before the hurricane made landfall.

Here is an excerpt from the letter to President Bush from Kathleen Blanco. You can read the whole request here:


"I have determined that this incident is of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the State and affected local governments, and that supplementary Federal assistance is necessary to save lives, protect property, public health, and safety, or to lessen or avert the threat of a disaster."

Here is an excerpt of the President's response:
You can read the complete memorandum here:


"Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency. Debris removal and emergency protective measures, including direct Federal assistance, will be provided at 75 percent Federal funding."

Now here's my question: If the president knew the gravity of the situation and ordered federal assistance, why, when it was known by Tuesday FEMA was not responding the way they had been ordered, did he not mobilize another course of action by the military or Homeland Security? Our military is trained to be extremely efficient in the event of disaster. The U.S.S. Bataan was even waiting off the coast with doctors, a full shelter, food, and water, yet they waited for the president to give the order to assist. Did Fema drop the ball? Yes. Did Homeland Security drop the ball? Yes. Did the president drop the ball? Yes.
Should all of these people be held accountable for the lack of assistance Louisiana received that was requested?

If nothing else the president is guilty of resting on his laurels and inattentiveness. Whatever happened to "The buck stops here?"

BLANCOMUSTGO.comhas ... (Below threshold)
Jonathan Love:

has a nice ring to it.

or...HangItOnBlanc... (Below threshold)





Here's a more complete time... (Below threshold)

Here's a more complete timeline: http://rightwingnuthouse.com/archives/2005/09/04/katrina-response-timeline/

The timeline listed in the last post, not suprisingly, leaves out the details of the incompetance of the Democrats in control of LA.

It might also help the previous poster if they actually read the constitution and understood the relations between state and federal governments (here's a hint: the feds can't to anything unless the state tells them they can. This never happenned).

By last post I meant the po... (Below threshold)

By last post I meant the post by Mountain Girl. Sorry billy, I didn't mean you.

If Mountain Girl was at all... (Below threshold)

If Mountain Girl was at all interested in the truth, she would have read the complete letter, including Enclosure A, where the Governor asked for $9 million in Federal funds to offset the anticipated costs of the storm. I will admit that this cuts both ways, since it represents clear and convincing evidence that she didn't have a clue as to the damage potential of Katrina, yet the President did not do anything to federalize the response.

Moutain girl brings up the ... (Below threshold)

Moutain girl brings up the Bataan again. This issue was put to bed days ago in a post by the commander of the Bataan. Its helos were airlifting people to safety and its medical personnel providing care at shelters around the stricken area.

It is illuminating that, in... (Below threshold)

It is illuminating that, in the heart of the boiling maelstrom of utter destruction of humanity, one hard core idealogue felt the most important thing she could do is to register a url.


And that, folks, says everything about John Kerry you'd need to know.

I live in Lake Charles. To... (Below threshold)

I live in Lake Charles. Tomorrow I'll drive by 908 Ryan Street and see what's there. Just out of curiosity. I'll let you know what I see.

Mountain Girl: The... (Below threshold)

Mountain Girl:

The acutely significant information you excluded from your timeline there is that PRESIDENT BUSH called Blanco and Nagina and asked them ON AUGUST 28 to evacuate flood-prone areas. Both refused.

And, FEMA and the Red Cross offered supplies THE DAY BEFORE the hurricane struck and even the day and second day after BUT WERE DENIED access and even entry to New Orleans by the Governor and the Mayor.

The helps were there, and were offered and were ready to be immediately distributed but Blanco and Nagin refused to allow "federal" intervention, personnnel, supplies.

Until it was long past reasonable.

I also find it utterly depr... (Below threshold)

I also find it utterly depraved that the state of Louisiana has received more money for corrective funding to the levies around New Orleans under President Bush than they did under Clinton. And that, what money they received under President Bus was spent on airplane rides and fancy cars (or even cars, considering)...

The Democrats know how to party alright. They party, they party, they party and they parade and parade and parade and they forum and forum and forum and you get a whole lot of buddies exchanging a whole lot of resources among themselves and having a great old time and then the levy breaks and all they can do is yell at everyone else. Their wastefulness is remarkably hideous, in this specific case as to the levy conditions, and the disaster that beset N.O. after Katrina just because a Democrat governor and a Democrat Mayor didn't want to accept "interference" from a Republican administration.

It's beyond criminal...these two -- Blanco and Nagin -- should hang for their malfeasance.

I'm finding the liberal screed on the internet about Bush in relationship to Katrina too well planned. They had the sites up and the domains registered and the celebrity complaints flinging even before the hurricane landed. A tad too well prepared as to screed to make any sense with real conditions other than political espionage, is my point.

They could plan for screed, they couldn't plan to save lives. Blanco is said to have turned away FEMA and RedCross assistance before and soon after the Hurricane landed because she wanted "those people (in the shelters -- Superdome and Convention Center in N.O.) to leave"...she said that any helps would be encouragement "for them to stay and we want them to leave" so she refused to provide assistance.


"PRESIDENT BUSH called Blan... (Below threshold)

"PRESIDENT BUSH called Blanco and Nagina and asked them ON AUGUST 28 to evacuate flood-prone areas. Both refused."

Do you have a link to a reputable site that verifies this? I believe this falsehood was debunked some time ago.

The evacuation was called b... (Below threshold)

The evacuation was called by all parties in a time-appropriate way.

New Orleans was 80% evacuated when the storm hit. This is 10-20% higher than the best guess estimates by the experts under any scenerario they had projected.

The problem was not the evacuation. That went pretty well.

The problem was that when people went where they were told to go, there was not enough water and food for them to survive for 5 days.

Water and food could have been air dropped or driven in but it was not. The President was busy trying to bully the Louisiana Governor into federalizing the National Guard (commpletely uneccessary.) The Louisiana Guard was lacking critical manpower and equipment because is was busy in Iraq. The National coordination of other state Guard units was CRIMINAL in it's worship of red tape above cooperation in a crisis situation.

Who could have cut through all of this? Who could have talked people into dropping food and water, letting people walk across the Mississippi bridge, etc. etc. etc. One man and one man alone.... the President of the United States of America.

But apparenty he needed to get to sleep early so he could make a big and boring speech in San Diego, eat cake with McCain, and play golf.

God forbid anyone get in the way of the last days of his 5 week vacation.

Has there ever been a President as out of touch as this one?

Is he completely forbidden from watching the news, even FOXNEWS?


First a few facts:... (Below threshold)

First a few facts:

I AM that Polly Stewart, whatever that means.
I have zero connections to Blanco or anyone connected to her.
I did NOT vote for her.
I consider myself a Democrat but *always* choose who to vote for by what they offer. She had/has neither the experience nor personal strength to be our governor, as became deadly obvious.

I registered the domain in good faith, angry and and genuinely ready to see an end to her incompetence.

Between then and now many things have happened personally and I do not have the time or the energy to pursue this. Whether you believe any of this or not I really don't give a rat's ass.

A lot has happened to change my negative opinion of Blanco... and it gets worse every day.

Jumping to the conclusion that I am one of the so called 'loonie left' says more about you than me.

I say again, I voted for Jindal, not Blanco and was very vocal about my reasons at the time... and it breaks my heart to see just how right I was.

I replied to every email I received, about acquiring the domain, with "Make an offer." Someone needs to put up or shut up.

Polly Stewart
Lake Charles, LA
[email protected]

Go POLLY!LOL... (Below threshold)



for the writer of this blog, who was so SERIOUSLY mistaken about Polly's intent ..
I can tell you she publicly announced her intent to set up the domain as a SERIOUS EFFORT
to support Blanco... yeah -
to support her IMPEACHMENT as an INCOMPETENT official.

You owe Polly a public apology -
afterall - you could have merely written to her and asked about the domain - but instead you made assumptions that she was protecting the domain from being used against the governor...

well kiddo - now you know that you were wrong.

CK, Esq.
I voted for Kerry....
and don't live in LA, MS or AL

I did, btw, drive down Ryan... (Below threshold)

I did, btw, drive down Ryan Street looking for 908, but it's not easy to see from moving vehicle and I didn't have the time nor the inclination to park and walk around. It would have been nice to meet Ms. Stewart. Just so everyone knows, it was not my intent to stalk or harass anyone. Just curious about someone that I live so close to.

lol - 908 Ryan St. is the o... (Below threshold)
Polly Stewart:

lol - 908 Ryan St. is the old restored Charleston Hotel which now has rental lofts and studios but can't seem to attract retail. It looks much like a new, but empty, office building on the ground floor. It is a wonderful historic building though the beautiful bits are hard to see with all the additions. :(

It all doesn't matter anyway as I am ready for all the weirdess and bizarre emails to stop and selling the domain name...

Polly sorry for the slow re... (Below threshold)

Polly sorry for the slow reply, been busy with the Hurricane and all. .... You voted for Jindal... right.

Let's just put it this way... if I were standing next to you I'd carry a fire extinguisher for your pants.






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